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I think Sayon's diggin' the pouch for the most part but he's getting so big! I can't wait to put him on my back. I want to check out the Moby Wrap as well.
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Anakna - my DD was a puker - ALL the time. She had reflux bad. We slept her in her carseat for the first 6 months of her life and it was a GOD send! DS thankfully doesn't have the problems DD did.

My girlfriend's baby has bad reflux and is on Zantac and she says it has helped her tremendously!

DS is already 5 weeks! The time is really going now...I feel like we are past the "hard" part. He is SO smiley and happy - still cries in the car which breaks my heart - I always have to stop 1/2 way to calm him down. I try to go when I know he will sleep but the stubborn little Taurus will sometimes stay awake crying and collapse into sleep in my arms when we get to our destination.: He is HUGE. No one believes me that he is only 5 weeks old! According to our scale he is 13 lbs and he's just LONG - he fits into 3 mo. clothes already! HE sleeps great still in his Amby til about 4 AM and then he comes to bed with me and DD. He still doesn't fall asleep nursing! HOORAY! I was able to give him to DH this morning at 4 AM when he was awake forever (I ate chocolate before bed - my bad) and I went to sleep. That NEVER happened with DD!!!

So except for my disaster of a house, life is just about what I call our new normal. LOL.
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Originally Posted by boingo82
I haven't experienced that. My oldest never spit up, but Gavin does. He does not aspirate it or have breathing problems though, just chokes a little once in a while. I can see how that would be worrying. Not to mention exhausting. Do you have to keep her totally upright or could you set her in a swing to get some rest? I would see a doctor about the breathing.
I've been sleeping in the recliner with her on her tummy on my chest so she is upright and when she pukes it doesn't get stuck in her mouth and is less likely to go in her nose. Which is why I can't use the car seat, bouncer etc. If she is on her back even on an incline it shoots up her nose which is what stops her breathing. I do think it is a form of reflux as her puke is accompanied by bile it just doesn't seem to hurt her like some I've heard of scream all the time.
I am eliminating milk products to see if that helps. Also I'm not letting her cluster feed which seems to agravate. And keepin her upright for at least 30 min after a feed. She only had a small puke yesterday so maybe something is helping. Anyway thanks for the input guys it always helps to know people care.
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Originally Posted by luckylady
... He is HUGE. No one believes me that he is only 5 weeks old! According to our scale he is 13 lbs and he's just LONG - he fits into 3 mo. clothes already! ..
Gavin too. He's 6 weeks and weighed in at 14ish lbs yesterday. Won't fit in the 0-3 month stuff anymore. All he ever does is eat and sleep, and looking at him, you'd know it!
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Anakna4, I hope your little one's reflux keeps getting better .

I know what you guys mean about your wee chunky ones. No one believes Sayon's 7 weeks either. He's huuuuge! We're working on his third chin . Go mama's milk!

Emily your babe is so adorably gorgeous. Great pics, thanks for sharing!
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Emily he's a DOLL! And yep, he's big too!

I think Weston is hitting the 6 week growth spurt - all he's doing is eating like crazy and sleep sleep sleep. This morning I gave him a bath and I swear. measuring by his little tub he's grown 2 inches this week!
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i volunteered at our csa yesterday and had quinn in a wrap ("simple piece of cloth" - 5 yds of fabric) and i got so many comments about how cozy he looked. we're also digging our hotsling pouch and a maya-style sling ring that i made when dd was born.

still haven't gotten him on my back. i tried once and it was comfortable for me and he seemed secure enough but i felt like the fabric was squeezing his little legs too tightly.

random thought....

hey mcb ~ did you post your birth story?? i'm wondering how everything ended up after your confrontations with the insane ob and nurses.

emily ~ great pics!

Anakna4 ~
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I think we figured out the problem. I was using some homeopathics that are milk based for her thrush so I stopped them and she didn't puke for a day so I got some nystatin and she started puking again. So it has been 2 day since I stopped everything and now she just spits up no violent puking . Yahooo! So now I need to figure a way to deal with the thrush without giving her any thing.

Emily you baby is so cute! i love it when babies get chunky. Anna is almost 10 lbs and she is losing her hair!

Today is Father's Day and my DH is cleaning and making breakfast. Poor guy. I will make it up to him someday.
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Judah looks so cute in the airplane diapers you made me in the May mamas swap awhile back (at least I think it was you that made them)..

Things are going ok...I think I have minor PPD...or it could just be the lack of sleep and messy house getting to me...AHHH!!!..

The other night Judah was up for 3 hours....Nothing DH or I did would put him back to sleep...I finally gave in and put him in the bouncy seat and he was out cold...

He is gaining weight but not as fast as Adrock did....He is up to 10lbs...I think he looks bigger than that though...

Must go now...Judah wants to be fed!!!!!
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I'm glad you like them. I hear you on the messy house and no sleep. It makes me long for the next 6 weeks to go by. But I know I'll miss this stage when it's gone. I am so glad to not be pregnant any more I was so miserable at the end. But when I see my sis who is due in aug I miss my belly. Crazy!
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