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Just looking for some answers

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Are there any EPers with a low supply also??? I'm at the end of my rope! I felt like there might be some hope when I heard about Domperidone, so I ordered some (it's on the way...I haven't used it yet). The one LC that I have been working with said it works pretty fast so I was really excited about trying it UNTIL the other LC I know printed out all of these warnings against Dom and told me that a low supply wasn't worth my children losing their mother over! She sounded pretty serious about me NOT taking the DOM. I'm SO confused/frustrated/emotional etc. I've been pumping for 10 weeks now and felt like I was getting into a "routine" with it. Now I feel like it's not even worth it to give him only 1/2 of the nutrition he needs! ALSO, I'm thinking I may be battling thrush. I don't know for sure though. The pain is not unbearable, but my nipples are pink are raw feeling (I just thought it was from pumping like crazy with the suction turned all the way up). I have some pains in my breast after pumping but not terrible...could this be thrush? I don't have any way of telling by my babe b/c he hasn't nursed in weeks!
Could he have it as well...even if he doesn't nurse??? Just looking for some answers! THANKS!
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I am EPing with a low supply also. It's not quite enough to feed DD, so she eats about 4oz of formula a day (2 feedings). It's frustrating, I know. I'm drinking twice as much water as usual, taking extra calcium, and taking blessed thistle and putting fennel oil on my chest. Doing all of that doubled my supply from 8oz a day to 16oz/day. It feels kinda pathetic, to tell you the truth. I've been doing this for 7 weeks now, so I'm right there with ya!
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The Dom warnings are in reference to incidents that occurred with high-dose IV usage. So, unless you have a known heart arrhythmia, or are planning to shoot up the dom I wouldn't worry about leaving your children motherless. That 2nd LC sounds a little hystrionic, if you ask me.

Dom is OTC in many countries, and the FDA doesn't want to approve it because there are other drugs to do the same thing (digestively speaking) without this oddball side effect. Plus it may be that Janssen doesn't want to spend the money to push it through FDA regulation for possibly minimal cash return. All this to say, I'm personally very comfortable w/ dom. Go read on Jack Newman's site about domperidone...very thorough.

Good luck with your punkin.
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: to what Elowyn said


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