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How many people got their "dream" birth?

Poll Results: Did you get your "dream" birth?

  • 49% (91)
    Yes- everything went exactly as I had hoped
  • 38% (70)
    No- things did not go as I had planned/hoped
  • 12% (23)
184 Total Votes  
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I was just wondering how many people's births went as they had expected or hoped?
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I had PROM at 29 weeks, so I had to go to the hospital and delivered 4 days later, which means it wasn't my dream birth. It wasn't the horrible experience I was expecting, but it could have been better. But of course, no one dreams of having a premature baby.
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I said, yes, it went as I'd hoped...
aside from the fact that I went into it expecting to be in labor a good 12 hours or more and that contractions would take time to build... what really happened was that my water broke and monster contractions hit me right away, dd was born 3 hours later. BUT everything went as I'd hoped in that I birthed in the water, at home, had the music and lighting I wanted, my birth team was all there, I had awesome support, and a healthy out come. The birth was very intimate... that was what I wanted most. Now, lets see if I can do it again (any day now) with this next little guy!
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I wasn't quite sure how to answer...the biggest fears I had abou t birthing in a hospital were not realized, in fact the hospital was very supportive of letting me labor without interventions, etc...but I was a little disappointed in how things went after she was born, and it was hardly my "dream" birth - THAT would have been at home.

However, it was a beautiful birth and proceeded with no complications, although I did unfortunately get the epidural, which I hope to avoid next time. So - while I am very satisfied with my birth, I did vote "no" because it was not my ideal, if that makes sense.
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Yep, pretty much! We'll see if I can get it a third time!

- Krista
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Yes, our birth went wondefully. We had a peaceful waterbirth at home and it was perfect.
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We did - I'd do it again! We had a beautiful, midwife assisted waterbirth. In fact, all 3 of our births were great!
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yes and no: I ended up having to have pitocin, which I'd been sooooo against. My waters broke and I couldn't get contractions going strong enough for me to feel or to start real dilation. So I had to hang out at the hospital for AGES, walking and doing all the rest. That was a bit disappointing. But other than that, it went really well--the pitocin was used wisely, I now feel, in that my body was obviously ready for it (cervix was soft and somewhat effaced, waters had broken etc), and I never felt pressure from the doctors to accept it. They were very respectful of my birth plan, so my main anxiety (interventions, pressure, being out of control) was unfounded. Once I had the pit, the labor was 3.5 hours from the first contrax...including 25 mins of pushing. Super-intense, but quick! No pain meds, no episiotomy, nothing else, and my dh, labor nurse and OB were all wonderfully calming and supportive.

So it was good, but next time I want a home birth!
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I voted "other" cuz I got one of each

1) DD#1 was an unplanned c-sec, so that of course was not expected
2) DD#2 was a VBAC and went better than I had hoped! I didn't know if I would end up with another c-sec and was prepared, also a part of me just couldn't believe that the VBAC could happen since I had a c-sec previously.

As strange as this may sound, I am glad I had one of each kind of birth. Each had its pros/cons and each was sacred to me
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The only birth I had that went as planned was the last.

My first baby died the day he was born. He had IUGR and was born at 27 weeks.

My second birth was 30ish hours of slow, early labor at home followed by 39 hours of hard, active labor at home with midwives. We transferred to the hospital when I reached 72 hours of labor. I pushed for about 3-4 hours and finalyl had a c-section.

My third birth was a planned VBAC but in the 13th hour I developed some maternal complications that didn'e effect baby but had a c-section.

My last birth was a planned c-section after ruling a VBAC a real risk due to ,y age and history and cardiac history. It wasn't as bad as the others and I recall it as peaceful and happy.

But I never got the birth I'd hoped for, just the babies. =)
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number one was a midwife assisted birth in the hospital. burth from hell. but without my very skilled midwife it coul dhave been much worse. she did her best to protect me from hospital policy. she was 6 weeks early and it was a nightmare of hospital p[olicy meets NICU.

