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How long did you (or do you plan to) nurse your multiples? - Page 2

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Mine weaned (one with a little encouragement) at 3 1/2. I had another baby when the twins were 33 months old and I was ready to wean, so although I really believe in CLW, I just needed to be done with nursing the big girls. I do miss it, but I was just ready. They were fine with it, too. Alyson didn't skip a beat, but Megan needed (and continues to need) lots of physical contact and snuggles with me.
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I don't have a weaning plan, but I totally don't know. I have no problem letting them nurse until whenever but if down the line I need to wean in order to take meds not compatible w/nursing and it's been a good year & a half or more then I'd probably opt for that. That's the only real drawback for me - being concerned about taking meds while nursing.
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Ours weaned (w/ encouragement) on thier 3rd birthday. If they'd been actively nursing I would have let them keep going but they were down to each asking every 3rd day or so & to the point where for Ashlyn "nursing" mean holding my nipple loosely in her mouth, no attempt to suck, which drove me *insane* & Lexie would suck w/ a lazy latch & not strong enough suck to get anything for 30 sec to a min & then was done. Both were most likely to ask when they were bored or if they saw a baby nursing. If they got hurt or were in a scary situation they would just want cuddles (& sometimes chocolate, they insist that chocolate makes boo-boos feel better ) so that went a long way toward me being ok w/ the "encouragement" to end it. A few months before their 3rd b-day, as we started talking about b-day plans, I also started telling them that 3 yr olds don't get num nums. When they asked to nurse we'd have the following conversation:

kid: I want num nums
me: how old are you (in a teasing voice)
kid: 2 (in a total "duh mom" voice)
me: do 2 yr olds get num nums?
kid: yes (duh mom tone)
me: how old will you be on your birthday?
kid: 3
me: do 3 yr olds get num nums?
kid: no (in the same duh mom tone)

So, it was pretty easy to transition that game when they turned 3. Every once in a great while they'll still ask, and sometimes will tell me they're 2, but some extra cuddles & tickles and being silly with them & they're fine, so I'm comfortable with how it all turned out.
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2 yrs 8 mos here and still nursing strong. We had many problems and did lots and lots of formula supplementation for most of the first year, so my second year of nursing, when it was all nursing and solids, and we purged the house of bottles and formula, was very redemptive and healing for me - I finally had the joy of nursing my LLL friends felt immediately with their singletons.

I had planned to be done at 3 years (because that's so OLD ya know? ) but now I can't imagine that happening. I will keep going as long as the girls need it and it's working for me too. I think they will be 4 or older when they wean. For me that's a triumph beyond my powers to express.

I will also say that, especially for mamas of multiples, many of who deal with lots of problems during and after pregnancy, preemie issues, triandem nursing issues, and whathaveyou, I really really commend anyone who nurses - for any length of time. I look back on those early days of nursing/pumping/bottle feeding and doing it all again, when I got about 3 hours of sleep out of every 24 hour period and none of those hours were consecutive - and I was sooooooooooooo sick - and the girls were preemies - wow it's amazing we made it this far - I would hate to judge anyone for their nursing multiples experience - it can be a real challenge and no one really understands unless you've gone through it.
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Hopefully I will not have to supplement at all (I've got milk offers if I do though), but I plan to nurse at least till 2 years and as long as they want if it's not just driving me insane.
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twins still nurse once a day at 39 months...
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still nursing about 7-8 times/24 hours (yawn) at 16 and a bit months
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I nursed mine until 19 months. I would have gone a little longer but I wound up weaning them as we were getting ready for a cross country move. I was totally stressed out and my milk seemed to dry up.
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my boys are 17 months and nursing 3 times a day now. That's working for me- a couple months ago they were nursing 5 or 6 times and it was getting really tough for me- i think mostly because of the competitiveness and jealousy issues always emerging around nursing. Anyways now they drink one bottle of (raw) cow's milk before nap in the morning and we just keep busy in the afternoon, so i'm all set to keep nursing for a while if we can stay this mellow about it.
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The boys are almost 7 months old. My goal was one year, but I now hope to go longer than that.
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Our goal was to make a year, and we did.
(Despite surgery requiring mastitis twice, and cases resolved with meds once)

Not to "discourage" anyone AT ALL from nursing, I am SOOO glad we did, but if they become "less interested" (as ours both did at around 11ish months...interestingly enough right in tandem with our year goal) PLEASE don't feel guilty, or that you have done "something wrong"!!!

It is an AMAZING accomplishment to nurse two, for HOWEVER long you can!
My hat is off to those who can only manage 4 days or 4 weeks, as well as those who can do 4 years!

I salute all of you who have made such a great commitment to breastfeeding.

Mommy of Darren and Sarah (now 4.5, breastfed right up to their first birthday!)
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nurse twins as long as you can

Nursing twins for a new mom can be quite challenging but is SOOO worth the effort. Stick with it and surround yourself with a supportive network of friends, family and professionals--don't forget the LLL. They sent someone to my hospital room and to our home. Their help was invaluable!--and FREE.

I nursed my twins exclusively (no solids, nothing but breastmilk) for one year. At that point we started solids and kept breastfeeding, too, until I became pregnant again (they were 19 months) and my severe morning/noon/night sickness caused me to ween them (and lose 15 pounds!). I loved nursing them so long (so much easier, convenient, and nutritious than solid foods) and I hated that I nursed them so short. I'm sure we would have kept it up if not for the pregnancy.

