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I think Keith has potential, he isn't IT yet. Sara bugs me to death.
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Sara needs to.... I dunno, and I don't care, as long as she goes away. She is SOoooooo slimey! :

I still love Heather, but I think she is losing ground to Keith at this point. That said, I want the final two to be Heather and Keith. Virginia just isn't strong enough as a person to run a kitchen. Who else thinks Ramsey is keeping her on cause he has the hots for her?
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i wonder if sara has bipolar disorder or if she is just a completely and utterly untrustworthy person who has no friends... geez, that sounds harsh when i type it out, but it's certainly how they are editing her pieces...

and keith needs to get some real clothes. what *WAS* that he wore to vegas? he looked like an overgrown teenager. yuck.

yes, i think ramsay has the hots for virginia.

i like heather. she has a good head on her shoulders and seems to know what keith is all about and that this is a competition. all restaurant cooking is a competition.

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I don't Ramsey necessarily has the hots for Virginia but just likes the attention she gives. There was an article about Ramsey and his wife and he sounded very loyal to his wife. Sara bugs the crap out of me. I don't see Ramsey picking someone who farted on purpose by him during a photoshoot. Heather was really strong in the beginning but is losing ground to Keith.
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Originally Posted by Starr
Sara bugs the crap out of me. I don't see Ramsey picking someone who farted on purpose by him during a photoshoot.

Yes, sara must go! I understand it is a game, but come on play with some integrity.

Keith and Heather are my vote for the final 2.

Who do you think the "shocking" vote off will be next week?
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I think it will be Heather. final two will be Virginia and Keith, with Keith winning.
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No, not Heather. I agree it would be shocking if she was voted off, but she is the only female on the show that could actually run a kitchen.

Or maybe the vote is schocking because it isn't Sara and everyone knows it should have been her a while ago.

If Keith and Virginia are the final two then you know Keith will win.
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YES!!YES!!YES!!YES!!YES!!YES!!YES!!YES!! : : : : : laughup
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Totally Karma - and for Virginia to be the one to deliver it up - such sweet-sweet revenge.
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That was awesome. I couldn't stand Sara, and I loved the fact that in the end it was up to Virginia whether she left or stayed. "What goes around, comes around."
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thank g*d already...

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She deserved the boot. Maybe she should have been a nicer person.
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I was a little shocked that Keith went but looking back he really did himself in. The comment about Chef Ramsey having the hots for Virginia and mouthing off in the kitchen was terrible. Him and Heather felt they were so safe and were so rude to Virginia. I think Heather will win next week, interesting to see Keith come back for the finale. He has great potential but needs to learn to be more professional.
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I actually really like Virginia. She is very talented when it comes to dishes. She is still inexperienced in the kitchen but with the right training I think she could do great. Heather while is a great line cook lacks talent in the palate area.

Her and Keith bugged me last night saying that Virginia wasn't good as head chef in Ramsey's place. I thought she did well as did Heather. Keith did horrible. I think Keith deserved to go. I hope Virginia wins, I think she is talented and with the right training she will do wonderful. Heather is good as a cook in the kitchen but I would think you would also want someone that came make yummy dishes as well.
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I watched it last night, and I missed the end which sounded entertaining but I did see the first 20 min or so.

I really got mad at Keith and Heather for accusing Virginia of 'cheating' by looking in the book. DUH. If I were Virginia I would have said, "Maybe my palate is better because I don't sit outside smoking every night!"
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Ooo good point Attila...smoking does impact taste a lot.

I was also glad to see Keith go after his behavior. I thought it rude and inappropriate to call Ramsey on his "crush," in that way. It just lacked professionalism. And he did it in anger, not in a true sense of outrage. I don't think he cared one whit whether Ramsey has the hots for Virginia or not, he was just sulky that he got the boot. But he really did poorly. Frankly all three of them made mistakes...Heather with the potatoes, Keith with his leadership, and Virginia with her skills in the kitchen.
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I still hope Heather wins. Virgina just doens't seem like she could handle a restaurant. Heather seems like a team palyer and does well under pressure.
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You know though I think Virginia hit it well when she said she had more of an artistic flair. If she could learn the discipline side of running a kitchen, and handling the stress I think she would do the best. Heather is that artist that is good, but not great, KWIM? She doesn't have flair... I think it's sad because honestly I think she wants it more than Virginia and if she doesn't win, will be absolutely devastated.
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