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Yeah, we just went away for the weekend (my 20 year high school reunion! Yipes! ), and as you know, eating "right" on the road can be super hard. I did continue to stay away from dairy pretty much, and did not drink alcohol or coffee, but the sugar, oh, the sugar!

Well, at least I enjoyed mysef.

Getting back on track this week...
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Chinese herbs that I'm taking

I've gone to an acupuncturist twice ($140 first 2-hour appointment, $70 after that). She suggested that she could make up an herb concoction for me, a powder to mix with water and drink twice daily. Here's what's in it:

Panax ginseng, white ginseng root, ren shen, 6

Astragalus membranacues, root, huang qi, 9

Actractylodis macrocephala, rhizome, bai zhu, 9

Poria cocos, sclerotium, fu ling, 9

Glycyrhriza uralensis, licorice root, gan cao, 6

Ziziphus spinosa, sour jujube seed, suan zao ren, 6

Angelica sinensis, root, dang gui, 6

Aucklandia lappa, root, mu xiang, 4

Dioscorea opposita, rhizome, shan yao, 9

Schizandra chinensis, fruit, wu wei zi, 9

Morinda officinalis, root, ba ji tian, 4

Citrus reticulate, tangerine peel, chen pi, 4

Zingiber officinale, ginger root, sheng jiang, 2

I looked up all but two of these to see what they are for. It's so intereresting! I can't afford to keep getting the acupuncture treatments but I LOVE how I feel on the herbs! I'm sleeping better, or it is easier for me to fall asleep, anyway.
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Astrid- I would have binged too.

Dena- Travel is hard. I saw on another thread you are gearing up for very exciting things!

Willzmama- That sounds great!

fibre_artist- Happy to have you here. The journey of fertility is a strange one, but it sounds like things are going in the right direction for you.

I've been cheating badly lately- its so hard to be good during AF! However, once again I can tell that my menses are improved (I'll spare you the TMI), unfortuntately I just can't seem to get my LP to lengthen. I've been doing pretty good with the no dairy and no wheat (sugar is hard), so I've been trying to add in foods to support other issues, however a lot of them are raw fruits- so not sure if that is interuppting my spleen progress.... I wish this was a little more clear cut. I should do accupuncture, but can't seem to make myself right now- maybe I'll get to it eventually.
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Laura I've been cheating too But I am being really good about taking my nasty supplements.
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As I understand it, raw fruits are ok, it is raw vegetables that are hard on the spleen.

Also, I talked to my acupuncturist today about energetically cold foods. He said that the energy of a food can be modified depending on what you eat with it or how it is prepared. For instance, spinach as a raw vegetable is energetically cold, but if it is baked or stir-fried (warming preparation techniques), it would be ok to eat. Also, if it is balanced with a warming food, such as meat, a small amount may be ok (this applies to soy, too.). He said that steaming is neutral, so that alone would not change the energy of a food.

I am not sure I understand all of this, but that much at least was somewhat comforting, as it expands my list of foods a little!

Oh, and he said that pickles in small amounts would be ok, as the vinegar brine changes the cold nature of the cucumber, and vinegar is an astringent, and is actually good in small quantities. So I can eat my peanut butter and pickle sandwiches without guilt!
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Thanks for the clarification Dena!
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I tried sea vegetable chips today. I remember seeing seaweed and algea on one of the lists of things good to eat. I stood in Wild Oats today and looked at the seaweed and felt there was no chance I could cook it right- so I went with the chips that taste like someone put finely chopped broccili in a rice cake. Not bad, not great either, tastes fine with hummas. Anyway- anyone else eating seaweed or algea and have advice on how to prepare it???
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No, I'm sure it would be good for me, but, well, ugh.

But you might try one of the internet recipe sites - I like allrecipes.com and epicurious.com. Not sure if they would have anything, but worth a look. Good luck!
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Thanks, Dena- good idea. To be honest though, even if I had a recipe, I'm not sure I'm brave enough to do it. lol
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I'm not sure what kind of seaweed should be eaten, but if you go to a good Japanese restaurant and get the hijiki salad, it's deelish! It's a fine, black seaweed that's in little shreds.
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That sounds really neat, Megan.
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I want to say a quick hi to you all! I was reading this thread and got so interested in the obook that I ordered and it and just got it 2 days ago! I'm really loving this book-exactly what I needed at the right moment.

We started ttc from last cycle. I always had regular cycle 30-35 days but for the last 2 cycles my cds were 80+! I'm not sure what was going on except that I knew I have gained *quite* some weight : I'm having such problem ovulating and then last cycle my LP was 10days (yikes)!

I am just liking this book so much that I don't even think someone needs to be infertile to read it, just about anyone can get great help from this vast info!!

My diagnosis was Spleen Qi deficiency, Blood Deficiency (at my last annual blood test showed I've anemia even though in the book it says blood def isn't related to anemia), and Blood Statis.

I'll post later what are the things that I'm going to do different, already started few. I'm also interested in aucupuncture, I never had it.

Nice thread!
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I went to the bookstore to peruse the book & possibly buy it - they were out.
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Try your library. I was able to find a copy there. Also, I know it is available on Amazon.
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And I believe the price on Amazon was better than my bookstore. If the library doesn't have it.
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Costco has pineapple!!

We went to our local Costco the other day and they have the Del Monte Gold pineapple (the super sweet kind) for $2.99 each!! AND, you can buy just one at a time - not five or some ridiculous Costco number!

They are normally $5 a piece at our local grocery stores, so that looked like a pretty good buy to me!

We bought two - one for now and one for next week. Planning to go back for another. Whatever works, right?

Just thought I'd share...
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Just waiting....I have mine ordered!
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Ok, got mine...but having a little difficulty w/ the diagnosis. Nothing significant;y stands out - a little this & a little that. So then what?
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That was how I was too. I belive somewhere she says if you have more than 25-30 percent of the answers in one category, you should treat for that category. I ended up with three - Kidney Yin, Kidney Yang, and Spleen, which my acupuncturist confirmed. I also had some symptoms in other categories, but only one or two, not enough to be considered a problem.

Hope that helps!
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Heather- I'd start with whichever one seems to have the largest percentage of yes answers, and do what she suggests for those that you feel you can handle. I personally have made my diet changes gradually, so I wouldn't get too overwhelmed trying to fix everything at once.
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