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bfing sore nipples

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.... first off let me say my nipples feel like they will fall off... my gosh the pain of bfing is PAINFUL! ds is 27mths and I don't want to wean but I already find I am advoiding bfing b/c of the pain.
Will this last threw the whole pg? How are you dealing with the pain? Anyone nursed threw a pg? Please share some words of wisdom!
P.S I have bf threw mastitus, 8 wks of thrush and relacted when I dried up b/f so I would hate to give up now...kwim
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I'm still nursing my 23m/o ds. Ouch! I have already cut back his "na-na" sessions by at least a third due to the pain and queasiness it's causing me. No advice, just wanted to let you know that I feel your pain--litterally!
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Yep it's pretty bad. I find myself trying to tempt DS with things other than nursing, but it rarely works. This is the first time I've nursed through a pregnancy, so I don't speak from personal experience, but the mamas I've talked to say it varies. Some mamas have pain throughout, others only for a few weeks. Some mamas say the pain went away once they began producing colostrum, too. I guess like everything else, every pregnancy is different
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Same thing here. I've gone back to using Lashinoh and it does help some..... I hoping this passes or that DS (age 3) weans, which would be ok at this point.
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oh gosh i'm so sore. I'm in so much pain that i even tried different latch postioning. I feel really bad because I don't want to nurse DS as much but he is only 9.5 months he has also not wanted to nurse as much either and is eating alot more food so maybe it taste odd to him or they just isn't that much. I hope it gets better because i'm worried he is going to wean.
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Another super sore one here. I literally say "ouch" outloud whenever DD latches on because it is so painful. I've also had problems with breastfeeding triggering vomiting in the morning. Its hard to push through, but that's what I'm still trying to do...
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Not sore consistantly - jut ehre and there. When it is really scratchy and sore and hurting I have been ending the nursing session early. but when she isn't nursing I feel completely overstimulated and when i don't have a bra on it feels like i am rubbing on sandpaper. OUCH! I have read that extra B6 vitamins will help reduce the pain of BF'ing while PG.
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I was sore last month, but after overloading my system with water and oatmeal my supply is back up and the soreness has gone away. Ds is 8.5 mo, so no where near weaning, though he is eating at least 3 *meals* a day too, I'm sure that has helped my nips as well. (((less sore boob vibes soon!!)))
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I don't have any advice, but I hope it starts to get better soon
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I actually dropped the wprst bfing session. The before bed one... he would literally would bf for an hour. He now falls asleep in minutes although I felt terrible doing it. I think it saved our bfing relationship. My nips are half as sore as what they were. We still have all the day and night bfing he wants so, he and I are happy.
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: every time DD (30mo) latches on it's so painful! I haven't had this much pain since she was first born and that was a bad latch. We got through that after a while.

With being preggo I like the nursing because it helps her sleep and calms her and I'm sooooooooooooooo tired that I need all the rest that I can get. The other day I told her that because I had a baby in my tummy the milk might start to change taste and go away. She just looked at me and burst out laughing.
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Angel, how did you drop that session? Just curious cause it is one of our longest too. For me the soreness has actually gone away, but my nipples feel SO overstimulated when nursing. It feels like my nerves are being shot down to my toes, I hope it gets better.
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Just wanted to say "me too!" The soreness seems to be going away (it felt like DS was actually chewing on my nips a week or two ago), and the feeling that I might actually crawl out of my skin seems to have gone, too.

We have cut back on the amount of time that he nurses (he only nurses two to three times a day). When he nurses it is for less than 5 minutes. He now sometimes falls asleep at night without mama's milk. My milk supply has already taken a hit. Not much left at all in the left boob.

He will be 4 yo when the baby is born so if he weans during the pregnancy I will be okay with it (somehow doubt he will!).
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