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WOH Roll Call

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Hey Mamas! In honor of our new board, lets re-introduce ourselves and talk about our kiddos!

Who are you?
What do you do for a living?
What do you do for fun?
Tell us about your SO if applicable
Tell us about your kiddos.
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat"
Can we see you? IE post a website addy if you have it.

Mama to Violet and Zoe
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Wow, I've hardly ever been so early into a thread before! Hope I can remember all the things I am supposed to say about myself...Okay, here goes :

I'm Mia (but please, don't call me "Mama Mia"--years of that has made me hate that nickname), mother to two wonderful redheaded girls, and wife to Mark, my excellent dh who cooks (need I say more?). I'm a writer/public relations flak at a large telecommunications company (no names mentioned). The job is okay for now, and I've gotten a lot out of it, but after nearly seven years in telecom I'm looking for something different. DH is an architect with his own firm, so I carry the benefits for us and make sure that the mortgage is paid on time.

For fun I sing (hence my screen name) and am very active in my Quaker meeting.

I could talk about my kids all day and all night, and it would sound like how everyone talks about their kids. So I'll spare you (for now...).

You mean I'm supposed to have only one favorite flavor of ice cream?

Glad this board is here!

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Ooh, I can't believe I am first since I'm online so infrequently these days!

Who are you? Beth, a work at and outside the home mom in New York City

What do you do for a living? I am a lawyer/consultant to pension funds on active ownership, which means exercising their power as shareholders to change corporate behavior. I work primarily for union and public employee pension plans. I also consult to a company that does research and analysis on corporate governance (boards of directors, CEO pay, and the like).

What do you do for fun? Read, play cards, ski, hang out with my sister, knit, run

Tell us about your SO if applicable. My wonderful DH Nick works in HR information systems (yes he's a tech geek) and is a fantastic dad and all-around great guy.

Tell us about your kiddos. My DS Benji is almost three; he's an exuberant, funny boy who sings constantly. My new DD, Maggie, was born prematurely six weeks ago (her due date was Monday). We don't know her well yet but she appears to be a real fighter. She's home now and doing great.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat". My current favorite ice cream is Ben and Jerry's "Brownie Batter."

Can we see you? IE post a website addy if you have it. I am too technologically deficient to accomplish this. Plus I hate all pictures of myself.

Beth, Mom to Benji (3/23/00) and Maggie (1/24/03)
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Who are you? I am a 28 year old teacher mama, currently teaching 2nd grade at a public school. I have been teaching for 6 years with only a 4 month leave of bsence when my son was born.
For fun I read, exercise at the gym and outdoors, go to the park with my son, who is 2.5 years old. Four days a week, he attends a home child care (the same one since he was 5 months old) and receives excellent care from the 2 women who watch him. My husband does not work on Firdays, so that is the boys' day together. They do a swimming lesson in the morning and take a field trip (zoo, museum, etc.) in the afternoons. Glad to see this forum at last!
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As a once and future WOHM (I just quit my job a couple of weeks ago, will have to go back to work later this year) can I join too? Please please please?

I'm Jane, 34, and my career to date has been as an environmental attorney specializing in wildlife conservation. I just left a job that I loved as marine wildlife program counsel for The Ocean Conservancy to stay home with my ds for a while longer. For fun I read, hang out here at MDC, cook yummy vegetarian meals, and scuba dive when I can. DH Mark is 35, an engineer and computer geek. DS Evan is 7 months old yesterday! and is desperately trying to crawl. You can see all of us, even though I too hate all pictures of me, in our website in my signature line!
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Re: WOH Roll Call

Who are you?

I'm Jesse! I'm 27 (Birthday in April).

What do you do for a living?

I teach Drama to high school students and run the Drama Department--ie I direct several shows a year. I teach six classes of drama a day (!): three beginning, one advanced and one special ed. I'm currently on maternity leave until May 5.

What do you do for fun?

I love to cook and travel (not at the same time!). I also like to write, read and play with my babes. I'm beginning to get addicted to ebay, too. My biggest stress-relief is the internet.

Tell us about your SO if applicable

My dh is Mike. He's an actor and carpenter for a local theatre. We met in college whilst studying theatre. We've been married almost four years and have been together for six. Been friends for eight years.

Tell us about your kiddos.

