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Dd is 21 1/2 months old, we started potty training this past January, dd was 16 months old. She seemed really interested in it and wanted to go potty, then one morning she woke up and didn't want to potty anymore, she would cry and scream NO POTTY, MAMA!!! So she didn't go in the potty for a while.
On days I know we are going to be home all day I set the timer for 30 min and she goes on the potty when the timer beeps. it seems to be working and she is getting to know the feeling of having to go. I hoped I helped someone.
This is a great group and would love to be a part of it I beleive we need support each other.
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I am the laziest parent ever
I don't do anything with the potty till the kid asks for undies

DD was nearly 3 when she said she wanted to wear undies like me. Unfortunately, she would pee if there was anything on her bum
So I kept her bare on the bottom till she got used to catching herself long enough to make it to the bathroom.

DS is 31 months and just quit wetting himself last week after he recovered from chicken pox. He stays dry all day, holds it if we're in a store and has to walk to the bathroom... hasn't wet his diaper at nap time in over a week and only woke up wet once in the morning this week...

Both kids were pooping in the potty long before they were dry.

The reason I took the lazy route? My now 29 year old. When he hit 24 months I decided he needed to be trained : He decided he didn't. He won He would hide behind furniture to poop and pee in his pants. My boyfriend actually took a week off of work and managed to teach him to use the potty in that time. My DS absolutely adored his "tiger" and the feeling was reciprocated. By day 3 BF was bringing DS and his potty to the bookstore where I worked so he could practice using it out of the house.
I knew I'd never try to take the lead when it came to PLing again. It's worked so well with these two that it led me to unschool as well
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I have just started taking Ani to the potty every 30 minutes or so. I just say "Okay, time to sit on the potty!" If she really doesn't want to, I don't make her or anything, but she usually likes to sit there.

Today, we went tot he store and I asked her if she had to go potty and she said yes! (well, nodded) And she actually peed on the potty at the store. It's only noon, but I'm pretty excited that she hasn't had an "accident" or even peed in her diaper when it was on all day today. woo hoo!

I am trying really hard not to get really excited about the prospect of being done with diapers.
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Potty Training Books?

Can anyone recommend a good potty learning book?
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Alright, I'm getting nervous here. Am I doing a dis-service to my dd (28mos) by not pushing the issue w/ potty learning?

She was totally interested last summer, we got her a potty and she used it a couple times all by herself. I was pg w/ dd2 so I didn't really want to get into it b/c I figured she would just regress once the baby was born.

We ask her every now and then if she wants to use the potty and she says no every time. She stays dry all night and through naps, knows when she has to go and totally gets the whole process (i'm pretty sure). She just isn't into it. I have decided to just let her go and not do anything other than remind her every now and then that she can use the potty if she wants too.

Is this not a good idea?
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I am sooooo joining this group! We just started today. Bekah (27m) peed through two pairs of panties and wore a diaper to naptime and out and about tonight. We have Potty Elmo (she loves Elmo and we borrowed it so it wasn't money out of my pocket). Today Elmo had to have his own toilet paper, I had to wipe him, etc. I just plan to put panties on her again tomorrow and see how it goes.

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Bellyb, at 29 months I wouldn't worry too much. I have always followed my kids' lead. DS learned at 24 months bc a friend was staying with us, and he was older and pling...and DS kind of decided to do it too. Once he started I gave him the little push he needed to keep going. Basically what I'm doing with DD. She doesn't like being wet anymore and wants to go on the potty, so I'm doing what I can to get her there without being too pushy (more of a gentle nudge).
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Originally Posted by zakers_mama

The big hangup is he really seems to have no clue when he has to go. He pretty much always indicates 'yes' but sometimes it's an excuse to play with TP. (He is fascinated with wiping, LOL)

so how do I get him to clue in?
My son loved sitting on the potty at that age and trying to go but he had no sense of how to predict that he had to go yet or even of how to relax enough to pee every time. But i would sit with him and we would talk about whether it felt like peepee (or poop) was ready to come out. And if it did, we would talk about what it felt like. As he was a little older, I would point out when it looked like he had to go.

