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What was it with WIC today?

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I went in to pick up my checks, and there was bad parenting everywhere.

But the kicker was the mom who whacked her son in the head for stopping and standing in the middle of the room, and told him to go "sit your ass down."

Being the non-confrontational person I am, I still had to restrain myself from yelling at this woman. It was such a nasty sight, and if she feels comfortable doing this in the middle of a waiting room, what goes on at home?

But she was clearly in a fighting mood and I didn't want to start a yelling match, and the situation had calmed itself down. Still, I told the workers there about it and they promised me they would keep a watch and call CPS if anything else physical happened. Thank goodness.

I also saw a man who kept passing off his daughter to his wife even though she was clearly busy trying to fill out forms. When she went in for her appointment he stayed outside with the baby (about 9 months old it looked like) and when she started to cry, he says "stop that RIGHT NOW, or ELSE!" and then gave it like 5 seconds before going and dumping the kid on the mom again. Talk about a lazy father.

I'm so bummed because usually I don't see any bad parenting in that office; I usually go there and can strike up a conversation in the waiting room and the kids can play, but boy, was it ever a miserable atmosphere this afternoon.

To top it off, it is raining and we had to walk home (about 3 blocks - city-sized ones) because DH had to take the car this afternoon. We got totally drenched.

And the place is being painted so we have all the patio furniture in the living room. I have like 3 square feet of space to play with the kids in. What a day, what a day.
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Hi Nicole,
Sorry you had a bad experience. Its unforunate that some parents dont think twice about how they treat their lil ones.
I happen to love my wic office. there's nobody ever there to bother me and the people that work there are great.
Except there aren't any toys, only books! owell

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