Two dd's: Violet and Zoe. Violet is 2.8 years old. Zoe is my newbie--she is four weeks old. Both girls were born at home, breastfed and we co-sleep. (Well, Violet has her own bed now)

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat"
Coffee Heath Toffee Crunch Ben and Jerry's.

Can we see you? IE post a website addy if you have it.
see my sig!
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Oh Yay!

I'm Leah, I'm a school psychologist. Currently I work 80%, which means I work Mon-Thurs, Sept-June (157.6 days yearly, to be exact : ). I'm sitting for the licensing exam next weekend, and if I pass, then I'll start looking into starting my own practice as well....

For fun I play with my kiddos, browse WAHM diaper stores, read read read, spend inordinate amounts of evening time here, belong to a book club, and during the summers (when I'm home full-time), I join a playgroup.

DH is currently an 8th grade science teacher working on his M.A. and credential in school counseling. He just began this journey about a year and half ago, when dd was diagnosed with kidney reflux and we realized that his company had absolutely no sympathy or compassion for his family and need to be with his kids. At that point he worked 6 days/week and dd had very little idea about who he was. We are far less affluent now in money, but very much happier than we were before.

Liam is 3.5 and Emma is not quite 2, but less than a month away. They are both firecrackers--assertive, opinionated, talkative and highly active. I guess with two rebels for parents, what else could we have expected, right? They are the loves of my life, even when they are making me insane. They are cared for by a nanny whom we stole from their previous daycare center. It's working out fairly well, although it certainly has its disadvantages as well.

I love mint chocolate chip ice cream best these days and I love to make sugar cookies with the kids because they get to decorate them and that's a lot of fun.

We are at picturetrail, our member name is leahspics
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Cool, hi y'all!

Who are you?

I'm Sadie, I'm a 32 year old anarchist from Vermont, currently living in San Francisco.

What do you do for a living?

I'm a legal assistant/paralegal for a solo practitioner lawyer. he's pretty laid ack and very pro-kid. also it's good situation because i have essentially been learning the job on the job, so I'm (finally) sort of getting into a line of work that is worth continuing in (holy moly, do i have a career????)

What do you do for fun?

I'm a big Sci-fi reader. I especially love science fiction that presents visions of how the world could be a better place. I love to cook, though I don't get much chance these days, and i am also usually pretty active in organizing and politics. usually with an anti-racist, anti-poverty edge, currently (of course) anti=-war. I'm kind of on maternity leave from the group I usually work with though.

Tell us about your SO if applicable

My partner is a super gentle, super kind, super feminist guy. He's also a total freak, an amazing artist, and an art teacher at an "under achieving" public high school. And a completely committed father.

Tell us about your kiddos.

Natasha! wow, she's just the most amazing thing to ever happen to me! she's 4 months old, 17 pounds (yikes!) and a super happy, easy going baby. if I'd known it was going to be this great, i might have hd a kid sooner!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat"

Currently I'm really into vegan chocolate pudding.

Can we see you? IE post a website addy if you have it.

nope, sorry!
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I teach HS English. I have a sweet dh and two wonderful kiddos. And I'm tired.
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Re: Re: WOH Roll Call

Who are you?

I'm Miriam, I'll be 35 in June

What do you do for a living?

I am Associate Archivist/Photograph Curator where I am responsible for all media in the archival collections.

What do you do for fun?

Cook, play board and card games (not much these days, but we are trying to convert Sam into a game junkie.), read, watch movies, laugh at Trading Spaces because it is totally ridiculous and funny at the stuff people will let others do to their homes.

Tell us about your SO if applicable

My dh is MIchael. He worked with computers for over 12 years before we got tired of all the downsizing. Four jobs in three years with decreasing salaries each time eventually takes a toll. He has gone back to school and by next December will be certified to teach Math and Science at the Secondary level.

Tell us about your kiddos.

The beautiful Samuel Austin, Age 3 as of 2/28. He is a very spirited little guy who favorite things are Play Doh, Star Wars Legos, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Hot Wheels. In his spare time he fights monsters.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Ben and Jerry's Making Whoopie Pie.

Can we see you? They aren't horribly recent, but http://www.malimages.com/sams_site/
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Hey - I'm a 33 year old research professor, specializing in health law, at a law school here in Houston. The job allows me to work a substantial amount of time at home, so I've been able to spend far more time with my daughter while working than would've been possible had I returned to private law practice following her birth, so in that respect (as well as many others), it is fabulous.

