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Originally posted by wemoon
What do you do for a living? Make baby slings and sell Tupperware.

Wow, your sling look great! Your prices are so downright reasonable that had I found your site earlier, I would have bought one of yours instead of making my own! I hope you manage to do good buisiness.

Your page is bookmarked for future baby presents...
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Thanks! I've been doing very well with it. It is a very new business, but already I have a good reputation built. I love making the slings, it is the best job I have ever had. The design of my sling is very unique. I've only seen one other WAHM that has a similar design...the adjustable pouch. I tried making every kind of sling, a pouch, a Maya wrap style, this one was the best thing since bread and butter!

Sorry to brag myself up! I am just very excited about it
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I'm Kate- I'm currently a Captain in the US Army. I work in transportation logistics. Although in about 2 months I'll be a WAHM instead of a WOHM. Then I'll be a Bradley Method Childbirth Educator, a doula, and a Pampered Chef consultant. (I like to stay busy)

I love almost any outdoor activity. I can't wait for summer and swimming. I also love to cook, read, and write. My secret ambition is to be a published writer one day.

My DH is a SAHD for the moment until I finish my service obligation to the Army. He left the service in December and is currently job hunting in the logistics management field.

My DD is 5 months and growing like crazy.

My fav ice cream currently if the Organic Decaf Coffee ice cream by Stonebrook Farms

I'm too technologically lame to have a website....

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Just realized I never answered this....

Who are you?
D, shameless agitator

What do you do for a living?
I work in hospital finance, specifically quality and training

What do you do for fun?
Read, make candles, sing showtunes really loudly in the car

Tell us about your SO if applicable
DH is a teacher at an all boys Catholic school

Tell us about your kiddos.
Noodle will be 2 on April 17th. She's a very bright, very articulate kid who amazes me with what she picks up on (everything, basically). She's biracial (dh is asian, I'm white), but she looks more like me than I thought she would.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat"
Baked lays will get me every time.
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I'm Hope and work at a university in student services.

DD is 14 months old today and walking like a little drunk!


I just restarted my running program yesterday (we had fabulous weather here) in preparation for a local spring race. Other activities I enjoy include sailing (summer and winter ice sailing), skiing, hiking and travel (get to go to some cool places for work too).

I love turtle ice cream!
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Who are you? I'm Cheryle, 30 something momma to Jasmine, wife to my DH of nearly 8 years, together nearly 12.

What do you do for a living? I am an advanced practice nurse in pediatric critical care. I take care of, teach nurses to take better care of, and help the hospital do a better job of taking care of (through policies, research, committee work, etc) critically ill kids.

What do you do for fun? Play, play, play. Love to do anything outdoors and music. Used to have a passion for horses and am hoping DD will share that (DH does not LOL). Also like to read, spend time with my cats, hang with family and friends, surf the boards a bit.

Tell us about your SO: DH is an attorney. He is my soulmate, my life partner. He has the greatest sense of humor and is such a great and natural dad.

Tell us about your kiddos.
DD Jasmine is 27 mos and VERY opinionated and independent. ANd hilarious. And sweet and loving. Loves animals and music.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Can we see you?
No web site
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How cool you all are and what a privilege to be among this group!

Who are you?
I'm mama to two boys -- just 4 and 20 months

What do you do for a living?
I'm just starting a job at a non-profit agency in two weeks doing programming, community relations, and fundraising. I'm very excited about returning to work and the position. I'll be working five days, 9 AM - 3 PM. DS #1 will be at a great pre-school mornings and some afternoons, and DS #2 will be with a beloved sitter and DH.

What do you do for fun?
I write -- personal essays and children's literature. I have yet to have my kid's stuff published, but I got a really nice rejection today! And play trains, lots and lots of playing trains.

Tell us about your SO if applicable
DH is an amazing English prof. in a bad situation, which he's getting out of, which is why I'm going back to work. With luck, he'll find adjunct teaching and freelance writing and will have time to watch the kiddies, while I hold down the health benefits and earn a dependable income. He's an incredible guy, if a bit messy. We'll be married eight years this summer and his troubles at work have only strengthened our partnership.

Tell us about your kiddos.

DS #1 would crawl back inside, if he could.
DS #2 is strong-willed.
But they're both bright, energetic, fun.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat"
Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk is the only ice cream worth eating, IMHO.
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Who are you?

Indigo (Aimee)

What do you do for a living?

Database Manager for an online business to business directory for the entertainment industry. I spend all day trying to keep the information in our databases up to date with 1/4 of the staff needed to do it right.

What do you do for fun?

Read, garden, romp around outside and come up with excuses to feed people.

Tell us about your SO if applicable

DH works nights at a major retailer. When he first returned to work (was a SAHD) he tried to watch ds during the day instead of sleeping. I finally had to make him turn Ryne over to his aunt so that he would get some sleep.

Tell us about your kiddos.

Ds is an only. He is an independent rough and tumble tot who never meets a stranger.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat"

Chocolate covered pretzels
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Who are you? I'm Beth - 43 & first time Momma at 42

What do you do for a living? Admin. Assistant to the director of social services in my city. But, I wear many hats.. HR, recruiting, hand-holder, event organizer, etc.

