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Wow...done this before but will do it again in celebration of the WOH board.

Who are you? San, 31 yo mother of two beautiful boys, spouse to my college sweetheart, caretaker of Libby the dog, Brumble the cat, Hector the cockatiel and Wingnut the guinea pig/cavvie.

What do you do for a living? I have a BA in International Relations. Currently, I am a second year member in Americorp and work as a volunteer in community development. I have also been a library circ supervisor, work-force development director, and a paralegal. I am going to try and stick to one career field for a while :

What do you do for fun? Playing with my kids, camping, gardening, quilting, reading

Tell us about your SO if applicable 34 yo comic book/gaming geek Great dad and sensitive husband. Works in retail management (comic books and games : ) for the past 11 years (who can stay in a job that long )

Tell us about your kiddos. DS #1 age 8 loves reading, soccer, computers and watches too much TV. Still snuggles with his mama DS#2 loves being read too, is very spunky and full of joy and talks WAY too loud

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat" Anything B&J...cannot pick just one.

Can we see you? IE post a website addy if you have it. Not tech literate enough to have a website, nor do I trust the web enough to show that much personal information.
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I am Beth, I am 33 yo and I am your new moderator.

I am a child development specialist, specializing in preschool age children.

For fun I spend time here, outside with my kiddos when the weather permits, and reading. Oh, yeah, I'm a TV addict also, but only after the kids go to bed.

My dh is a construction engineer who works for the power company in our area. He is a great dad and loves spending time with the kids. He is also a great help in cooking and with housework. Gotta love that.

I have two boys, ages 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 who thinks he's 4 1/2.: They have way more energy than I and I work hard to keep up with them.

My favorite ice cream is anything with chocolate in it.

Now, I will fess up for those who don't know me.
I am actually a SAHM, but the title I have given myself makes me sound cool, don't you think. I figure that I work pretty hard 24/7, I just don't get paid. I should at least have a title.
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Beth, you made me giggle

I told a friend who was "returning" (as if she hadn't been working like crazy for years) to the workforce to put Domestic Manager, Arbitrator, Technical Maintenance Diagnostics, Teaching Assistant, and Chemist on her resume for raising four children.

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Who are you? I'm Tricia, 35 years young, WOHM to Alexander (4/6/00) and Max (1/2/03)
What do you do for a living? I am a regional manager in Quality Improvement for a health insurance company.
What do you do for fun? Dance to the Wiggles, read "The Lonely Firefly", color, have tickle fights...Oh, also, I love to read, journal, and spend time here and on the internet in general.
Tell us about your SO if applicable My husband is 34, a computer geek (programmer!), a wonderful friend and a great daddy!
Tell us about your kiddos. Alexander is 3 on Sunday and very cuddly. Loves trains, cars, anything that rolls, loves to dance and sing. He is great with his 3 month old brother Maximillian (Max). Max is a sweet little baby...
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat" I MISS ice cream - we are dealing with a possible dairy allergy in Max so I am dairy free...Right now my favorite treat is graham crackers and homemade banana bread. Usually my favorite ice cream flavor is Haagen Dazs Vanilla Swiss Almond...
Can we see you? IE post a website addy if you have it. You can see my boys at http://www.julianos.info
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I'm Sveta, almost 25. I'm a financial analyst (investment banking) and hang out here at mdc during work hours for fun See my thread on counting down at this job though Other than that, I love hanging out with my dh, dd and our doggies and playing capoeira (brazilian martial art) Dh takes care of dd during the day and teaches at his martial arts academy at night. barely breaking even, so we need my job, but hopefully I can work part time soon and maybe ttc again soon.. shhh. don't tell dh! He is an amazing person.. best daddy in the world and we don't always get along the best we could, but we try..
our dd is 17 months old and is the absolute best thing that ever happened to us. and you should see her dance - she really boogies

I have a few pics in my siggy.

thanks for this thread.. LOVE this board.. even though I do a lot more lurking than posting.. I am supposed to be working after all
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Who are you?
I am a 41 year old mama to my 19 month darling darling son, married for 12 years.

What do you do for a living?
Financial analyst/planner. Basically a numbers grunt!

What do you do for fun?
Playing with DS first and foremost! I love to cook, read and walk. I am trying to become more home and garden oriented but so far my house remain messy and my thumb is still brown.

Tell us about your SO if applicable
Handsome, funny, talented and a great dad without ever trying

Tell us about your kiddos.
One son, 19 months old, a true "easy" baby, happy, good natured, friendly and outgoing, good sleeper. Just learned to say "please" and it is he sweetes thing you ever heard!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat"
I am a "salt" girl too. Give me boardwalk fries any time!

Can we see you? IE post a website addy if you have it.
Not that savvy!
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Who are you? a 38-year old mother of two, passionate about the environment and children

What do you do for a living? design exhibits

What do you do for fun? read great books to my kids - loved the "Julie of the Wolves" series by Jean Craighead George

Tell us about your SO if applicable? he works 11-hour days and is in grad school on top of that so we see him very little.