For fun - well, other than the time I spend with dd (usually going to the park, playing outside or taking her to a local stable to pet the horses, about which she's crazy even at her early age), I run and cook. I also try to read as much as possible (nowhere near what I used to read, prior to dd's birth!).

Dh is a 41 year old pediatric urologist who absolutely loves his work and is totally committed to it (leaving him with very little time at home, except for the weekends).

My wonderful, fabulous daughter is 22 months old, intensely curious, and exuberant. She's the light of my life!

We all seem to love B&J's! Coffee heath bar crunch and Phish Food are two of my faves.
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Who are you?

My name is Jenni and I am almost 30

What do you do for a living?

What do you do for fun?

anything that does not involve work.

Tell us about your SO if applicable

For now, DH is a SAHD. He is a chef and works catering parties when they come our way. We are in the process of opening a cafe where DH will be wearing dd while running the business (plus they will be right across the street from my work - yippie - I can see dd at lunch) He is a good daddy and an even wonderful DH (now if I can just get him to do more housework)

Tell us about your kiddos.
DD is a little over 8 mos. She is an absolute doll. She loves to crawl, play in her jumping johnny, pull herself into a standing position and swipe whatever is on the coffee table and eat people food. She makes me want to have have 20 more children

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat"
French Vanilla, Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip. I love anything sweet.

Can we see you? IE post a website addy if you have it.

Nope, don't have anything w/ my picture, but picture this...
Christiy Brinkley....I am the complete opposite...lol

I am very glad to join this board and look forward to meeting ya'll.

Jenni and Helon 6/2902
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I am Catherine, age 35. I am an ob/gyn at a university hospital in Philly. I actually am the medical director of the clinic, where we see the medically underserved. We have great ancilllary staff, who provide case management, social work, nutrition, family planning counseling, etc. I also work 80% time, and look forward to reducing that even further, jsut to be home with my DSs.
for fun, I enjoy reading and eating out, neither of which I get to do often. My DH is an ENT physician, specializing in head and neck cancer; he spends most of his time doing research in cancer vaccines. He too loves his work and hence is not home as much as I would like. My DSs are magical, they just turned two, and are typically blessed two year olds (God help me, where is all the patience I thought I had!!!). Josh's favorite thing to say these days is "What's going on?!" and Sean's is "What does a rhino say? I dunno!". they love going to the library and finger painting, and, for Sean, anything that involves jumping. My favorite treat is icecream, preferably two scoops--coffee and mint chocolate chip, with hot fudge on top.
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Who are you? Monica, age 33

What do you do for a living? I'm an attorney with Legal Aid. I represent poor people in civil matters, primarily disaster-related consumer and ownership issues, social security disability and domestic violence.

What do you do for fun? Before dd was born I loved to read novels, hike, sea kayak, ski. I haven't done much of any of those since she was born but plan to begin at least hiking and sea kayaking again this spring! Since my third trimester, reading has pretty much caused me to fall asleep (currently I'm trying to get through "The No Cry Sleep Solution" and DH suggests we give it to Hannah to read bc it keeps working on me). My new favorite activities are playing with dd and going on long walks with dd.

Tell us about your SO if applicable. DH is also 33 and is currently a SAHD, working PT on weekends. He owned his own business until dd was born and has plans to start that again in the future.

Tell us about your kiddos. We have one child, Hannah, who will be 8 months in a few days.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat." I guess my favorites are Ben&Jerry's Chunky Monkey and Phish Food.

Can we see you? IE post a website addy if you have it. In progress, will provide links if I ever have time to put one together.
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who me?

my name is jannan. i work most days 2:15-5:30 in a public after school program. my dd starts school at 10:00am and is in the same progam where i work but not my class. i don't really like ice cream. i like going to the movies and hanging out with dd and taking her wherever i go. my so is non-existant. i mean, i married this guy and he says he is my husband but he doesn't act like it.
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Who are you?
My name is Lisa, I am 37 & married to my high school sweetheart

What do you do for a living?
I am an Emergency Room nurse. I am also a student pursuing my bsn.

What do you do for fun?
fun....whats that??? just kidding, but i love to read, i love books. and i love to rollerblade.