When the next baby was born the twins would grab their dolls and sit and nurse with me whenever I sat to nurse the baby. That baby I nursed exclusively for a year and then started solids after one year. That baby nursed for 30 months before weaning herself.

All of my kids are super healthy. They are rarely sick and when sick, recover quite rapidly. In fact none of them got sick at all while we were exclusively breastfeeding. The twins got their first cold when they were 16 months old.
We also attribute their excellent health to the fact that none of them have ever been vaccinated either.
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Hey... I stopped nursing my boys when they were 27 months. I had gotten pregnant with my third baby, and the boys were getting sensitive to my yelps of pain every time they latched on. When I was slightly over three months pregnant, I told them I'd sing them a song instead and they were very excited to accept. They didn't like hurting me. And as a bonus, as soon as we started doing that, they magically started sleeping through the night, which was a BLESSING during my pregnancy. NOw I'm nursing my third boy, and he's 29 months... and shows no signs of wanting to stop yet. Kinda hope it comes soon though. My boobs are tired.
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twins nursing

I nursed my first daughter and second til almost 2yrs and then had twins and nursed on demand the first year and as they got older they were on me all the time at one point, I couldn't get anything done during the day or night. So it worked for me to put them sort of on a schedule and then they weaned themselves at 27mos. Now 2 1/2 they once and while ask for it and I feel bad that I stopped almost like a guilty feeling, but don't think I had anymore patience with taking care of 4 kids and nursing. Now we're potty training! good luck
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Looks like we've weaned now at 33 months, my decision, not theirs. My girls have nursed a lot since birth, and never nightweaned on their own nor really even slowed down much. If they were out all day with my husband they didn't ask to nurse at all; if they were out with me they would ask to nurse at some point; if they were home with me, they wanted to nurse almost all the time. Like 6-10 times during the day, often for an hour or more while we read books if I just kept going along with their wishes.

I tried to nightwean them three times, the first time when they were 10 months old because I was insane from lack of sleep, never getting even three consecutive hours. I failed all three times due to lack of resolve on my part I guess. When I became pregnant this past December, after a few weeks of first trimester exhaustion, I finally had the resolve...I guess those pregnancy hormones made the difference. So first we nightweaned. They were around 2.5 years then. Then I cut back daytime to just before naps and going to sleep. Then cut that down to about 2-5 minutes each time. And then last Wednesday was the last night they nursed.

We've have been staying up past their bedtime so that my girl who really wants to nurse is so tired she falls asleep before I finish reading her stories. After a couple of weeks of that I hope to go back to a regular bedtime and have her be able to fall asleep without wanting to nurse. Monday night she didn't fall asleep and was really upset that I would not let her nurse. She doesn't ask to nurse at all except during bedtime though. And once when we had just been at a picnic where she watched an infant nursing.

One girl really seemed ready, and only to be nursing because her sister was. The other I think would still benefit a lot but I just am not willing to continue. The one who is ready has had all of her teeth for months. The one who is not still has two molars to go. Which I think is interesting because one thing I read linked length of nursing time to when the teeth were in. Another thing is the girl who is ready is much more of a snuggler. And also likes to touch my nipples a lot. So it is almost as if she gets a lot of comfort from that and doesn't need the nursing itself. Whereas the one who really would still like to nurse does not snuggle much and just is not into hugging type physical contact. She prefers to rough-house for contact.

My girls always nursed together. I never figured out how to keep one happy not nursing while the other nursed away. Although the amount of time involved was huge, and it meant sitting on my deriere a lot, that part I could deal with. What was really hard is that it physically always felt pretty aweful to nurse two babies at once to me. The few times I nursed one or the other alone it was a completely different and enjoyable experience. So, my largest problem with nursing twins was that it just was physically not enjoyable, to put it mildly. My second largest problem was just the sheer mental exhaustion that nightnursing two babies for over 2.5 years caused.

I did get a couple of cases of mastitis early on. The first one I ended up treating with antibiotics. Then I learned something that worked for me that probably is not sound advice. My mastitis seemed to be caused by milk blisters or plugged ducts very close to the surface of the nipple. When one breast started getting hard, I would take a very fine beading needle, sterilize it, and then with a little bit of trial and error, locate the plugged duct/blister and lance it. Then used a manual pump to drain it. I never had a bad case of mastitis after learning how to do that. But gosh I hope I don't have to do that this time around too.

I am still not sure if I will let the girls try nursing again once the baby is here. On the one hand I think it would be really nice to see them enjoying some rich milk with their new sibling. On the other hand I think it would just cause one of my girls a lot of confusion about when she could nurse or not. I might just try pumping a little for them to drink out of a glass now and then just so they can get the antibodies a bit longer. Though not sure if the amount I would pump would even be significant enough to make a difference.
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Just wanted to mention (how could I possibly have more to say, LOL), that during my first pregnancy long before I knew I was having twins, I established a long term goal of nursing to at least two years, mostly due to what I learned here at MDC. (And I think somewhere in my mind I thought they would probably then wean on their own around then. And I had no clue about how hard the night-nursing would be.) But once the babies arrived, I had much more modest goals I focused on. First just to three weeks. Then to six weeks. Then to three months. Etc. I hit a major exhaustion wall at four months, and at that point just started to learn to accept being a zombie. Things started getting easier when the girls became mobile and I could relax against a couch, bare my chest, and they would eagerly crawl over and latch on. My mom, who nursed all of her four children, me to at least a year, was visiting during that time and said that was the most interesting nursing she had ever seen.
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