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Oooooooooo i'm glad i found this thread.!

i am a big believer in no shoes or very little soled shoes for children and have recently learned that i like going barefoot myself.! essp. since most of the year it is snowy and below 0 here so my barefoot time is limited.

although i now covet the rope sandles in the first post!
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I used to go to high school barefoot (while I was still in high school )
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I've never been a fan of shoes, they just aren't as comfortable as being barefoot! I don't wear shoes in my house, or in other people's houses, but just about anywhere else I have to. I am a big fan of flip flops when I can wear them, and flats for work/church, although I've been getting away with bare feet at church recently too since I'm pregnant I actually went without shoes the entire week at summer camp one year, it was on a college campus so there were lots of hot asphalt parking lots, but it didn't bother my toes a bit.

My big issue has always been that I have super high arches, so shoes never have enough support for me, yet barefoot has never been a problem.
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I am sooo happy: my youngest told daddy yesterday that he wanted to stay beary toed all day. My dh goes barefoot alot too but when we go out to town I wear ballet flats or flip flops. But dh and the boys will wear their flip flops or tennis shoes but my youngest refused and my dh didnt fight him on it he let him go totally beary toed (yep that is how he says it). He told me how when he went outside he felt the mud on his toes he had a big grin on his face bigger then this smilie:. He is soooo much like his mommy. My dh still cant walk on rocks barefoot because well he just recently started going barefoot he was soo impressed that his child could do it without wincing even a little. I love it hung up clothes and picked up the backyard and cleaned out the pool without shoes on and my dh is very impressed by this. Wierd huh? Anyway just wanted to update everyone on this.
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My youngest (2.5 yrs) refused to wear shoes. I just carry a pair of flip flops in my bag so when we go somewhere that we feel she needs them, we can slip them on. We have been hiking a lot lately and making her wear her hiking shoes...it is a huge struggle to get them on her, but it's getting better. I don't blame her though because mama usually wheres flip flops (the good Chaco kind) while hiking and takes them off any change I get. I think barefoot kids are sooo cute!
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love love love barefooting, only wear them when I have too, lived out in the woods for a year with the fam and really enjoyed feeling the ground under my feet constantly, and for some reason...i really like to drive barefoot?
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I love driving barefoot as well.
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Originally Posted by clothdipemomof2boy View Post
I love driving barefoot as well.
So do I.


Someone once told me it was illegal to drive barefoot in NY. I wonder how they'd even find out?

I used to carry the IN laws about being barefoot with me everywhere I went, but no one ever bothered me about being barefoot, so I stopped.

I don't like to wear shoes. I find it creates a little tension with potential suitors, but that just lets me know they don't have as much potential as I first thought!
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Haven't been around for a while, but hi, I'm back.
I LOOOVE to drive barefoot, actually when it's warm I only wear shoes if I have to go into a store (and I carry a pair of sandals with me for that purpose )
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I can't drive at all if I've got shoes on.
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I've always hated shoes, and rarely wear them unless I have to or the ground I'm on is sticking too much to my feet (I hate having stuff stuck to my feet). when I was growing up my mother couldn't ever keep me in shoes, and even in winter I would walk in the snow without shoes, not for very long of course but I liked the way the snow felt. my kids go barefoot, and before I met my husband he never even took his socks off and now he walks around without shoes too...it's wonderful to have free toes I think!
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I just found out a couple days ago that there is a whole community of people out there who like to go barefoot all the time. I never knew that that was a common thing. I thought I was just weird.

I used to be a normal shoe wearer but my feet started to get really painful. I started to wear shoes as little as possible. My feet stopped hurting! I wear sandals most of the time and if it is cold I wear a pair of worn out Mary Janes and crazy socks.

I have never been to a store or other public place with out shoes because I thought it was illegal. I probably would not do it anyway because the pavement here in FL gets so hot and it is dirty. I used to live in Vermont and was not worried about going barefoot outside but here in Florida I am nervous about it. I am scared of the bugs and snakes. I am trying to get over that.

My kids do not like shoes very much. They despise socks even when it is cold. I do require some sort of shoe on for bike riding. When my aunt was a child she rode her bike with out shoes. For some reason she had to stop fast and her brakes failed and she put her feet down and they were badly injured.

It is nice to read all your experiences and thoughts on the subject.
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welcom ghostlykisses and just because there's a whole community of people like you doesn't mean you're not weird
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Ha ha Majik, your right I am weird. But at least I am not alone in my distaste for footwear
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yep. better to be weird among friends than to be weird alone
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I sure do like to be barefoot as well as both of my daughters love to go barefoot.But I only like to go barefoot in my yard and house as well but when going out I like to wear sandals.When it gets cold I tend to like to bundle up including wearing socks and shoes...
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Originally Posted by Arduinna View Post
I've always been this way. I only wear shoes when required, IE going to stores, restaurants or if the ground is too hot *summer temps over 110 here means very hot pavement*. When I do wear shoes it's Birks.
LOL this is also me and my girls.My boys they like to wear socks or shoes all the time,they got it form their dad.
I hate shoes.MY feet are so rough though so have to figure out how to beable to be barefoot but still have semi nice feet.
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In my current state, it's only mandatory to wear shoes where there's a sign posted and it's never due to health regulations, even if they tell you it is. That info came directly from the state.

I shop barefoot all the time. No one's ever said anything. I have to wear shoes at the library and I think that bites, but I submit.
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I've been going bare most of the summer (except for when in cities) while camping and some hiking. Tomorrow I return home and would not dare going barefoot in the ghetto I live in.
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Originally Posted by majikfaerie View Post
yep. better to be weird among friends than to be weird alone
i'm still looking for weird friends
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