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What are some of your favourite games for

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the younger crowd?

Mine got a great HABA game for the holidays. ( not for the under three set)
Its fairly easy and it is knights getting treasure from the dragon cave.
The knights horses and dragons are all wooden. The dragon can get you on the way back to the castle and you have to start all over again..
I got it from Hearthsong ..

Uno has been good too as has yahtzee...and snails pace race
which older toddlers can do ..
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I have Harvest time for my 3-1/2 year old and she LOVES it. She even begs to play the longer version!

I also bought the Yoga Garden. (I think that's what it's called.) It's actually probably more suited to a child who's just a bit older, but dd still LOVES the poses!
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We love Yoga Garden and Uno. Also yahtzee, Scrabble Jr., and Boggle Jr. Monopoly Jr. is also a big hit. I love all of the co op games from Playstore. We have Max, Hanna Hazelnut, and a couple others. My kids will play just about any game. We love games in this house!!
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Tara I just got a new

Hearthsong catalogue today and it has harvest time in it!!
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I highly recommend it. Although, if I had known better, I actually would've gotten the Orchard Game (fruit version) since it has little wooden pieces and baskets.

Orchard Game at Rosie Hippo's

Harvest Time has cardboard pieces. Otherwise, it's the exact same principle.

It's very fun, very earthy, and very simple to learn and play. And it's cooperative, a big plus for me!
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ok I am an idget today..

just looked through the hearthsong and can't find it
maybe I found it at the website ...the baskets are a little different from the rosie hippos
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I just found a Parcheesi game on clearance today. The kids opened it as soon as I got home and had great fun parading the little elephants, tigers, oxen and camels around the board. No telling if we'll ever actually play by the rules. 3yo dd was very distressed to learn that the boxtop listed the game as being for ages 6 and up, but we pointed out that no one would care if we did things our own way.

This is pretty typical around here -- using the game equipment for our own made-up games.
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Jenga (whole family fun)

Bear in the big Blue House Game (great for 3 and 4 year olds)

Go Fish

Cliffords Birthday Party Game (my 4 year old current favorite)

We've ordered some great games from Scholastic. Ladybug Addition and Spider Spot Subtraction and the Transportation Game.

Jr. Monopoly is my 6 year olds current fav.



macala (sp??)

my kids really love playing their own version of Risk, which is nothing like the regular version. They just like moving the peices over map and making up stories
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