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Foot problems during pregnancy?

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With my first, I had pretty strange foot problems - the backs of my heels would tingle and hurt when I pulled my toes toward my shin. It was the feeling of tightness, like my nerves were no longer long enough and when I flexed my foot, they were 'pulled', and hurt. That is the best way I can describe it. It started when I was maybe 5 months or so, and didn't start going away until my dd was about a month old.

This time the bottom of my left foot hurts, in the foot part, but very close to between my second and third toe. Like there is a knot in there or something. It really hurts when I walk, and I am only 7 weeks along! If it gets much worse, I won't even be able to walk.

Anybody else experience anything like this? Or anything different but equally as strange?!? It is hard to tell if this latest thing is pregnancy related or not, but I may have to go to the doc for it. Yuck!!!

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Wow, didn't think anybody else would have this problem.

I've had a soreness in my left food, between the heel and my toes. Almost felt like a pinched nerve. Thought maybe it had to do with an irritated nerve in my back???

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My sister wa having heel pain...I think foot pain is not unusual...she ended up getting orthotics, and only wearing certain shoes. (expensive, but she found my mephistos helpful.)
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the hormone relaxin kicks in when you are preggie. i was diagnose w/ plantar fascia w/ my last pregnancy and foot doc made me inserts that really helped. anyway so far not anything close to as bad as with that pregnancy. anyway my left bottom of my heel hurt so bad it felt like the bone hurt.
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I had very painful feet in my last pregnancy, esp first thing ijn the morning I could not walk at all unless I put on my birkenstocks. After a bit of a walk it would get easier till it got worse if I did too much! It was the relaxin and extra weight - and it didn't ease off until my cycles restarted when ds2 was 2. Supportive and well cushioned shoes or inserts are a must if the relaxin is relaxing your feet ligaments too much. And for plantar fasciitis.
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