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Originally Posted by babybugmama
She doesn't have flair... I think it's sad because honestly I think she wants it more than Virginia and if she doesn't win, will be absolutely devastated.
You hit the nail on the head. Heather wants it more. At this point it just seem like heather would do a better job running her own ship. Maybe she can hire Virgina to help create dishes.
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i think virginia's narrative arc has been more dramatic. i think that she's one of those "rise to the challenge" type persons.

where as heather is really prepared--she has a lot of experience, knowledge, and drive. if she looses, she'll be devastated. i think it would really hit her hard--like loosing the construction-worker challenge did, and thta was a relatively small thing (in the grand scheme).

i've liked heather for the job all along, but i've really enjoyed watching virginia's process emotionally/spiritually on the show.

unfortunately, i'm going to miss the finale because i'm going out of town for a training that runs from 8 am until 10 pm each day. LOL so, i'm going to call my husband and he'll tell me what happened.
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Who watched!!!!! It was really good, and while I liked both girls, and didn't really care who won, I was still happy it turned out the way it did.
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we watch this show every week and was glad when Kevin (K-grease...GRRRRRRRR!!!!!: ) was kicked off. I have tonight's show tivo'd
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AH! I started watching this over at my Mom's (we don't have cable), but unfortunately dd got tired and we had to go home. Someone tell me who won!? PM me if it's a secret!
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YAY!! I am so glad Heather won. Both did an excellent job, but I am glad Heather won.
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i kept telling myself all day don't forget it's on, i forgot, than remembered the last 10 minutes of the show!
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I didn't think it was on until 9 and so I missed the first 1/2 hour...just stumbled onto it at 8:30...

I think Heather is the better manager and Virginia the better chef...KWIM...and really for a good, busy restaurant you can hire someone to come up with the recipes...you can't do that to find someone to manage...
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I think Virgina was coming around to doing the head chef role, she just really picked the wrong team.

I didn't have one that I really wanted to win, unlike last year with Michael.
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I really, really wanted them to do a follow-up segment on Michael this season!!

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Originally Posted by alsoSarah
I really, really wanted them to do a follow-up segment on Michael this season!!

me too! glad heather won!
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Yeah, I wonder how he did working with ramsey in london.
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Originally Posted by TwinMom
Are the diners in the restaurant actually actors? We figured that they have to be. It's all a set, isn't it?

The bleeping was really annoying; I would rather have heard the swearing rather than the bleeping.

I'm rooting for Heather!
Yes, the restaurant is a set. The "guests" know what they're getting into and that they might not get their food, or they might get it uncooked/overcooked/etc. So, no, you won't find yourself in that dining room by accident one night.

The bleeping really isn't annoying...maybe it's just me, but I'm knowing what they're saying within a few seconds of the bleep and filling the word in on top of the bleep... some sort of "mental uncensoring" perhaps. For me, the more annoying thing was the blurry spots over the mouths.

It would be awesome on HBO, although that might be bad...I've got a few friends who watched The Osbornes -- they say the uncensored version is actually worse than the edited ones (although part of that might be due to Ozzy's incoherent mumbling.)
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Originally Posted by Canadianmommax3
i kept telling myself all day don't forget it's on, i forgot, than remembered the last 10 minutes of the show!
If you have a cable box (probably even satellite), you can set it to "remind" you when it's on. I can highlight a future show...when i'm watching TV, a banner comes up saying "Show Name is beginning in 1 minute on Channel Name. Please press select now to go there." And another similar message right as the program is starting.

Of course, if my TV isn't on at that time, i'm SOL.

And, if you have a DVR/Tivo, the game is re-written.
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