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An Ultrasound Question

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At what point can they use and abdominal u/s instead of a vaginal one?
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With my first pregnancy I had only abdominal u/s. The first one was at 6 weeks. It helps to be thin. This time I had an abdominal u/s at 9-10 weeks.
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I still had vaginal at 9.5 weeks.
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I don't know if it helps to be thin, but I'm fat and I had an abdominal ultrasound at 9 weeks 6 days this time. I was fat when I had my son's ultrasound at 13 weeks and it was abdominal...we could see both babies just fine, flabby belly and all.

They work whether your thin or fat.
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I think a lot of depends on the skill of the tech and the quality of the machine. The earliest abdominal one I had was at 8 weeks with this pregnancy, and I woudn't exactly call myself "thin" and the tech commented that my bladder was empty. However, with my last pg I still had a transvaginal one at 11 weeks (with a full bladder).
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I had one at 9weeks.. and it was abdominal.. they needed a full bladder because they kind of use that like a window into your uterus...I was sure I was going to pee on the tech.. (but I didn't)
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As others have said, it depends on many things, the position of the sac/baby, the skill of the tech and the quality of the machine being the biggest ones. But also, in very early pregnancy (before 8 or 9 weeks) it is just VERY hard to get a good view of the sac and/or baby transabdominally. Before then they almost always do a transvaginal view or sometimes both. I've had literally dozens of early ultrasounds in my various pregnancies (lots of bleeding, early losses and other issues) and I honestly prefer transvaginal because it gives a better view of the baby, and since thats what we're going for, thats what works for me.
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I just had an abdominal u/s to check for dates and I was 6 weeks. It was fine, we could see the baby, although it was very tiny...but we saw the heartbeat. My last pregnancy I had an abdominal u/s at 8 weeks, that one the baby was much bigger and easier to see.
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I had an abdominal at 7 weeks to determine if I had a tubal pg or not. Everything is fine. I've only had one vaginal u/s and that was at 5 weeks pg in 2002 to confirm a m/c.
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The earliest I saw a baby abdominally was yesterday at 9 weeks...
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