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Surprisingly Sad About Weaning...

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Well, I think that as of today my DD is weaned. She has been down to about once a week for about a month, and the week before that it was once every 3-5 days. I remember, though, at Christmas she went 2-3 days and we were *amazed*. Yesterday we were all set to nurse and she nursed and nursed (well, a couple minutes) and said, "Theres no milk." We tried the other side, same complaint. I showed her that yes, there was plenty of milk. She even felt my breasts to check. Decided to go to bed without nursing.

This morning DS was nursing and she wanted to, so she did. He had just taken a few sips off one side, so she scooted him over to the other side and tried it. Once again, "no milk." We talked about how maybe her mouth was too big (?) or something and that maybe she was done. Later today she agreed. Tomorrow her and I are going to "Build A Bear" and making each other stuffed animals to remind us of nursing and then out to dinner with DH & DS, too (her idea).

I am surprised at how almost sad I feel about it. I thought I was really ready after 4 years *and* having an 18 month old DS still nursing, but, I guess not...

It will be odd to just be nursing an 18 month old, seems so relatively mainstream, LOL

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Awww!! Its almost bittter sweet when they wean. Congrats on building a beautiful relationship with her that she will remember for a lifetime
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Cograts on nursing so long.We celebrated 3 years of nursing yesterday.I know I am going to be so sad and lost when Littlebit decides to wean.I wish I could keep him a baby forever.
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Awww. I'm so sorry you are sad. I'm so glad to hear you are celebrating her transition too. That Bear will be a treasured keepsake .
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