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September Baby predictions! - Page 2

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September 23rd is when we move into Libra
Ohhh that's right!

I must say that would be awesome...I just my little libra!

poor thing-in a house full of scorpios no less, not that my little scorpio is a bad thing per se...just it gets sort of intense here at times :

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This is a neat idea. Okay

Sex: Girl (have had 4 ultrasounds now b/c of cord issues and everytime they tell me girl)
Date: August 28 Duedate is 9-13 but just have this feeling that she is going to be born in august
Time: 9:00 Am
Labor: 6 hours
Weight: 8 pounds 10 ounces (I have big babies)
Length: 20 inches long
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Sex: Girl
Date: Sept. 10
Time: 3 pm
Labor: 8 hrs
Weight: 7 lbs 7 oz
Length: 20 inches

The ultrasound said girl, but DH is still holding out hope for a boy. I thought it was likely to be a girl from the beginning, based on the timing of sex & ovulation.

Due date is Sept 17/18, but I think Baby is either going to be a week early or a week late!

DH, DD & I were all born in the early afternoon.

I'm thinking (hoping) 8 hrs for labor based on when I think I would have delivered DD if I hadn't gone to the hopsital.

Weight & length guesses are just a little bigger than DD.

Sex: Girl
Date: Sept. 27
Time: 3:21 pm
Labor: 3 hrs
Weight: 7 lbs 6 oz
Length: 20.5 inches

So date & length of labor were way off, but weight & length were amazingly close!
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I've been more of a lurker on the Sept board (poster on the Oct) since I had my first U/S & they said due date of Oct 2/3 but since I'm always 2-3 weeks early...I'm going to play along (hope y'all don't mind... )

Sex: girl (the tech was 99.9% sure)
Date: Sept 12 or 18
Time: between 12 & 6 am
Length of labor: 1-2 hours or less from start of ctx
Weight: 6 lbs 5oz
Length: 19"

Maybe also include why you have these feelings or intuitions as well?

Most of my reasons are based on patterns with my last 5 babies. (3 of my girls have been 6lb 1oz @ 37-38 weeks, 1 was 5lb 7oz but she was 36 weeks & my sn was 7lb 1oz a week overdue). I have had dreams of this baby being born during the middle of the night. My labours (from the start of ctx) have gotten shorter each time...last time was 45 min. My babies are usually 17-19" long. And I have numerological reasons (patterns) backing up those possible dates. (although I was wrong with our last baby...she was born on a date that I hadn't predicted)
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Hrmmm...let's see.

I don't know. I'm thinking girl this time around.
Date: Sept 24-28
Time: between the hours of 4am-7am
Length of labor: 9 hours
Weight: 7lbs 8oz
Length: 21 inches (my last was 21 inches)

Maybe also include why you have these feelings or intuitions as well?

Truthfully, I don't know. Just this feeling I have.
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Sex: A surprise. DH is strongly leaning toward girl, I'm semi-hoping for a boy. Coworkers say girl. We'll see!
Date: Sept 13
Time: Early morning
Length of labor: 8 hours
Weight: 7 pounds 3 ounces
Length: 19 inches

These are all total guesses as I have never done this before!
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Is this going to be a sticky?
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ETA the actual results (in italics)

Sex: No idea. I'm a little surprised at having NO vibe one way or the other. Until about 18 weeks, I really thought boy, but now I have no idea. We couldn't tell from the u/s.
It was a girl!

Date: I think it will be early (I was). And EDD is 9/3. So let's say 9/1. I hope this doesn't come back to haunt me!!
Very early! Arrived 8/12. Mama's intuition was right on with this one -- and no one believed me, ha!

Time: I never seem to imagine labor or delivery happening at night, which is probably wishful thinking. So let's say I'll go into labor late morning and deliver early evening.
Sorta accurate. Water broke 3:30 am, but didn't feel contractions until late morning. Then it lasted longer than I predicted! Birthed at 12:40 am.

Length of labor: 8 hours. Don't know why I think that. Not super short, not super long, I guess.
Hard to say. Active labor started around 3pm and I delivered at 12:40, so I guess that was close.

Weight: 8 or 9 lbs. I am thinking this baby will be big!
7lb 10oz -- would have been that big if she'd baked a little longer!

