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Originally Posted by Alcyone View Post

And you said, "I guess I could, but I don't even know your size!"

That is too cute.
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Originally Posted by majikfaerie View Post
no time like the present! if you wait till august you'll have to come to australia to find snow to go barefoot in... hang on, that's not such a bad idea
If things here get any worse I might save money and come down in five or six years. That is how long it would take heheheh for me anyway budgeting is not my thing. I know sad to admit but I will budget and hubby will want something and he gets for everyone else so I feel bad and buy it. It is a sickness. If you want warm wether instead of snow you could come this way for our summer.
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TBH, I have never even seriously considered not wearing something outside when there is snow. I don't think I would dare, either, as we walk a lot... I would not be comfortable enough (well, depending on the type of snow, maybe) and I would be afraid of cps or something. I did notice,wearing the Feelmax shoes, that the trick is in not standin in one place.

Could someone, please, send me a link to the type of ballet slippers you are talking about? I am hoping these might work for the more formal occasions. (If there are any more weddings in the family, I will need something. I will never again let mil make me buy high heeled shoes. Now I have a pair of $90 shoes in the closet that were worn once for some hours.)
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any type of ballet shoes. go into a dance store, and get classical ballet shoes. you can get the good ones, which are all leather, or cheaper canvas or plastic ones
try this link for ideas
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I dont know if you have a walmart any where around you but I know that My mother inlaw got me the ones that look crocheted at walmart. They have a soft sole of canvas with the antislip things but they work just fine.

I did try the barefoot thing in the snow but I dont know if it is cause it was my first time but I wasnt a fan I think that was it thought. I will try it again and actually walk around I just did it to go out and get the mail and i dont think I really gave it a chance. I will have to try it again.
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I don't know if anyone lives on the East Coast, but they sell them (in black and pink at least) at Payless Shoes. :
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Originally Posted by trmpetplaya View Post

Sandals that are (almost) as good as going barefoot when you must wear shoes:

Hope there are more of you around and maybe there'll be some converts after researching the issue

love and peace.
Does anyone know of any sandals like these but with each toe seperaited? I am looking for something kind of like the 'yoga toes' but made out of rope or natural fabric. I really like the toejoe sandal from this company but would prefer something that separates each toe.
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I dont know of any other sandals that are seperated for the toes. I just wanted to post that I actually want a pair that are like the yoga toes. I actually got the yoga toes things that seperate the toes not the sandals those plastic like things that you put on. I dont recommend ever walking in them it hurts. They are really thick on the bottom. I hope you know what i am talking about it is hard to explain.
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I had the most bizarre experience at the library today. Okay, I wouldn't call myself a barefooter, really, but I do think that shoes aren't so great for your feet. And I think it's particularly bad if you're feet are still really developing, like a toddler, so I try to keep her shoes off. So we were at the library today. She had socks on but no shoes. One of the security guards at the library asked us to leave because my not even two year old daughter only had socks on. And then another mother - her kid was about five - had this conversation, right in front of me, about - and this is her word - disgust it was to have a toddler walk around in socks? I'm still just dumbfounded. It never occurred to me that this would be a problem at all. Have I just wandered too far off into hippy lala land that I'm out of touch?
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Sheesh. No, I think most people today are the ones out of touch. They're out of touch with nature and themselves and life...
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honestly that's ridiculous! it's not like she was in only socks in the gutter of the bad part of town. it's the library
if she was a babe in arms no one would have a problem with it. even a crawling baby would be fine in socks.
in such cases, I'd say she has a condition with her feet that requires her to be out of shoes for a while.
(and fail to mention that the "condition" is "life" and the while is also "life" )
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I did it, I went to Payless and bought myself a pair of pink ballet shoes.
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That is really crazy about the library. My children will still sometimes take there shoes off and walk around the library in socks. They have an area were the kids sit and read books on couches and stuff and they still will do that. Sometimes I have seen other kids take their shoes and socks off. I think it is really cool but I would rather be barefoot then ever wear shoes.

Cwat~ cool you got them. Do you like them.

We had fun today in our sandals. It was 68 degrees and we went hiking and so I put on my hiking sandals and went on the hike. I have never been on this trail so I didnt want to go totally barefoot. Good thing too we went along some really sharp rocks.
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Originally Posted by cwat View Post
I did it, I went to Payless and bought myself a pair of pink ballet shoes.
you can paint ballet shoes.
when I was a kid in ballet class we used to have just one pair or good shoes for performances, and spray paint them to match our tutus for every show.
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My son rarely has shoes on, tho more often now that it's winter. I hope you didn't actually leave the library.
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Around here no one ever wears shoes in the house!!!! Heck, I can only get them to wear socks when it's cold outside! They are better barefooters than me
Thanks for the tip about painting my new shoes
And, yes they are nice and comfy :
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Wanted to jump in and say HI!

I am a closet barefooter I guess.I don't wear shoes in the house and in the winter go for slip-on clogs and roomy boots. This winter for the first time ever I've developed an ingrown toe nail and can't seem it make it go away. I think it may be pg related. So I am hoping once lo is born and the weather warms up it'll go away naturally w/not wearing shoes.

I wear flip flops when I go out (not in the yard- but to the places you have to wear shoes) from the time the snow melts till it comes again. My dh makes fun of me- he wears his "houseshoes" in the house (slippers) and can't stand to be barefoot! The kids don't wear shoes unless I tell them to. I do have them put on shoes in our yard though- we lives in a bad neighborhood where peolpe break bottles willy-nilly and on ocassion have found scrap metal and srews/nails in the yard.I do my best to clean up the back but the rain seems to unearth all the little stuff all the time. I keep them in sandals and water shoes to keep their feet safe here but in areas where I know its safe (certain parks, my moms yard etc) I encourage them to get the dirt between thier toes!

Can't wait to see what everyone else has to say!
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I've always avoided wearing shoes when possible. I'm happy to find so many others like me! I've been blessed with a job that lets me get away with being barefoot. I'm shoeless at most of the births (as is one of the midwives I work with) but have slip on shoes so that I can quickly avoid stepping in birth juices.

I'm so thrilled with the ballet flat trend. They're so much more comfortable than traditional dress shoes. It hadn't occurred to me to buy actual ballet shoes, I don't know why. I'll have to look for some.

I've always thought the "safety" argument against bare feet in public was silly. When I'm barefoot, I instinctively keep one eye on the ground so I don't step on anything sharp. I think that's pretty normal, right? I read on a barefooter's site once that most states don't have any laws that require shoes in public, so if a store owner tries to tell you that they do, chances are they're just ignorant.
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I have been wearing my ballet flats everywhere. I looooove them. Cant wait spring is next month so no shoes most days except when working. I work at a grocery store so I have to wear shoes. on days that I work less then seven hours I wear the ballet flats on days that I work longer and have heavy things to pick up ( I stock shelves) I have to wear sports type shoes or boots. It is a big safety thing and since I have been appointed on the safety team I have to be an example ugh!!!! I hate shoes!!!!! anyway the store thing is correct what is funny is that our sign for no shoes no shirt no service is blocked so essentially someone could come in just like that and get away with it because the sign is not visible

Will be waiting for MF to come in sometime heheh:nana::
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