#2 was homebirth from hell. the pushing etc went ok but I diodn't likemy midwife, she made me very uncomfortable and then left and the apprentice brushed me off when I said "she doesn't seem to be breathing very well". 5 minutes later she was blue and limp. it got worse from there before it got better.

#3 was 5 minutes of labor in the midwifes office. baby was in shock and had injuries from coming so fast her apgars were 0 and 1. once she got grooving though it was all good. that was definitely my best birth experiance. I did see the whole thing in a dream though. . . .
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Both my births (with midwives) were great experiences and went as planned. I'm grateful for that.
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After birth my husband noticed that we got almoest everything on our birthplan except the "no phone calls to the labor room" part. A friend called while I was pushing because she heard we were in labor the night before and thought we would've had her by then. Guess they don't show the switchboard birth plans!
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Most definately not...neither birth.
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My first birth went all to

My second birth was perfect. It would have been nice to not tear but sill perfect. I want another one, and next time I won't tear.
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I've had both and in between!

My first birth was great, but much more overwhelming than I expected, and I did have some hemmorrhage which scared DH half to death, so although it was beautiful and she was perfectly healthy, I wouldn't call it a dream birth.

Second birth turned into a nightmare when it was discovered that he was surprise frank breech and coming very quickly - the midwife was not experienced with breech and for a few minutes it was frightening chaos. He was born depressed and had to be recusitated, had Apgars of 1 and 2, and spent 4 days in NICU.

Third birth was my ABSOLUTE dream birth, though! We made it to the birth center just in time (it's 1 1/2 hrs away) - I was 9 cm when we arrived and labor had been a breeze, not getting really intense until AFTER we arrived and I was in the birth tub. I started to feel "pushy", and 3 minutes later he was out! He was perfect, neither of us had any complications, and we were back home 7 1/2 hrs after his birth. Lots of other details that just made it clear that God was all over this birth, too. During that pg I had imagined over and over having a very fast and easy labor, birthing in the water, and having absolutely no problems and it all happened just like that!
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My second birth went exactly as I had been visualizing for months: labor at home, get son settled at friend's house, go to hospital, walk in ready to push, have a healthy baby. All of it happened, down to walking in the delivery room at 10 centimeters.
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I think mine went really well, despite it being a hospital birth - induction - with an epidural. I wouldn't choose an induction again - but I also hope to never have PUPPPs again.
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I had 2 great births, no interventions, great midwives, no significant problems.

DS was born at a FSBC, after only 7 1/2 hours of labor but 4 hours of that was really painful pushing (completely on my own will and effort, he just wasnt moving... back labor, too, so I think he was mispositioned and had to move before he could come down). He did need oxygen but perked up once he got going, apgars were 5 and 10. Tight nuchal cord may have contributed there too. The midwife left me alone and let me do what I needed to do and kept herself out of my way, only suggesting position changes, and I felt very empowered but I had no idea that pushing would be so hard or painful or that it would take so long (particularly since I dilated so fast and felt so on top of it).

DD was a precipitous labor, luckily we had planned a home birth because she only took a little over 2 hours from start to finish (and with no pushing! after all that the first time). That was in many people's eyes a "perfect" birth... fast, she was perfect and pinked up beautifully without even crying, I picked her up out of my myself, it was gorgeous. It also took me months to process, because it was so fast. I felt like I had missed it psychologically, but been run over by a train physically. I just got out of my body's way because there was no doing anything else. My MW was only there for 7 minutes, DH for 20. I wouldn't say it was scary, but it was utterly overwhelming. I'm newly pg with #3 and I have to say I have baggage still (which I didnt know until I got pg again!) from this birth, more in many ways than from my first which was grueling in its own way.

So neither was the birth I had dreamed of, but they were both great, empowering, wonderful births that I feel utterly blessed to have. Does that make sense? I wish I could be someone who has time to make a birthday cake and enjoy their labor... maybe with this one!
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Originally Posted by Amila
I was just wondering how many people's births went as they had expected or hoped?
What I had hoped was a positive birth experience. It was not perfect by any means, but it was a positive experience so I can't complain at all. I learned from it and will go on to have a out of hospital birth for the next one.
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