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Violet arrived!

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On May 31st, at 12:45 am, Violet burst into the world. You are going to think I am silly, but by no planning each of my 5 kids have been born in a different month. Viotet, who was due May 27th was looking like she and her sister were going to be sharing the month of June. But never fear, I went into labor on the 30th and she was born the last day of May! (Kind of funny, don't you think!)

I can't give all the details now, but my labor was so easy and I was lucky I made it to the hospital when I did. There was no time for geting settled. I delivered on the bed they first put me on, not a birthing bed. I also delivered in the 1960's type room, because all the labor and delivery rooms were full!

I did not care because I was not laboring, I was delivering. It all happened so fast. My MW was great though!

We are doing great! Violet is sooooo sweet!
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Popping in to say how much I love the name Violet. It is so vintage and feminine.
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Congrats! You've been stickified!
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Congratulations mama! Welcome Ms. Violet! :
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Congrats! SOOO happy to hear you had an easy labor! Enjoy that beautiful baby girl, I LOVE her name!
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Congrats mamas and welcome Violet!
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Congrats on your easy labor and your lovely daughter! I also love the name. We like old fashioned names, too (Clara Rose and Iris May) and Violet was on my list.
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Congratulations mama & Violet! Glad to hear it went so well.
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Love the name! Congrats to you!
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