Length: Whatever length "long" is! The u/s we had at 23 weeks said the femurs were really long, and DH and his family are all tall, lanky folks.
20 inches. Still not sure if that is long!

Maybe also include why you have these feelings or intuitions as well?
It's funny, I haven't posted on this thread before because I don't feel like I have "intuitions" on this stuff, really. But I realized I do imagine things happening a certain way, so I suppose that's a form of "intuition"!

REALLY don't remind me that I thought the baby would come early when I'm 41.5 weeks and miserable.
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This thread is so fun!

Sex: No idea, really...everyone says boy and if I really think about it I would probably go that way as well. I think DH is secretly hoping for a girl just to shock all of those with their strong opinions. We'll be thrilled either way.

Date: 9/22 or 9/23 or maybe 9/16...who knows??

Time: Evening...I loved laboring at night with #1.

Length: 6 hours (wishful thinking...DS was 9 1/2 hours with nearly 4 hours of pushing)

Weight: Let's go with 8lbs 12oz. DS was 8.4 and although I haven't gained as much weight with this one, I'm feeling like this one is a big baby.

Baby's length: Umm...same as my first: 20.5"

I feel like my intuition isn't nearly as strong as others this time around, so all of these are basically up for grabs. Hope everyone is feeling well!

Little girl!
September 30, 2006
3 hour labor with 20 minutes of pushing- woo hoo!
7lbs 15oz, 20"

So much for mama's intuition
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I am going to have a girl on September 8th in the evening. She'll be around 8.5 lbs and 21 inches. I suspect that I will labor slowly all day (while I question is this labor?!) with it picking up a lot right toward the end.

Bear in mind this will be my first child and I haven't had any ultrasounds- I just feel like its a girl.
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Sex: I'm guessing boy (no u/s this time)
Date: 9/21 (this was my grandpa's birthday)
Time: 10pm
Length of labor: 5-6 hours
Weight: 6lb 12oz (dd was 6lb4oz) I have teeny babes
Length: 19.5 inches

No feelings or intuitions, just guesstimating based on my first birth. The feeling is boy, or maybe it's just been so ingrained into my head because that's what dp's family "wants"
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sex: boy
date:sept 16
time: early morning
length of labor: 12 hrs (start to finish)
weight: 7.7

i was in labor with dd for 5 days....but this baby seems a lot more easy going and just compliant!!!
so i chose its EDD and early morning (so that dd can just sleep in her bed for most of it and wake up with a brother in the AM)
12 hrs so that my mom can get here in time to help with dd (it will take her about 8 hrs)
as long as we all make it and are healthy....i am happy
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Sex: Boy (I am leaning this way only b/c this pregnancy has been so very different from both of the ones with the girls).
Date: Sept 10
Time: Early morning
Length of Labor: 6-8 hours
Weight: 10lbs. 8 oz.
Length: 22"

Like others have said, I'm just rounding up a bit from my last one. It was an early morning birth (8 days "late"), lasting 6 1/2 hours 10 lbs 22 1/2". I suppose this one could be bigger, especially if it's a boy.
The date is a biggie with me this time, as I have a weird feeling this one might come early, but I have no idea why. Based on LMP my EDD is 9/4, based on ovulation it's 9/5 and since I prefer even numbers, I changed it to 9/6.
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It's exciting this time. Since we're having a homebirth, we haven't had the extra testing, so we have no idea about any of this!

Sex: I would love a girl, since we already have a boy but ds keeps saying "brother", so I think he may know something.
Date: My EDD is 9/27, so I'll guess this time I'll be one day late (I was 3 days early last time), which makes it 9/28
Time: Hmm... ds was born at 1:20PM, so I'll guess 11:30AM?
Length of labor: : I never know if this includes early labor, so I'll include it and conclude 18 hours. Ds was 12 hours of early labor and 15 hours of hard labor.
Weight: 9 lbs? Ds was 8 lbs 7 oz
Length: 21 inches, like ds

I'll keep you posted.
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ok, I'll play.

