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Weaning from supplements advice

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Hi everyone,

I'm a first-time poster at MDC. I've done a lot of lurking as I'm a new mom to an 8 week old boy.

We've had problem after problem since ds's birth, and it's really tearing me apart. Currently, our situation is that everything has been corrected except my supply (it was originally my latch and a sleepy baby, but that's been fixed). I currently supplement with 2oz (sometimes 3) of formula at every feeding.

I've been taking domperidone and am nursing constantly (for hiccups, gassiness, everything!). I have a breastpump (or three!) but find that if I use it after nursing I don't get more than a few drops.

Someone that has been extremely supportive of my breastfeeding told me yesterday that she's not sure that I'll ever be able to exclusively breastfeed, and that of course makes me want to go full steam ahead and prove her wrong.

But there are so many conflicting pieces of advice - what I'm wondering is what the best approach is to stop supplementing. Is it best to just pump pump pump feed feed feed for a few days? (This doesn't seem like it'll work because I can breastfeed for two hours straight and ds will still cry out of hunger). OR, should I do what the kellymom website says with reducing the formula drank by 1oz every few days?

Also, one last thing: I've been using (ugh) bottles this whole time and I'm not sure SNS's are even available besides on the internet? I think that because not a single nurse, LC, or midwife has mentioned the possibility of them. Today I had a bit of a scare where ds wouldn't take the breast, would just scream, but took the bottle with ease. He later went back to the breast but it's given me The Fear. Would it be worth it to buy an SNS or Lact-aid at this point? (He's been using bottles since day 5).

If you've read all this, thanks so much And thanks in advance for advice!
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I would start right now with the kellymom plan for getting rid of the formula. I'd go to bed with baby for 3-5 days and do nothing but nurse and pump and snuggle. I would get rid of all bottles. No bottles. Use a cup or syringe (instructions are on kellymom) but NO bottles.

good luck!

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i want to answer most of your questions, but my son just woke up from his nap...

promise i will write later...

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I would go with Kellymom.com's advice. Unless you have a medical condition that would make your supply low, it is totally possible to build it back up gradually.

Good for you for sticking with BF!
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Wow you go. The fact that you haven't given up is great. I think one of the reasons there is so much mixed info is because diffrent things work for diffrent people.
As to a store that sells the sns that depends on where your at. Here in Phx,AZ we're lucky to have a store that sells sns's, and other breastfeeding emergancy needs. Their web address is www.ebestfed.com .
I can't give you much info on the switching from supplement to breast because I haven't done that that is something your IBCLC should have the info to help you with.
Oh and there is a bottle made by Adri called the Breastbottle because it's designed in the shape of a breast. I know some people have used it to go from breast to bottle so I don't see why it couldn't be used for the reverse.

But what ever happens hang in there.
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Wow, quick advice! Thank you!

I kept reading stuff after I posted and now my head is about to explode. On one website, the advice for this sort of situation was to go cold turkey on the supplementing, and within a day or two my supply will catch up. Since I don't think anything other than the supplementing is to blame for my supply, is this an option? (The suggestion included getting baby weighed every day, which I can do, and watching the wet/dirty diapers). I'm not sure if this is good advice or not.
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I'm not sure I'd go cold turkey... I might though. I think I'd start in the morning (when your supply is the highest) and not give any supplement after the first or second nursing then play it by ear.

good luck!

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If you're trying to find a local place to buy SNS or Lact-aid , go to Medela's website. They have a list of places that carry their products. http://www.medela.com/scripts/dealer_locator.htm

I don't see a dealer list, but here is Lact-aid's website
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you can order directly from lact-aid, or you can order from ebay. I got mine on ebay.
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I'm freaking out He's refusing to nurse! After 8 freaking weeks of switching from bottle to breast without a problem, he won't nurse!!! I'm probably overreacting because it's only been one session, but I'm so worried.

I have a 7ml medicine spoon that I can use to feed ds for now. I hope it works okay
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Don't freak or your stress will make it worse. Hang in there. He will nurse.

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loitering: Don't freak out!! My twins are supplemented because I have low supply. One of my boys has gone through periods where he refused to nurse. Think of it just like a nursing strike and KEEP OFFERING! My baby one went for almost 3 days where he would only nurse during the night (they will often nurse when they are half-asleep), but he has always come back to the breast.

You've gotten great advice. Do you have an LC that can help you? Also, check out MOBI (mothers overcoming breastfeeding issues) http://www.mobimotherhood.org/default.aspx. Under the "Where to Get Help" tab there is a link to their Yahoo group. They would have lots of expert advice for weaning off supplements.
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Advice on back to breast / nursing strike etc.


I like the part about a warm bath. Sometimes it works magic
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Just and all the best to you, Loitering. If you get your supply up you will be my hero and I'll be looking for you to post your big success story!

But it seems like you must have more than drops if you're able to feed an 8-week-old on just 2 or 3 oz of supplement per feeding, right? I pump about a half ounce per pumping session but my 5-weeker takes 3.5-4 oz in the SNS at each feeding. :
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