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Doll Hair???

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I recently read somewhere that doll wigs are not as durable as the old style stitched on hair. The writer of theis article sugested a rug stitch to attach the hair. Anyone have a clue how to attach the hair this way? I have searched and searched for this info and all I find are wigging and wefting instructions. PLEASE HELP!!! I am almost finished with my first waldorf style doll for my 2 yr old DD, I just need to do the hair.

Thanks in advance!

Be happy, be healthy, be blessed!
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Anyone? Please!!
I am totally done with this doll for my dd but it is BALD. I have read some great ideas here on the board but i am a visual learner and I just can't make heads or tails of the instructions given. could anyone post some pics of the method you used? I am especially interested in the chain stitch laid on the head and stitched down in a coil then hooking longer hair into the links. how many strands per link? any pics?

what I want to create is a versitile style that can be pig tails or a pony tail or just left hanging and will still look nice wichever way dd choses to style it.
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I'm making my first Waldorf doll, too, and I also read that the rug stitch is better. I found this"turkey stitch" and I am thinking that if you made each loop about a foot long and then snipped them, you'd have long hair. I think I'm going to try to make my doll's hair in the long-hair style (done in layers) described in Making Waldorf Dolls, but instead of sewing it on with another piece of thread, trying to attach it using this "turkey stitch" thing.

This is probably too late for you, but I just found your post today as I was looking for the information myself.

Good luck!
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