Gender: I am guessing its a girl. We don't know, but that seems to be the consensus. And its heartbeat has been pretty fast all along, which I think (?) suggests girl.
Date: Sept 23rd (in Libra and first day of Autumn) EDD is 22nd
Time: Morning
length of labor: 12 hours ? including early labor
Size: 6 lbs 8 oz.
length: 21 inches

edited to add actual data:

Sept 4 (18 days early!)
Time: 2:00 p.m.
Length of Labor: 16 hours
Size: 7 lbs
length: 19 3/4
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Sex: well....I was sure Noah was coming until I hit about 20 weeks...now I am on the fence....we'll see.
Date: sept 29 or oct 3rd
Time: I usually labor in the night so we'll say wee hour of the morning
Length of labor: however long it takes....I dont plan on measuring the time...
Weight: 9lbs 3 oz......or twins
length: 22inches

Well as far as inuition goes. I have been focusing so much on how are birth will be that I haven't really thought to much about these sort of things. With my first 2 I was right about their sex, 3rd one wrong......right about the weight. This babe was a "surprise" and I feel like it is bringing me a gift that I need to prepare my mind/heart for and so that is my focus......over coming fears and the need to be in control....surrender to the unknown and let the ocean of experience guide me to the shore of whats to come.
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Sex: Boy
Date: 9/28
Time: early evening
Length of labor: 15 hours
Weight: 7 lbs. 8 ounces
Length: 21"

Sex has been confirmed. Due date is 9/21, but I'm always late in general (this is my first baby) so I think it's likely that he'll be late...maybe a week late... although I'm working up until 39 weeks... and fear that I could go into labor at work... in which case he would be early. When I imagine the birth, I picture the sun setting. I'm not expecting a short labor. I haven't gained a lot of weight - 12 pounds so far (at 32 weeks). Both the dad and I are tall (6'2" & 5'9") so I think he'll be long.
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Sex: (ok some of you know this, but for those who dont): I have no clue, but right now we think it's a girl.
Date: September 12
Time: The head will emerge at 5:15 am
Length of labor: 1.5 hours
Weight:9lbs even
Length: 22 inches

Maybe also include why you have these feelings or intuitions as well?[/QUOTE]

We think it's a girl because of how active it is. The date is because my BIL is getting married on the due date, so I hope the baby comes a few days sooner. Wishful thinking, I know. The time because water usually breaks at night. Length of labor because my son's labor was extremely fast, only 3.5 hours of labor and .5 hour of pushing, and subsequent births are rumored to go even faster. Size and length because I have two midwives who emphasize good nutrition so I'm eating healthier overall, so I expect this one will be larger than my son. He was 8 lbs. 10 and 20.75 inches.

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What a fun idea!

Sex: Scan said she was a girl :, her legs were wide open so theres little doubt... (Although up until then I did think I was having a boy)

Date: EDD is 25th of September, so I predict 20th of September.... (Knowing my luck Murphys Law will kick in and she'll be 2wks overdue and come on the 9th of october!!)

Time: No doubt it'll be in the middle of the night... :yawning: (Once again Murphys Law) So I'll say 2am.

Length of labor: 6 - 8 hours (Heres hoping anyways! )

Weight: 5 - 6 llbs

Babys Length: Roughly 20 - 21 inches.

Reasons for my predictions: For:
Date: I'm saying she'll come early because A: Wishful thinking, and B: Me and my sisters were early, and I'm fairly sure so were my mother and her siblings. Although she'll probably decide to barricade herself in there until the last possable moment! :

Time: I was born in the middle of the night, and for some reason it wouldn't suprise me if she was the same, nothing like making a grand entrance!

Length of labor: This is once again A: Wishful thinking, and B: Also going on how my Mother was (Apparantly this is a fairly good indication of how you will go) and she had fairly short labors so fingers crossed!!

Weight: When I was born I was 5llbs something, and as I'm tiny, and my stomac (As big as it is for me) is apparantly not that big so I'm assuming she's going to be small (Although I had a dream the other night that she was 9.9llbs..)

Babys Length: I was about 21 inches when born, so small but long so going on that for this too.
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Neat idea. I'll also include this in the baby book!
This is my first child and all these are total guesses!

Sex: boy
Date: September 4 (actual due date is Sept. 11)
Time: 4:13am
Length of labor: 8 hours
Weight: 7.2 lbs
Length: 21.5 inches

in one of the ultrasound pictures he or she is holding up four fingers - trying to tell us something, right?
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