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Question for SAH exclusive pumpers.

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While I don't pump exclusively, I have been pumping to help increase my supply after a lot of difficulties, but my problem is not knowing what to do with DD while I pump.

My husband works from home, which helps sometimes, but most of the time it's just her and I in another part of the house. Some days I can't pump at all because she just wants to be held. I have tried feeding on one side and pumping the other, but I have LARGE breasts and I find this quite uncomfortable (and difficult).

So I'm curious, what do you ladies do when you need to pump and you're all alone? I feel bad when she starts fussing, and most of the time the milk litterally stops because I get tense wanting to deal with her instead of making her wait while I finish pumping.

When I get the chance I do compressions and massage to make sure the girls are good and empty (lol), and so I don't end up with just formilk, so I feel like it's not even worth it if I know I'll only have 5 minutes.

Any suggestions?
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How old is your DD? We used a baby gym, an exersaucer, a swing - all those things I was sure we wouldn't use much. My DD also enjoyed listening to music while I sang along. I tried to make use of every nap. I used special "pumping toys" that only came out at pumping time. She also liked to do things like tear up a magazine and other things like that that were kinda messy, but worth it in the long run. I EP'd for 16 mos, by the way.
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I'm a SAHM EP'er. I guess the difference is when you EP, you're doing because you HAVE TO or there will be no food to give the baby when she's hungry. So, I usually propped dd up next to me and entertained her the best I could. but I tried to do it during naps as much as possible. since she's been old enough to sit up, she is content to play with toys. plus, after doing this 8 times a day for a few weeks, I'd figured out a way to still use both hands- if you think it would help, you could buy one of those hands-free pumping bras.

the baby will bring up your supply better than the pump will, so nurse as much as possible, which I'm sure you are. here's a link that may help you

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Originally Posted by bri276
I'm a SAHM EP'er. I guess the difference is when you EP, you're doing because you HAVE TO or there will be no food to give the baby when she's hungry.
I feel the same way too. I'm working so hard to get away from supplementing, and pumping is the only way I seem to be able to do that. SNS didn't work (made a great latch terrible, and painful!), so to keep my supply up enough to sustain her on the breast alone I need to pump. I've recently been diagnosed with insuffient glandular tissue, and as per the ped and LC I have to nurse often and pump a few times a day (following her on the breast).

Thanx for your suggestions ladies. I never knew you could get a hands free pumping bra, I'll have to look for one of those.

My daughter is 13 weeks old, so not quite ready for the exersaucer. The swing is in another room with too many windows to pump in (we just moved and all my window treatments aren't done yet). It seems to either be the bouncy seat or her play matt that keep her occupied.

Edited to add: I've seen the link many times. It's still a great reference, however. Thanx anyway.
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I would wait until naps or move the swing when you want to pump. If you have a bouncy chair so she can see you, that might help also.

I don't know how many times you tried to nurse/pump at the same time, but what worked for me (38G) was to cross my leg, ankle over knee, get baby latched with one hand and have baby sit on my leg triangle (for lack of better description) during the nursing/pumping session. I'd have my pump right next to me, ready to go, turn it on w/my free hand and put the flange up and get going. It did take a lot of practice, but *very* worth it.

If that doesn't make sense (it is pretty hard to describe) let me know and I'll try again- unless, of course, you've already tried it that way and it doesnt' work....then, nevermind....
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Don't waste the money on a hands free bra!! You can make one yourself. Just get a cotton bra (sports bra works the best because of the big cups) and cut holes right over your nipples. Then work the flange through, screw the bottle on, and you're ready to go! Or, alternatively, use hair elastics to hook one end to the horn and one end around the clip of the nursing bra.

I usually pump at my computer desk (like now) and lay DD on a pillow in front of me on the desk so that I can see her and make faces while she's there. Of course, my 7 week old DD is only 5lb, so she's teeny enough to fit on a pillow!!
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Oh, oh, I'm gunna try the sports bra thing tomorrow!! Thanx for the tip!
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I either pump when she is napping, or I put her in her jumperoo or bouncy seat. I save them as special toys just for pumping. She would get too bored sitting by me while pumping, and I am pretty obsessive about massaging my breasts constantly while pumping, so I wouldn't deal well with her being a distraction and having to entertain her.
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