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potty mouth

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Levi keeps saying "i'll kill you" and now he is telling me "brandon (my husband) is going to kill me"

this was picked up from the kids outside that he played with one day and will never play with again. my problem is how do i stop the bad words and phrases now! Levi visits with his dad regularly and if he goes to his dads and says "brandon is going to kill me" im sure he will be getting the law involved!

i know when i was little and said "bad" words i got my mouth rinsed out with soap. that is not ap and i cant do that. how do i stop this, now?

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How old is Levi?
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When my son cussed I took him home and put him in a time out. I started by identifying words I didn't want to hear by rephrasing the sentance...

"what? Kill? We don't say Kill..." in sort of a shocked OUCH kind of way

Once he knows that isn't OK then the time out for it.

Scary that phrase going to dad's house. Can you talk to your ex before the visit about your challenges with Levi and his language and ask his advice? It might enroll him in problem solving, get him on board on working on it in his home and help keep him from freaking out.
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levi just turned 3. i emailed his dad and got a positive response. right now im just trying to change the subject. it worked lastnight. he said kill you and i jumped up and yelled "you want to what??!!! call me!!!! ok" and i grabbed my phone and pretended to talk to him on the phone. i think the loudness of my voice flipped his mind and he got excited about the phone.
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glad you were able to get dad on board, fear of the other house can be paralyzing but what is worse when it stops us from acting it can hurt the kids so much because they aren't given the chance to learn how to behave correctly.

So glad dad is stepping up and will support you in correcting this behavior- that also will only help your son to grow into a man!
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