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EOs on the cervix?

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I got this idea last night - I use Young Living EOs and many are FDA approved as food additives. The company reccomends using some as vaginal retention implants for YIs and such. What about massaging the cervix with a pain relieving EO like peppermint? I have accidently gotten peppermint on my private parts before, and it is intense but pleasant. Dh accidently got a blend that had cinnamon on his once, and it was very painful, so I think it would be important to select the EO carefully...

But I was just thinking about how they can deliver anesthesia locally to the cervix (don't they call that a cervical block or somehting?), so why not massage with a little peppermint? Might be a good job for a dh? Crazy idea?
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wouldn't you be afraid of some of it accidentially getting in the baby's eyes? i would. peppermint oil is intense and if it was really painful, how would you wash it off? :
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Hmm, that could be true! Even if the cervix was well out of the way, I'm sure the oil would still be in the vagina. I heard of using EOs on the perineum...
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The ones used on the perineum would likely be very diluted.... very diluted. I can't imagine putting anything with a menthol action to it up inside my vagina. I would think it could actually cause the tissues to become irritated and swell and that would not be a positive response while trying to push a baby through those tissues. JMO.
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YL reccomends the EO blend - Gentle Baby for the perineum, applied neat.

It contains: Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora), Geranium (pelargonium graveolens), palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii), lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile), ylang ylang (Cananga odorata), lemon (Citrus limon), jasmine (Jasminum officinale), bergamot (citrus bergamia), and rose (Rosa damascena)

I don't know if any of those have pain reducing properties. I'd have to research it more...
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I've heard of clary sage oil on the cervix for a swollen cervix or cervical lip, but that's about it. I think the peppermint would be very distracting for me...like adding one more sensation to a part of the body that's already experiencing sensory overload, ya know?
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YOwzers! Peppermint oil on my cervix.......nooo thank you!! LOL I accidentally got Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap down there, once and ZING!!!! I felt that all day! I use Young Living's oils too and love them. Had "Gentle Baby" oil diffused for my first one's birth......I still love that smell.

I'd use the peppermint oil to chase away the icky nauseousness that can come around transition , but I'd probably keep it away from my yoni.
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Yeah, good points from PPs. Personally, I wouldn't want to numb the area with anything -- might confuse the instincts.

So why is it you want to relieve pain on the cervix specifically? Did you experience a great amount of pain there previously? For me the pain was all in the contractions, really not in the vaginal area at all.
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My pain was cervical - not vaginal. I actually had cervical reversal and cervical lip - my cervix opened and closed at least 2X. The baby was malpositioned and not holding the cervix open, and then the push the baby out contractions were slamming her against my closed cervix very hard and very fast. It was a really weird labor.

I don't expect it to be anything like that this time. I think the malposition was made worse by the fact that we broke the water (baby's heartbeat was bad). It was just a whole mess.

I was just wondering about the EOS on the cervix because I had seen a picture of them putting anesthesia in the cervix, and I just wondered if there was a natural alternative. Just one of those weird thoughts...
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Hi- I am an Aromatherapist, Doula and CBE. I also used to use Young Living oild for many years, before I started my own company. They are overly liberal in their application practices. Using EO's as a retention tampon and putting them directly on your cervix, are two entirely different things. I would never put EO's on the cervix. I have used EO's vaginally for yeast, etc.. but if there were to be an adverse reastion on the cervix, it would be very hard to take care of. Plus as another mentioned, the possibility of the oils stinging the babies eyes is great. HTH!
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Originally Posted by JoDoula
They are overly liberal in their application practices.
Yeah, that's a pretty common aromatherapist opinion. Not to pick on you, but I've heard that many times before, and have never had any issue with using the oils the way they reccomend.

They reccomend putting EOs in carrier oil and then injecting them with a bulb syringe into the vagina for a YI. That is what I was thinking of when I talk about putting them on the cervix. There is no way I could inject EOs into my vagina without them being directly on my cervix. As far a reaction goes, it would probably be best to test the EOs before labor.

But I can't really see anyway around the issue of the baby's eyes... I've had a little peppermint oil in the eye before. It didn't sting, but it made me cry. But I think it takes a bit before newborns cry tears, so that wouldn't be good.

Thanks for the thoughts!
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Yeah, that's a pretty common aromatherapist opinion. Not to pick on you, but I've heard that many times before, and have never had any issue with using the oils the way they reccomend.>>>>

I am not sure why I would feel picked on? Unless you are making a sweeping generalization about how all aromathist's paractice? Then maybe I will feel like that. There are two main camps of aromatherapy. The french modality and the british. I lean heavily toward the French way (like YL does), but I also have studied and used the oils enough on myself, my kids, and in my practice to know that all that YL teaches is not safe. I will be the first to defend raindrop technique, neat application of some oils, etc... but I do believe that like with anything-herbs, homepathics, etc... you need to to know what you are doing. I know many people in the aromatherapy world that act like the oils are poison and it drives me nuts! However, after being with the YL'ers for a long time, have realized they are not perfect either. Yes, if the oils were to get into a babies eyes... especially peppermint, it could cause literal damage if it were not diluted. EO's can penetrate deeply. You have to do what feels comfortable, and sometimes that coems with education and practice. Not to say you don't have that, but just being a YL dist. does not quantify people as experts, and that is really where my beef comes from with them.( not to say you think that way either, I don't know you) I don't mean to sound harsh at all, I just think there alot of misconceptions, and I deal with them daily. I think EO's applied on the feet and absorbed through to the blood stream do just as much good and more efficiently for pain relief,etc.. in labor. If they are inhaled also, this would be true as they immediately effect the pleasure/pain receptors in the brain. Just my .02.
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Yeah, I was reacting more to the camp that acts like EOs are poison and never apply them neat. And I get annoyed by criticism of YL, because so far I haven't found anyone else putting out the bulk of useful information that they do. Glad you aren't of that camp

I do things like put peppermint neat on my sinuses - very effective pain relief. Just try to be careful about it. But I know some would act that I was crazy.

Thanks for your input!
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