What do you do for fun? Cook, read, groupie & roadie for my classical bass-playin' DH,

Tell us about your SO if applicable: DH is IT Director for a local company by day, classical/jazz string-bass player by night & worlds best lover & husband all the time.

Tell us about your kiddos: Molly is an only child - probably will remain so unless a miracle occurs!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Spumoni or anything with lots of chunky stuff in it.

Can we see you? These are mostly baby pics - but there's at least one of me in there somewhere...

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Me...Susan, age 42

Living..I am an Ecologist for US Forest Service

For fun...ski, backpack, camp, garden, play board games, watch movies, hike

SO..is a wildlife biologist, also for same agency. He is off winters, so is home with kids. Gone a lot in summers, doing fieldwork. Shares my interests!!

My kiddos...son is 6 years old (biological) and in first grade. He is very imaginative and energetic!! daughter is 14 months, adopted from Guatemala, she is easy going and pleasant and loves to play!!

Ice Cream and other goodies..

chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
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Re: WOH Roll Call

Wow, I can't believe I missed this! So to catch up:

Who are you? Nissa PM

What do you do for a living? I'm a part-time children's librarian (26.5 hrs/ wk.); full- , first-time mom; and to try to help make ends meet, I run two home based catalog businesses on the side.

What do you do for fun? Fun?!? You mean all of this isn't having fun yet?

Tell us about your SO, if applicable. Dh is a warehouse worker with an awful 5am-1.30pm shift. It's awful for me, mostly, because we're a one car family and on Mondays (like today) I drive him to work. Later on, dd goes to grandmas for babysitting and I go off to work. I work 12-9pm. Talk about lack of sleep!

Tell us about your kiddos.
Well, we just have the one so far. She's just turned 7 months and her first tooth came through yesterday! Welcome to world of teething.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat" chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! And did I mention, chocolate?

Can we see you? Sorry but that's classified on a need to know basis. :LOL

Nice to meet all of you.

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Re: WOH Roll Call

Who are you?
Erika, just turned 36 (or 9, depending on how you count it).
What do you do for a living?
I'm a reference librarian in a health sciences library at a big 10 univ.
What do you do for fun?
Play w/ dd, salivate over antiques w/ dh, read, garden, cooking used to be fun but now it's work , did yoga b/f dd came along & boy do I need to start again! Used to play viola but don't have an instrument right now...
Tell us about your SO if applicable
DH is a WAHD (freelance writer), great papa, fervent environmentalist, disillusioned ex-academic...

Tell us about your kiddos.
Clara will be one next week! She's bright, happy, active, with a big mop of brown hair that she had at birth and big brown eyes that don't miss a thing. She likes to scrunch up her nose & make faces at us.
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Mmm...chocolate peanut butter, or any combintion of coffee & chocolate...
Can we see you?
Lots of early pix of Clara (and other family) here
And don't know if this one will work, but we'll try it... Clara in HI
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Who are you?


What do you do for a living?

Communications support. I work with one other person to make sure the phone systems in 4 states are always working for our company. Negotiate contracts for billing of both land and cell phones, local and long distance service.

What do you do for fun?

dishes, laundry, some bathrooms

Tell us about your SO if applicable

Full time student, full time help desk manager

Tell us about your kiddos.

Currently have 4. Daughter is super book smart but clueless sometimes. Getting to be a teen in attitude most days.
12 year old son has issues we are working on. Not sure how much is laziness, depression, ADHD, poor parenting or what. Have been seeing somemone for a year now with some good results. Fantastic big brother when he wants to be.
4 year old son is a fire cracker. He is into everything and just recently discovered the computer. Very inflective, picks up on things with out being told.
2 year old son is a chatter box. I can't believe how much this guy talks! He has stories and an imagination that I have not seen since my oldest.
All my kids have their wonderful fantatic points and can irritate the heck out of me in the next second! New baby will be fun learning what s/he is like!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat"

chocolate and peanut better, until this preg. now I am liking vanilla.

Can we see you? IE post a website addy if you have it.

not enough time for that! DH has a site for me, but I have never had time to work on it.
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Re: WOH Roll Call

Hey, Indigirl! Haven't seen you around much.

Who are you? Miriam
What do you do for a living? Media Curator and now a graduate school lecturer
What do you do for fun? eat, yoga, watch movies, play legos with my little guy
Tell us about your SO if applicable Married for 6.5 years to my little red haired boy. Okay, now my bald headed boy.
Tell us about your kiddos. One boy, Schmooey age 4. The Bionicle loving, wrestling, running screamer.
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat" Chocolate!
Can we see you? IE post a website addy if you have it. http://www.malimages.com/sams_site/ pics are a little old though. I don't quite look like that anymore.
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How's this for not paying attention. I didn't realize this thread started a whole year ago! Yup, replied again.

Just ignore my last post. (Please don't put me on ignore though! : )
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Pretty new here so this thread is great!

My name is Cheryl and I'm 28.