Tell us about your SO if applicable
I met him when i was 16. he is a good man, a "stand up guy" as my dad would say. he is respectful and grateful to me and the kids, and he takes his job as husband and dad very seriously.

Tell us about your kiddos.
I have three. an almost 16 yr old dd, an almost 13 yr old ds and a 4 yr old ds. they are great kids, really empathetic, loving sensitive and emotionally available. about cosleeping....my little guy climbs into bed with either of the other two, and they just move over! "he's just a baby mom!" my oldest, she spoils him rotten.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat"
I am not a "sweets" kind of girl. i do love cheese, mmmmm, lots of cheese melted on a tortilla. i love $100,000 bars (but there from nestle, right? and thats a baaadddd thing here at MDC!

Can we see you? IE post a website addy if you have it.
i dont know how to do that. i am lucky enough to be able to post a reply!
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Who are you?
That's a pretty big question. If it's stats you're after, I'm 40.

What do you do for a living?
I am a free lance product designer. I have two main clients who manufacture my designs for housewares, ie. bath hardware, dinner ware, candle holders, etc. I work primarily from home.

What do you do for fun?
We try to spend as much time as possible at my families house in Maine. Also spend allot of time at dh's family's farm in Eastern Ontario. I love to garden, work on our house, play with ds, cook and eat.

Tell us about your SO if applicable
DH is also a product designer. He works for a very family friendly firm. We have many similarities and just as many differences!

Tell us about your kiddos.
DS will be three in May. He is the greatest kid and I am so proud of him. I give him all the credit for being such a great kid. I really think we just lucked out!

DS is taken care of, 5 days a week, by a lovely home caregiver who loves him almost as much as we do.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat"
I am not a real sweet freak. I won't pass it up but I don't seek it out. I love SALT. Home made popcorn wiith no butter is my favorite food. That's what I miss about being single - I used to have popcorn for dinner!

Glad to see WAHMs being included in this board!
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Wow!! It's so great to read about everyone!!

Who are you? Christine and I'm 28.
What do you do for a living? Currently I am the Quality Assurance Analyst for the IT department for a large pipeline company. But I wear many hats here - including tech support, back-up program head, asset management, HR, you name it!!
What do you do for fun? Right now - sleep!! I enjoy sewing, but I get very little time to. Long walks are great - but it's been sooooooo cold I couldn't bear the thought of going outside!!

Tell us about your SO if applicable. Dh is Dave and he is also 28. He was a SAHD for awhile, but he has found FT work and is doing that now. He is an excellent father and a wonderful husband. I consider myself very lucky and blessed to have ever met him.

Tell us about your kiddos. Nik is 19 months today!! He is a wonderful little boy with so much spirit. I love him sooooooo much. His cuddles are the best thing!! We are expecting #2 in October. I'm very excited about it, because when #2 comes I get to be a SAHM for a few years. Yippee!!!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat" Believe or not, the thought of ice cream makes me want to puke right now!! Gotta love morning sickness - all day!! It was mint chocolate chip before the morning sickness.

Can we see you? IE post a website addy if you have it.
Here's my pic. Nik and I at his one year birthday party
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I'm a 31 yo high school English teacher (good to see so many teachers here!). I have two amazing dd's, ages 3 and 4. My dh is also an English teacher. (We LOVE the time off!)
I am happy to see this board up and running. I have wanted a working mamas board for some time.
I love reading and spending time with my family.
I wish I had more time to do both!
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Indiegirl, you're freaking me out!!!

I'm 27, bday is also in April, and your girls names are two possibilities for my next, who is expected some time in August!!

Anyway, I'm pg, I have a 3.5 yr old daughter, Soleil who never ceases to rock my world...we still..ah...cosleep....not sure when that will change....

I work shift work, 4 12 hr shifts/ then off for 4...I'd rather not say where I work, but I fully love it!

For fun, I love hiking with my dogs, except when it's -40
I enjoy gardening, though am learning along with Soleil...
I enjoy strumming on the guitar, and hanging with soleil!

Dh is amazing, works contract work, so finds himself sahd quite often...he's a beautiful father and partner.

Soleil is just what her name says, my little sunshine. She is funny, intelligent, observant, sensitive...she shines!

I'm more of a salt person, popcorn and I are extremely aquainted!

keep on keepin on,

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