Tell us about your kiddos. DD is almost 7 and loves to ride horses. We spend a lot of time (and $) supporting her passion. And DS is almost 4 and is just a wonderful little person full of love and energy, and finds the world and all people interesting wherever he goes.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? don't like ice-cream - prefer bubble gum

Can we see you? sorry
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I am Deirdre, single mom of three living girls. I am an RN in a community hospital. For fun I run (slowly) and read.
DD#1 is 17. She is an actress!!! She is going to Paris this summer ( I am so scared). Then she is going to a acting convention in Florida to see if she can get an agent. She is so smart and funny and sweet. She is thinking of going to law school after high school.
DD#2 is 8. She is a very spirited young person. She has such an amazing memory. She loves to read to me and ride her scooter.
DD#3 is almost 3. She is and always has been such a cuddler. She still has numma numma's, and says she "loves them!"

I love Super New York Fudge Chunk...

I have no pictures to share....

Nice to be here.
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Re: WOH Roll Call

Originally posted by indiegirl
Hey Mamas! In honor of our new board, lets re-introduce ourselves and talk about our kiddos!

Who are you?
What do you do for a living?
What do you do for fun?
Tell us about your SO if applicable
Tell us about your kiddos.
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat"
Can we see you? IE post a website addy if you have it.

Mama to Violet and Zoe
Okay, I'm late. Let's see:
I'm Tracy and I've been director of a medical transcription company in Knoxville, TN for about 7 months. Before that, I was one of the at-home/in-house employees. (meaning, I did both at different times)

For fun by myself, I either sneak out to a bookstore and browse, or go to the used paperback store and buy a huge stack of regency romances and consume as many as possible in a weekend. Ahhh! LOL. For fun with the family, we usually go to the park and walk while the boys ride their bikes. We just got a good deal on an old RV and hope to camp this summer.

My SO is my DH. We've been married 15 yrs as of this month. He's a peach of a guy, a real handyman, and my true soulmate.

I have two boys, 6 and 3, who are my darlings. I always wanted a girl, but now can't remember why. Seriously, though, DH and I have talked about perhaps adopting a girl, maybe a China orphan. I haven't looked into it at all yet as we are not really in a position to do that at this point. But we would like to have a girl child but not another pregnancy, so we've talked about that as an option and maybe a way to help someone.

My real weakness is not ice cream, but Raspberry Zingers. (I know, I know, they're evil Twinkies in disguise!!) Can't help it.

No web site at this point! Guess I've gotta be banonymous!
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I'm Leah. I'm 31 (and I actaully had to think for a minute to remember, I still think I'm 28!: )

Hey, Leah! I'm 37 and some days I *still* think I'm 28!
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I was born in '61, does that make me 28, too? Cause that's what I think I should tell people. It has a nice ring to it. 28. Yeah that's the ticket. I'm 28.
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Okay then, so we're all 28!
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New here...

Hi mamas!

I've posted a couple of times in this forum, but here is my intro:

Who are you?

I'm Cate, 33, living in Northampton Mass. We're a two-mom, two-baby family. I'm also an earthy type, spirituality-wise, though we go to the UU society locally for community and connection.

What do you do for a living?

I work at a women's college doing institutional research, which is basically studying the college itself. Right now I'm working on a 3-year grant to study the college's decision to make SATs optional for admission. Interesting stuff. It's part-time, 20 hours per week. I do 4 5-hour days so that the kids don't have a full 8 hours in daycare, which made for rushed days. I am missing my second day off, though--it just doesn't feel like as much time with them when it's just the afternoons. I know, I am very lucky to only work part-time. It's a great job too with benefits and a very flexible boss. There are days, though, when I just want to stay home with them.

What do you do for fun?

I used to know. I'm not sure anymore. Having infant twins does not make for much recreation. I do like to knit, though I have made all of one sock since the kids were born. I also like to make diapers, though I rarely have time. Cooking, ditto (it's all about the crockpot these days). I also was a skier and biker though that's a while ago, and I love to play cards and board games.

Tell us about your SO if applicable

My partner is my co-mom, and she's a 36-year-old tax accountant who develops software for a big 5 firm. We met in college and celebrated our 11th anniversary last month.

Tell us about your kiddos.

Henry and Eleanor are the best thing that's ever happened to me. They turned one last week, and I can't believe the first year is over! Henry is one hour older. He's a real charmer, loves to smile and flirt. He has this deep belly laugh. At daycare teachers come from other rooms to see if they can get Henry to laugh. Eleanor is a wild baby. She is completely self-possessed. She loves music and bouncing and movement of all kinds. She will sit on your lap and bounce and giggle for ages without getting bored. She is sometimes operatic in her expressions--she will reach out her hand very dramatically and make big speeches--of course they're all the word "maymaymaymaymaymaymay" but it's clear that *she* knows what she means!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat"

I have been on a cookie dough binge for a while now. My best way to explain EN is that I tell people that I eat cookie dough every night and I'm losing weight, and therefore I plan to nurse them until they're 14 or so. :P

Can we see you? IE post a website addy if you have it.

we're at http://www.picturetrail.com/mamacate
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I'll jump in the fray here too...

