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Drop In Daycare - very upsetting

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For the most part, I am a stay at home Mom. I play in 2 part time orchestras, and when I rehearse and perform my son is with my husband. When he has had conflicts with my schedule, I've always been able to find a babysitter.

Well, this last week I had two out of town Children's Concerts on a weekday morning. I called everyone I could think of, and everyone THEY could think of and still couldn't find a sitter.

So I took my 19 month old son to a daycare that takes drop ins. I know that people have to do this every day, but it was extremely upsetting for me. There were so many crying children and the 3 adults in the room seemed so indifferent.

(They had never seen cloth diapers, although they did use my system. And they fed him his oatmeal at his usual time. But they did give me a funny look when I told them that he nurses to sleep and he probably would not take a nap at their scheduled nap time.)

I cried all the way from the daycare to the concert hall. As soon as I walked through the lobby doors, I saw the parents of a child I had taught at a summer Institute two years ago. Long story short - the mom was able to watch my son during the second concert. I was SO relieved!!

I know that this morning was much harder for me than my son. But I really feel for the parents who have to face this every day. I am so thankful that our lives are flexible, and our son is with a parent most every minute of every day.
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It must have been very tough. I am glad that someone was able to watch your son for the second performance. Maybe you could work an arrangement with this mommy?

I really know how hard it is to leave them at daycare. Even now I still feel a little sad when I drop Sam off and he really loves to go.
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I feel for you!!

My son goes to day care every day - all day, and it was really really hard at first. He loves it so much though, its been easier lately to drop him off - esspecially when I see him RUN in to give his teacher a HUG!!

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Drop in centers are the hardest. Most of the children don't know thier care providers and the providers aren't bonded to the children. It must have been horrible for you to leave him there since you didn't particularly know them well. I am so glad you found a better option. And I am glad both you and ds made it through OK.
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