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Omg - Help!!!!

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I know I'm not alone but dd2 is 2 1/2 and demanding to nurse CONSTANTLY. It is the source of major tantrums at least a few times/week. She was pretty good about the baby at first but now she's starting to try and push him off of me. I've tried every form of distraction I can think of. I feel like the worst mother ever. She screams and cries but I can't possibly nurse her as much as she demands it (like every half hour).

Any advice, words of wisdom???
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Hang in there. No advice just hugs.
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I know you have a lot of other things to do, but could you just try nursing her everytime for like 48 hours. That might be all she needs, just to know you are there for her, and if not anything else you try would probably take a couple days anyway.

Another thing is to start some kind of routine so that she can get ready to nurse and knows that you will. Like I always ask them to get my book and pillow. And because once I have those they can nurse sometimes just the knowledge that I am available makes them happyand secure enough that they don't actually nurse. Like they ask to nurse and I say "okay find my book", many times between where I am (thier mom who just said okay lets nurse) and where the book is, they find something else to do.

My other suggestion is to just hang on until spring. I can't wait until we can spend hours outside everyday again. I would bet that this will be over then.
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i agree with mallory.

usually my dd will throw a tantrum about it and try to push ds away from me if she is feeling off kilter and her routine is screwed up. sometimes i just have to take which ever one is the worst off or nurse both at the same time. i just keep reminding myself that someday i'm going to look back on all this and think "awwww, that was so sweet."

hang in there.
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I would say the same, to just try for some time when you are with your dd to completely and totally BE with her, let her know you are always there for her, indulge her a little, make yourself real comfy, maybe it is just some insecurity issue. This must be so hard with so many kids, so I can barely imagine. I love the idea of telling the child, go get my book and pillow.
Good luck!
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I'd be hard pressed to just let that go, even though I know there is a reason your daughter is wanting to nurse constantly right now. But I don't know what I'd do, either. I'm going through a similar situation right now, but my DS is only 17 months and is teething, so I'm letting it go ...
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