Who are you? "Ione"... 34, 1st time mom since 1 Jan 2003... American but (permanently?) living in Paris (DH is French), eh... I hate this question 'cause I really have no idea what to say. I'm just me.

What do you do for a living? I'm an in-house translator (French to English) for an NGO that works with developing countries.

What do you do for fun? Read, knit, movies, play with DH&DD, go out to dinner, visit & hang out with friends, translate documents (sad, but true, I love my work).

Tell us about your SO if applicable French, a real peach, journalist (proofreader/editor), a great father already (if still terrified by the whole thing)

Tell us about your kiddos. One DD born on Jan 1. Ever so cute, chubby so far, sunny & happy most of the time, already showing signs of "do it herself-itis" (didn't ever want help finding her thumb, would fuss when she couldn't find it and fuss more if we tried to help). Want more kids... the only question is when.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat" Macadamia Nut Brittle... other "treats" include anything with milk chocolate, hot oatmeal with brown sugar & butter (yumm!! does that make me wierd?), foie gras... umm... lots of stuff, I love to eat!

Can we see you? IE post a website addy if you have it. No website, sorry. But if I had one, I might share...
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Well I'm quite new here, but I thought I would join in and give a reply...

Who are you? Kathleen, 32 (almost 33). I'm a first time mom to my dd (5 months old). I love being a mommy, I had no idea, if I had, I may have started having babies a lot earlier.

What do you do for a living? I work as a clinical psychologist with mostly children and adolescents.

What do you do for fun? Anything outdoors, hiking, camping, biking, running, roller blading, etc. I also really like to read.

Tell us about your SO if applicable: My dh is a computer "geek," but very happy and good at what he does. He's a great daddy, if a little rambunctious at times.

Tell us about your kiddos. One DD born on Oct 30. She is the most amazing thing in the world. She has the greatest laugh and smiles all the time. She loves the dog and gleefully gives him grins and chuckles whenever he passes by.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat" I love dairy queen blizzards with reese cups...mmmmm

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Bumpitty, bump, bump

...for kathleenE.

edited to add: and anyone else who has joined the wohm pack since this thread was last posted to.
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Hi, I'm Kristin. I currently work as a lawyer doing commercial litigation, but I'm looking into some other job opportunities right now. My DH is an amazing guy - he's a calculus teacher & track coach. For fun, I do cross-stitch & yoga, and i love all ice cream (but especially mint chip). My DS is Aaron, 13 months old, and absolutely the light of my life. Glad to meet everyone!
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I didn't even know this thread was here, and I'm the moderator, lol!

So, a proper introduction.

I'm Piglet68, moderator and mama to Emily Jasna (pronounced "Yass-na") and another little one on the way. I'm from Vancouver, Canada and in the past 3 years have lived in Cleveland, Boston, Cambridge (MA), Vancouver again, and now back in Cleveland!

I'm a research scientist. My official title right now is "post-doctoral scholar" since I'm only here on a short-term contract. I was a SAHM until DD was 15 mos then started working this past November. I'll be finishing up this project before the baby is born and taking another year or so with this baby. I do research in the field of cardiac electrophysiology.

My DH is an electrical engineer by training, used to work in the telecom industry making the big bucks. The industry has since gone down the drain and, seeing the light (and already hating his job) he became a self-taught investment trader a couple of years ago. He's a genius with math, algorithms, etc. and he's been doing an admirable job so far!

My interests are a deep passion for horses, which is on hold while I have babies...very much look forward to getting back into riding, training, schooling, and competing in the sport of Dressage.
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Who are you? My name is Jeni, WAHM of 2 children.

What do you do for a living? Make baby slings and sell Tupperware.

What do you do for fun? Ummmm, work? LOL Browse the boards..try to relax and NOT think about all the work I have to do.

Tell us about your SO if applicable: Recently seperated

Tell us about your kiddos. Siva age 4 and Leif age 2

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat": I like licorice

Can we see you? IE post a website addy if you have it. My website is The Natural Way

I will try to read back further and learn more about all of you, there is quite a few posts!
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Who are you? I'm Wendy.

What do you do for a living? I'm a post-doc in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Michigan. I define "post-doc" as "a professional holding pattern." I'm looking for a permanent professorship right now. Things ain't lookin' good. My field of study is called mineral physics. I recreate the pressures and temperatures of the Earth's interior and study how material behave under those conditions. (In case you're wondering, the pressures are ~3 million times atmospheric pressure and temperatures are ~6000 K, which is the temperature of the surface of the sun)

What do you do for fun? Play soccer or volleyball, cook or bake, garden, have friends over for bbqs. In a former life I played the piano, but we don't have one right now.

Tell us about your SO: DH (Phil) is a SAHD at the moment. He works very, very part time as a mechanical engineer doing design work for a company that makes gadgets for gas chromotography (a chemical analysis technique). He worked at this job full-time from when he finished school until DD was born.

Tell us about your kiddos.
My DD Karen is nearly 19 months.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Anything with chocolate

Can we see you?
My really lame website:
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