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coxsackie virus and tandem nursing

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I don't know if I'm putting this in the right place, but I need HELP!
I am about 38 weeks pregnant with baby # 4. My 2yo is still nursing and not planning on stopping any time soon.
Here's my problem, he has coxsackie. You know, that fun virus with the sores in the mouth?! I need to know what to do if the baby is born before he's better. I've heard that it's contagious for a long time.
I've never been pregnant this long(I've only gone as far as 36-37 weeks with the other 3), so I'm pretty sure it won't be too much longer.
There's no way I would wean him now-nursing seems to comfort him so much(milk or no milk), but I'm afraid of making the baby sick. I read that it can be life-threatening to an infant.
Has anyone been in a similar situation or have any advice for me?
I would really appreciate the help.
Thanks so much!
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I would expect that breastfeeding your new babe will give him the immunities he needs. If you're really worried you could limit your ds to one side and the new baby to the other.

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My 6 and a half month old has coxsackie and is exclusively BF, so I don't think you can necessarily depend on immunities from breastmilk. I would check with a doc on this one. One idea that occurs to me is to pump for your toddler until he is well.
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I wasn't thinking that every mom could depend on breastmilk for immunity, I was more thinking that since this mom's body has been getting the signals that the virus is around, she'd have lots of immunities being put out in her breastmilk to help the older son fight it off, that in turn, would help the newborn keep from getting it....

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That makes sense, Angela. I remember my mother telling me how right when I was born my big brother and sister were both sick - flu or something - but I never had a sniffle. But one additional thought on Coxsackie - my ped told me this virus is airborne. That suggests to me that whether or not the toddler nurses may not make much difference to the baby.
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when my little had it the doctor told me that it is everywhere and that most people have had it or get it, it is just rare for it to be a fullblown case with the actual sores (which is what my son had).

Seems to me that if it is in the air, your breastmilk is going to be producing antibotics and that is the best thing for it.

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