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Lets see your simple spaces pics!

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Does anyone have any pics they want to share of their simple decluttered spaces? Whether it be one closet of a set of pics of your whole house! Lets see some pics and raise some motivation!
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im going to finnish our bedroom tomorow and take pics.. ive been working on it tonight and im really happy about it!
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Subbing (kicking back and getting ready to enjoy some great pics. But I might get brave at some point and show a few of my own).
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I'ld love to share but how do you post pics? Doh!
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You have to host them somewhere, and then share the link. Does that make sense? So upload them to a picture hosting place, like shutterfly or picturetrail, or your own site, and then share the link with us all

MDC doesnt have image hosting capabilities
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I will take some new pics this weekend. I'm trading my big - and now more than half empty - bookcase to a friend for a smaller one of hers. It will make a big difference in my LR.

I'll be sure to take pics of the INSIDE of my closet, linen closet & kitchen cabinets - so you can REALLY see how little I have!:
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: I'd love to see some pics too!
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I'm in, I'll take some later, I'm going for the zen look. It's so nice getting rid of all the crap.
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Okay.. here is my living room

Don't mind the walls, my place is being painted this weekend. The paint samples are on the wall, heh, you can see them in the second pic I think. The light blue will be the wall that the pictures on, the darker blue is for the kitchen. The other walls will be somewhat as they are now, more tan than pinkish though.

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very nice, nym!!
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Nym your place is so tidy! looks great!

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That link didn't work for me lisa72
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How about now?
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Wow, lisa! It's beautiful! I'm so jealous of your art!
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Why thank you my lovely
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I think the problem with this thread is most of the people who have really simple spaces either:
1. Don't read the decluttering board because, hey, they don't need it.
2. Don't have a camera to take pictures of their spaces.

Thank you Nym and Lisa for coming by and sharing!
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Very nice! I love that huge window behind your couch, and I love all of the wood.
Originally Posted by lisa72
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My aim is to have every space in my very little house very simple. We are about to move into a very small, darker house (I'll miss the light) I'm getting rid of everything we don't need. My closets are a disaster and I don't have a lot of stuff. Thats my next project.
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