All that being said, my son is 34 months old now and still isn't using the potty regularly. He will go for 2-3 week stretches and use it consistently (and getting excited about wearing underpants) and then he will go back to demanding a diaper (won't even run around the yard naked!). I have always felt that potty learning should be his decision (it is his body after all) and I know that he will really resist if I put pressure on him. But I am questioning myself. Should i just continue to wait and let him take the lead or should I set up a reward system (we did stickers for awhile last fall but he tired of them)?

I welcome any suggestions. I am still plowing thru the other posts on this thread.

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Originally Posted by memiles
Our challenge has been using the toilets away from home. We have a seat that goes over the regular seat at home. With that and a stool, she is able to do the process by herself. However, out and about, she panics. She's tiny (24 lbs at almost 3), and the potty is big, and she doesn't like to be held up while she goes.

Anyone know of a portable seat adaptor type seat? Something that folds up would be great.
I have a foldable from the One Step Ahead catalog but I haven't been very happy with it. It feels kind of shaky on the seat and my son feels less stable. We have the same problem as you, my son is very petite.
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Originally Posted by ani'smommy
I have just started taking Ani to the potty every 30 minutes or so. I just say "Okay, time to sit on the potty!" If she really doesn't want to, I don't make her or anything, but she usually likes to sit there.
I did/do the same thing and Eden is really doing well. She has her days when she says no but really for the most part is doing well.
She just realized that her friend Seth, a 3 yr old boy, stands to go potty and the other day I caught her pushing the stool up to the potty so she could stand and pee. There are days I find myself saying to her," you do not have a penis you have a vagina and need to sit to go potty." AHHHH--The frustration of being a parent. The I stop and think and say to myself sheis only 21 months old she doesn't know, so I laugh and start over agian.
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OK well we had that one REALLY good day, and now we're kinda back to hit or miss? We haven't been home a lot too, but today we were at his best friend's and they both insisted on following me in the bathroom and wanted to sit on the potty...well, they had to take turns, and nobody went. and then nobody wanted their pants back on...quite the adventure.

her little girl is I think a bit more aware than my ds but she is 2 months older, she is more likely to take off her dipe if it's wet...the other day she even spread out a baby wipe on the floor and peed on it!!! and she has gone in on her own and pooped in the potty...she though has an older bro and sis so I think that helps her...got any advice about her though? She PLANNED that baby wipe thing!! got it, spread it out in a neat little square, stood in the middle and peed on it my friend said...(she was running around diaperless at the time)
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Hi, my daughter is 37 months and not using the potty really. She has underpants and I have been trying a part time approach ... 2 hours a day ... but she never stays dry. She has peed in the potty sometimes when I take her, and I ask every 15 minutes or so if she needs to pee, and then finally she just sits on the couch and pees in her underwear. She doesn't seem to care that they are wet ... just goes about her business.

She is really smart and can nearly read, speaks in complex sentences, can count to 100 ... but she seems totally clueless with the potty thing. What do you all think would be a good approach?

I am feeling very depressed and hopeless about this ...

ETA: She also weaned herself several months ago, if that is relevant at all ...
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Joining in ...

Melanie, my son sounds very similar to yours (he's about a month younger than yours). He showed a lot of interest in the potty, and even managed a few poops on it when I had him naked for a few days at 18 months. But it was hit or miss, so to speak. I think he had the desire, but not the physical control at that point.

But now we're moving across country, and that will mean new sitters in the interim and some big changes for my son, so for now, he's back in diapers. I still let him be naked when I'm home and not packing and can keep an eye on him, and he's very good at telling me "baby poop!" if he's pooped in a diaper, so I'm still trying to keep the interest going. We'll have those BBLP close by during the move.

I'm hoping to restart in two months when we're fully settled in and my son's schedule is a little more secure.

