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Caroline is here!

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I'm a few days late posting, but we've been happily babymooning.

Caroline was born on May 28th at 11:12am. 8lbs 13.5oz, 22 inches long.

I'd been guessing we'd have more of a 6lb baby, boy was I off. I don't think she's going to fit into these diapers for very long.

I birthed her with just gas and air, but after she was born I ended up in theatre with a spinal to repair a third degree tear. Ouch.

We both have thrush, and we're pretty sleepy, but life has never been better.
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Congrats mama!!!

Happy babymooning and healing vibes to you!
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Congrats mama! Enjoy your babymoon! I'm sending many healing thoughts to you guys. Welcome baby Caroline! :
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Congrats Lindsay and welcome Caroline! Ouch on the 3rd degree tear, many healing thoughts mama.
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Aw, our babies share a birthday! Congratulations!
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Congrats mama! You're on the sticky!
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Congrats mama! Hang in there with the thrush!
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Congrats Mama and welcome Caroline!!
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