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What DPO did you test at?

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how many days past ovulation did you test and what did you test with?
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12 DPO (day AF is due for me), "Baby" hpt from Dollar General. It took a minute to show up, but I got a faint positive.
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I tested at 9DPO, and it was -, so thought nothing of my cycle. I chart my cycles so figured it was a bust, Then at 14DPO af was not here, she norammly shows on CD13, and tested 4 times.. 3 FRER, and one CBE Digi test. All +'s
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I tested at days 10, 12, 13, 14, and 15. All were negative. I was away on vacation, and couldn't remember exactly when AF was due, so the day we came home I tested one last time. Finally on day 17 I got my BFP. I can't remember the brand of HPT... I bought one hundred tests for $35 or something crazy like that online last year.
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bump, any more responses ladies?
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Quasi-off topic: Check out www.peeonastick.com--it's nifty!
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11dpo and I used the stick test from CVS. This site has a great listing of hpt and how soon they detect the hcg

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I tested postive 8dpo using Clear-Mark Pregnancy Test Strip's i got off of ebay.
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Originally Posted by MaricopaMom
I can't remember the brand of HPT... I bought one hundred tests for $35 or something crazy like that online last year.
Goodness gracious!! After I got my I never tested again, though I alwayls think I should've!

To answer the question, I was 5 weeks with #1 (not sure on dpo exactly), 12 dpo with #2, and probably 12 - 14 dpo with #3. (I picked a day of the week to test and I can't remember now which of those it was.)
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I was breastfeeding and not ovulating (AF didn't return until DS was 24 months) so I was testing several times every month! Then once it did return, I would test starting about 8 DPO, and every day until AF arrived. Even the month we conceived, I didn't get my BFP until 17 DPO!
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I tested 8,10,12,13,14,15,16, and 18 all BFN then I tested one more time on 24 dpo and BFP.....................I am begining to think that I o'd later than FF thinks!!!!!:
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I tested at 10 dpo and got a faint faint line on an internet cheapie. On day 11, I had definite positives and used CBE digital and got "pregnant" reading. I only tested because I was going on vacation and wanted to know if I could drink wine with a clear conscience. hee hee...

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brianasmith- that is crazy!!!!!!!
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11 dpo with the only hpt available in Costa Rica. Light pink line, but visible without squinting!

15 dpo with the Clear Blue that just says "Pregnant".
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13 DPO with all three pregnancies- day before AF was due in every case! Used Answer Early and FRER, both claim 25mIu
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i tested at 6,7,8,9, with cheapies from www.early-pregnancy-tests.com and they were negative.
then on day 10 i *thought* i saw something with a test from Kmart-sorry cant remember which one. It was on the cheaper side though.
Then on day 11 i got my beautiful BFP with a nice EPT test.
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I'm not 100% sure when I ovulated, but I think I tested about 13 dpo when I get a SUPER faint positive w/ a dollar tree test. I tested 2 days before that with a FRER test and got a BFN. I think if I would've waited a little longer before I threw it away, I might have gotten a faint line, I'm not sure. I think most people get darker lines than what I got @ 13 dpo, so I may have ovulated later than I thought. I've taken a test every day since then and each day the line gets darker.
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I tested 11 DPO, which would be early this morning. BFP, using the Dollar store tests...Last time around I bought 20 of them and still hbad some left over.

But for some crazy reason I usually test on days 8,10,11,14,17. Then I'm usually convinces.

But with the last two, I swear I could feel implantation cramping. So from that point I just waited about 4 days to test.

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This was before I charted, but cycles were 26-30 days. I Od on CD 16-18? Tested CD 29, 30, 31 and got BFNs!!! and finally got a BFP on CD33 - I'm pretty sure the + was Answer, just can't remember if the others were as well.
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This pg -- 11DPO with a cheapie internet test and FMU +++ all the way.

All 3 past pg, I wasn't charting so I tested at point where I though AF should start and got positives, but it was with whatever brand I had available at the time.
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