As for books, he loves "You, too, can go to the potty," "Where's the poop?," and "A boy's guide to the potty" (or similar title). He made the association between the boys using the potty in the books and himself very quickly.
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almost 3 year old ds and almost 18 month old ds. The 18 month old is VERY interested and the 3 year old doesn't want too...
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i'm joining the tribe!

ds is 25 months old. not interested at all until a week ago. we've had 2 poops on the potty and only one fluke pee. 3 other poops on the floor (near misses)

i've done all the basic encouragement for months and months but i wasn't thinking anything major was going to occur yet. my pediatrician said most kids are more ready ~2.5. so i'm just going to keep going with the gentle encouragement.
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Ani is 18 months and she's pretty much there. I'm not really sure what the difference between EC and PL is but, either way, she sometimes has one or two accidents a day, but that's pretty rare. We still put her in a dipe at night, but she has woken up and wanted to go on the potty. We never put her in diapers during the day anymore, and if we're out, we just take her to the potty frequently and she always goes - or at least tries to.

Has anyone read Diaper-Free by Three? I think it's a fairly new book, but I just got it from the library and wanted to see what everyone thought of it. She says that babies should be in cloth trainers after 12 months. I havne't read the whole thing yet, but I wanted to see what everyone thought of it.
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Just wanting to join the tribe and look for advice
ds is 29 months and we had great success, and trained (or so i thought in 2 days, we couldnt belive our luck), we had 2 great weeks of wearing underpants and peeing and pooping in the potty, with encourgement and us prompting/reminding him to go on the potty.
But then we had 2 weeks of hell with pretty much 80% accidents, and then him laughing when he did it. it got so infruriating and of course messy that although we didnt want to we put him back in dipes, and he will still pee at every dipe change in the potty. what do we do? i think hes ready, he knows what to do he just wont do it. should we just wait a few weeks and try again??? any help much appreaciated.
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Well, DS's little friend is fully PT now I guess...I don't know about night, but for the last couple weeks, she's had NO accidents. She spends her entire life nakey but it works.

DS *wants* to do it, he pees in the potty, his dad would have a *fit* about always being nude though. He has DEFINENTLY made the association between 'potty' and 'treat'--he gets this big grin and looks for his jellybean

I'm thinking about just going and buying him some undies on Friday and going for it. He can sign and say 'potty', he says 'peepee' sometimes, he hates laying for changes, and today he said "underwear" (well, 'unneeyweaw?') when I asked him if he wanted some I'm not sure he fully gets that concept.
I think I'll just go for when we've used 2-3 pair, we're done for the day...with dipes at nap and bed.
I just don't want to lose the opportunity while he's interested, and *maybe* his friends will be a good influence.....
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I thought I'd join back in and share the good news that Lilli has basically pottly learned!!! SHe still has some accidents, but not more than one a day when she does. We even went on a road trip and she stayed dry! She is also dry all night though I still put her in a diaper to be safe. I'm so excited!! She's really young, I never expected this to happen this early but she was ready. It took her about a week or 2 to really recognize the need to use the potty (we did a combo of no pants or undies at home so she'd really notice when she wet) and another week to get pretty good at really going to the potty when she needed to. Now she says "pee" and runs!
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Anyone interested in a spin off for older toddlers that aren't using the potty yet? Oh goodness. Dd is almost 3 1/2 and will have nothing to do with the potty. She completely knows when she has to pee and poop. She goes long stretches with no diaper. She can nap with no diaper. She always goes somewhere else to poop or pee. BUT, she will not use the potty. She will not be bribed--I offered chocolate cake and she declined. We are members of a swim club and she can't go in the big pool until she is trained and that's okay with her. We don't fight about it--we just ask and ask and she just say no. Not the little potty, not the big potty, not a potty of her chosing!!

We once tried to tell her that we were out of diapers. Her response: "We can go to whole foods and get more." My response: "But what is Astrid (her baby sister) going to do?" Smart girl! She did go most of a day--about 7 hours--without a diaper that day and she held both her pee and poop. Diaper on--lots of pee and then she pooped in the middle of the night.

HELP. I am so afraid she is going to be in diapers FOREVER!!
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