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baby gate websites???

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I'm looking for the canvas baby gates that I've seen around, and other babygates that are different from the low wooden ones (that I find to be low quality & they have damaged the plaster in our hallway) and different from the high plastic ones that are a pain to step over.

Anyone know of a web site where you can find different types of babygates, for different width doorways? Especially extra wide spaces where you want to block off a large area?
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Try www.onestepahead.com. They have a lot of different ones.
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When I was looking for a gate, I ended up with something quite different from what I had thought I would get. I went to the babiesrus website ( you can also get to it thru Amazon.com). They have reviews for all of the different gates that they sell!! It was very helpfull!! I ended up with two even flow gates for the top and bottom of the stairs.
A while ago, I was at a friends house, and she had the gate that I had wanted, before I read the reviews. She hated the gate, but did not want to buy another one....
If you are getting a gate for the top or bottom of the stairs, look into getting one that is hard mounded.
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