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painful irritated nipples due to eczema.....help!

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Does anyone have any experience with healing sore, peeling, cracked, red nipples secondary to eczema?? I'm looking for natural healing options, not corticosteriods. I'm trying to continue nursing my toddler, although very minimally, because it's soooo painful.
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use only warm water to wash your nipples and apply Lansinoh anytime your nipples even look slightly dry

the lansinoh is good for the eczema, and will not hurt your nursing baby

You can also try Elidel (prescription) and Eucerin or aloe, vitamin E oil, calendula, but these would need to be washed off before nursing.

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Did this just start happening?

from The Breastfeeding Answer Book:


an untreated diesease such as celiac disease was shown to cause eczema in one woman in a study

a mother can be allergic to a food a nursing baby eats, transferring particles to her nipple. Don't nurse right after he eats solids, or at least get him to take a drink of water first. Or avoid the offending food.

a new product (deoderant, laundry detergent or soap) can cause a reaction

"eczema on one nipple that does not respond to treatment may be a symptom of Paget's disease of the nipple, an uncommon form of breast cancer (Amir 1995). ... see your HCP..."
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It's been going on since December on one nipple and then started about three weeks ago on the other side. I have started rinsing his mouth before each feeding with water and haven't been using any new or unusual products ie detergents. I have used Lansinoh but that didn't seem to do anything. Currently I'm using flax seed oil, acidophilus and homeopathy. Any info would be appreciated!!
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How old is your baby, and what can you think of that changed in Dec? Is that when he started eating solids?
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Elidel's package insert does not recommend use by nursing mothers.

I have food sensitivities that cause my eczema, an elimination diet helped me find out that i'm sensitive to dairy and eggs. It might be worth a shot to see if you have a food allegy, it may show up on your nipples because the skin is exposed to moisture and may be more sensitive. I also take an essential fatty acid supplement and garlic.
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