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Ohmigosh, wow!

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We have our own forum!!!
Oh, I guess it's actually a subforum. But who cares! Now we can talk and talk and talk about stuff and not feel like snobs, lol.
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Yippee! Thanks, Cynthia, Heather, and LaLa!

And thanks mrzmeg for pointing it out, I'm so addicted to "view new posts" that I might not have noticed the new subforum!
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Calling all EC'ers . . . I am looking for:

**EC info and resources for a thread for this subforum. Sort of an FAQ

**Also, I'm still wanting a few thread links to good discussions of the past on certain topics too.
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YAY!!! How awesome is this???
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ah, but you're only *deserving* if you help get the faq and greatest-hits archive set up. Heather asked me for suggestions AND I DON'T EC! I'm just a groupie. So stop peeing in your potties for a minute and do some work. (and I mean that in a loving way.) Think of all the moms and babes you'll be helping!!!
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You are kidding Clarity - really?
:LOL Now THAT is funny! :LOL

You must not be much of an EC Lurker! :LOL
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Nope, not kidding! My sis is ECing now. I had the book, a bowl...but months of bedrest and a c-section and an early babe got us off on the wrong foot. And I wasn't sure how to do it with more than one adult home during the day...and now she's 16mo - so I think it's too late. Sis is doing great, they just started - her dd is 7mo. I bought them potties this week! My niece looooooves her potty.

I just think EC is great and more moms should know about it so they can implement it if they can. So I'm just the EC pep squad.
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Hehe, I just mentioned those new potties in the other thread Clarity! (I really ought to borrow the book)
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*gasp* I think she just came out! Ladies - ta-daaa! My sister.
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Just popping in to say hello and WOO HOO

Heather, thanks for advocating for the subforum.... this is great. :-)

love y'all

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Chat away mamas!!!

There are a lot of EC threads in the diapering forum that we'll work on moving over here as we can (Heather may have already told you that, though so sorry for a repeat! LOL :LOL )
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Re: Just popping in to say hello and WOO HOO

Originally posted by Ahleemah
Heather, thanks for advocating for the subforum.... this is great. :-)

love y'all

Your welcome on my part. . . but of course, Cynthia (our board admin.) set it up and LaLa (my mentor ) also initiated the EC Subforum!!
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Way cool! We have a sub-forum...Thanks for making it happen Heather, Cynthia and Lala.
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Peggy O'Mara is the lady in command on this one. With the encouraging input from Lala and Heather I asked if she wanted to host it and she gave it a big

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Hey, this is exciting!

I just started looking for EC links tonight. Great timing on my part, huh!?

My 10month old has been doing great with his bms, but just starting to have some temper issues.... I'll read around a bit and see if I can find some similar posts.

Yippee, HOWDY fellow ECers!!!
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SO happy to see this! Thank you, Mothering powers-that-be, for listening and giving us this sub-forum!
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Yay, an EC forum!
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coming out of lurkdom to say yippee on the new forum and thanks to the folks at mothering.com for the space!
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So cool!!!

Alright, so I was skeptical about this EC forum thing, but it is SOOOO cool. i am totally converted. I like that it's a sub-forum cuz then mamas can just stumble upon us in their cding journey!!
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