I have been in the U.S. Navy for 8 years. I just finished 4 years of sea time last year and am FINALLY on shore duty. I have 2 years left in. I am working on becoming certified as a massage therapist/naturopath and eventually a doula.
I spend just about all of my time off making up for lost time with my 6yo DD and being a human pacifier for my 6mo teething DS. When I can break free (no pun intended), we hike, go to the beach, and plant things. I am interested in sustainable living and spend a lot of time reading about it and associated topics so that whwen we finally escape the grip of urban San Diego, I will be at least somewhat knowledgeable. Recently, I have been trying to teach myself to sew in order to make my own diapers. Pretty much a neverending quest to live as natural a life as possible on an absurdly tight budget.

DH Chris, 30, and I have been married for 7 yrs, together for 7 yrs and 3 weeks :LOL. Gotta love Vegas! We met in the Navy and within a few days were head over heels. Haven't looked back since. He got out when we were pg w/ DD and has been a SAHD ever since. He is a USMC Reservist and luckily didn't get activated. He plans to join AK state troopers once I am out and let me stay home for a while because he is the most awesome man ever.

DD, Mina Isobel, is 6 and HUGE. Her b-day is in Dec so she is in kindergarten and towers over all the children in her class. She is full of energy, never stops talking, and wants to be an artist. Lately, she has become fond of Star Search and is always asking how to get on. (How do you tell your child she's tone deaf??) I love listening to her offkey singing. Especially when it's the Star Spangled Banner on the toilet. DS , Duren Michael, is 6mos today! It is a totally new experience with him. I knew nothing about pumping w/ DD so only BF for 3 mos. Now I can't imagine stopping. He is a chunky little cuddlebug and I love it. He is way more mellow than DD but i think that is b/c of a more AP approach.
He is a captive audience for DD and will watch her antics all day long and giggle, wiggle, and yell. They are my joy.

My favorite ice cream is Godiva Chocolate Rasberry Truffle but I only crave it when AF is in town, so hopefully that will be a while. For treats lately, I can't get enough cherry licorice.
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Good to meet you!

Hi there, So fun to read all about you. I thought I should join in after checking the boards regularly for a few weeks.

Who are you?
I'm Erin.

What do you do for a living?
I'm a sociology professor. I teach, do research, train graduate students, and help run our department. My research is on gender, work, and family in the U.S. -- so I'm learning about it all from the inside now that I'm a mommy!

Who do you do for fun?
Right now - hold, kiss, play with ds. I used to and hope to soon practice yoga, read (mysteries!), go for walks when it is warm enough, cook and have friends over. We're active in a Unitarian Universalist Church.

Tell us about kiddos:
DS is 8 months old, teething, *about* to crawl (he wants to so badly!), pulling up to stand some. He is a super fun guy, who smiles and laughs a lot and gives me very wet kisses that melt my heart.

Tell us about SO:
DH is in transition... He's a terrific daddy and has been at home PT since DS was born. He's now unemployed and trying to figure out if he wants to continue being an art director for an ad agency, go into political organizing as a job, or be a SAHD who does a lot of political organizing as a volunteer. It is cool to see so many of you have SAH/WAH partners -- makes me think we should talk more about that option.

Favorite ice cream / treat:
Love all ice cream, especially B&J's Cherry Garcia. But I'm off dairy while bf'ing so I've been making do with Girl Scout cookies this week.

You can see DS (and occasionally me) at www.davidkrewinghaus.com/graham
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Hi everyone! Fun thread!

Who are you?
I'm Debi.

What do you do for a living?
I work for a major non-profit professional association, heading up their web operations (which are complex and many!).

Who do you do for fun?
I love to play my fiddle and sing old country/bluegrass/old time music. I also read a lot of contemporary literary fiction, and actually enjoy cooking and baking vegetarian and non-dairy food.

Tell us about kiddo:
DD is 22 months and a delight! She's very talkative, curious, sunshiney, and affectionate. Right now, her big interests are coloring, mothering her dolls, and going to the tiny zoo in our nearby park to see their odd collection of animals -- 5 llamas, a cow, a sheep, two goats, and a swan.

Tell us about SO:
My husband is a wonderful husband and father, a true partner in everything. He's gorgeous, sweet, smart, and fun -- I literally have NO complaints!

Favorite ice cream / treat:
I'm allergic to dairy, but I love both Safeway's store brand of chocolate sorbet and Tofutti's Chocolate Cookie Crunch.

I don't have online photos anywhere that isn't password protected, but picture the gerber baby as a toddler, and you've honestly got my little doodlebug!
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Who are you?

What do you do for a living?

What do you do for fun?

Tell us about your SO if applicable

Tell us about your kiddos.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat"

Can we see you?
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Who are you?
I'm Deb. Age 28

What do you do for a living?
civil service RCM Engineer for the Navy

What do you do for fun?
Sew, scrapbook, hang out with the family

Tell us about your SO if applicable
DF, Doug, is a SAHD

Tell us about your kiddos.
DD, Lexi, is 8 months old. She hasn't stopped moving since she learned to crawl in mid-February.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or other "treat"
Butter Brickle ice cream, but I can't find it anywhere these days.

Can we see you?
Pic of DD and me
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