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I had the craziest dream last night. Parts of it were wierd and gauzy, but other parts were so vivid and clear. I dreamed I gave birth to a ten month old baby boy! He could sit up and crawl, and laugh and do all these big baby things. He was big and strong and he had four teeth! When I nursed him for the first time it was like nursing a big baby, but I had to teach him how to make a good latch, like he was a newborn. He pulled off and laughed and the milk pooled in the corners of his mouth.

In my dream I had a lot of questions about how the birth went, but the best I could do was narrow it down to an hour and a half window, and determine that no one had called the midwife.

I woke up all confused. I slowly came to the realization that the feet in my back belonged to my 4 yo dd--not to my baby.

I don't know if it was predictive or not--I certainly hope my baby isn't crawling the first time I meet him! I prefer to think that was more of a reference to how quickly the little baby stage passes. I wonder about the sex, though. I think I'd be thrilled to have a third dd, but maybe I secretly want a son? Maybe it *is* a boy?
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That's funny! Last night I had a dream about eating whipped cream out of the can My last pregnancy I had some CRAZY dreams! I guess we'll see this time around how wacky my head gets
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I have had CRAZY dreams, vivid and weird. I dreamed that DH had a girlfriend, and I was OK with it because he didn't plan on leaving me. I dreamed that I was first on the scene at a hit and run car accident, I dreamt I lost DD and found her at a strange daycare center, I had a dream about college rental houses...Every night I have at least two or three really vivid dreams, strange dreams, that wake me up and I remember clearly in the morning. It's gotten to the point that my DH asks me what I dreamt when I wake up!
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Every time that I am pregnant I dream that my dh is with other women, over and over and over again!
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I had a dream last night that I was bleeding, but I wouldn't acknowlege it, and continued on like I wasn't miscarrying.
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