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What are your Top 3 declutter To Do's Today?

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Hoping everyone is having a splendid day. I need a little challenge, so I was wondering what everyone's top 3 To Do List was for the house today as far as your decluttering plan goes.... Come on & share your list and your progress!!!

As for me:

1) Clean out entrance closet (lots of stuff for garage sale)
2) Clear and clean kitchen countertops
3) File paperwork on my office desk

I know it doesn't seem like much, but I am on restricted activity and just getting those done will make me feel TONS better!!!!!

Thanks for your feedback and for sharing your accomplishments, too!
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-Get rid of 90% of fabric stash.. make 8x8 squares for a quilt of all the fabric and clothes I have stashed for a quilt, get rid of the rest of it.

-clean off top of dresser, pack up DH's playstation, reframe my moms girlhood picture, go through bread tin These things are done. I also repacked my jewelry and important things into my bread tin and took a bunch of useless stuff out. I repacked all the pictures from the bent tin to two new baskets with lids, looks awesome and uses up those baskets (that had jewelry in them)

- finish packing up kids keepsake box, SIL box, get those ready to go. Figure out what to do with small table in room

my three things
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1) Clean 3 windows (not de-cluttering, but I despise doing it)
2) Package and mail out stuff on my desk
3) Decide which sweaters to give away
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1) kitchen table (I know it is here under all this junk!)
2) kitchen counters
3) side table in living room

*bonus session - pack up some unused clothes to take to Goodwill!
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Well we went through all of our bills last night, huge task

Move winter coats to our front closet we never use and is empty, thus using our back closet for our lighter jackets and shoes

Our big weekend project is cleaning out our my office. You can open the door and thats about it
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got a few things done.. how bout the rest of you?
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Not today, but tomorrow when my mother's helper is here;
--hallway closet (empty and move boxes, store carseats)
--put away boxes of clothes to store (yay for sorting them finally!)
--clean out cabinet under sstove

Namaste, Tara
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tidy, clean, declutter...


(almost done!!.i started last night and just have to deal with stuff im getting rid of)

*bathroom -

~sorting through cloth diapers.. we are mostly ecing and have way too many that we never use.
~simplifying towles, wash cloths, handtowls.. ect.

*kitchen -

~decided that we are only keeping a few dishes..getting rid or storing the rest(i have a few heirloms that im not ready to let go of..)

~getting rid of all kitchen gadgets that dont get used daily.(if we need one we wll borrow it from upstairs)

~organising cupboards..food and other stuff

ak. a big job..! but i know i will feel so much better once it is done.


going through ALL KIDS TOYS. DS can pick 15 and we are getting rid of the rest. :
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