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Preggo Exercise Videos?

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Does anyone have any non-meditative prenatal exercise video suggestions?While i do benefit from the stretches in yoga, i'd like to avoid anything that is heavy on meditation.
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My midwife recommended Callanetics, which came out in the 80s as a deep stretch form of exercise (and cardio). There are exercise DVDs for it, but I haven't seen one specific to pregnancy, however, if you get the book by Callan Pinckney (sp?), it includes a routine for pregnancy, so maybe you could get the video and just do the exercises that the book lists are part of the prego routine. Good luck!
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Fit Mama by Leisa Hart

I have used this video my entire pregnancy and I LOVE it. It has a salsa dance workout, a fat burn yoga section and stretching, toning sections including Kegels. LOVE IT! She is pretty cheerful and cute but the rest of the women are all "normal looking" and even mess up from time to time. She also has two pp workouts one with baby and one on the ball.

I also do the Yoga Journal and Lamaze yoga video b/c it is not a freaky yoga video and has really good poses. She does talk about stimulating your pituitary gland with your "intention" which is a bit hokey if you ask me, but I let it pass. Some of the poses are a bit advanced too I think.

Happy exercising!
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I have a prenatal belly dance DVD. It's fun & belly dance is one of the most pregnancy specific forms of exercise out there!
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I use Fit Mama, too, and really enjoy the workout. I don't do all the arm stuff with the Kegels, it seems like you can do twice as many if you just sit cross-leggged and do them without fanfare.
It's super-super date, but Kathy Smith has a pregnancy aerobics video that is really good cardio, and some weight toning for arms and legs after. Made in the 80's and very hokey, it even has a 'rap' in the middle of it, which I skip. But the low impact aerobics are great. You just have to get over the bad music and whatnot.

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Siva rea's prenatal yoga video is wonderful and also Crunch has a good prenatal yoga video. I never noticed if they "over did" the meditation, I think we need that the most now then ever. Meditation is an amazing tool to cope with the intensity of labor and birth. And the power of the mind and our own intention are amazing if we let go of the fear that holds us back from using such "hocky" ideas.
I guess I'm bias as a yoga/ meditation teacher.
Good luck, and remember that walking and swimming are the best forms of excercise for pregnancy anyway!
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