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How did you get your edd?

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Did your dr/mw use that little wheel? Did you get your lmp + 8days -3months? An U/S? O date?

My edd is 01-23 my last lmp was april 16. If I use my O date I get 01-20, the little wheel 01-21, my dr did the lmp +8days -3 months to get 01-23. A friend who had her lmp 2 days after me and didn't chart has the same date?

How did you get your date? And how does it coincide with you lmp?
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I used a due date calculator on the internet according to the date of my lmp (April 2). That said edd is 1/7/07. I had an abdominal U/S on May 25 and it said 1/6/07
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I used a due date calculator based on my exact date of ovulation, known because I have charted for about a year using the Fertility Awareness Method (book: Taking Charge of Your Fertility).

The doctor's wheel is not accurate in most cases, because most women do not have 28 day cycles with ovulation occuring on day 14.

Your date based on your ovulation date is the most accurate.
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I took an average. By lmp it would be 12/31/06. By the first u/s it would be 1/9. By second u/s (done at 8-9 weeks) it would be 1/3. I'm just guesstimating 1/3. Why not? Not like any of them will be accurate anyway. The good news for me is that the doc is using 1/9, so I have a little extra time on the end before I start getting pressure.
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I was charting at the time, but since I was also breastfeeding, and it was only my third postpartum cycle, my chart wasn't exactly "normal." It was only in retrospect that I could identify when I must have ovulated -- my temperature didn't have time to settle down before I ovulated, so I missed the temperature shift.

Anyway, I'm using the date of ovulation to calculate my due date of 1/27, even though by LMP my due date would be 1/31. I haven't been to see the doctor yet, but I expect (based on what they did last time) they'll base it on my LMP by using one of those wheels, which is good for me since it'll give me an extra few days before they start getting concerned about the baby being overdue. (At my doctor's office, they'll let you go 2 weeks over before they want you to be induced; my daughter was a week late.)
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I used an internet one. It differed from the midwife's wheel by one day. I also know my cycle length. Admittidly, I only had 2 cycles and am brestfeeding.....
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I know when we had sex . Last menstrul/nookie/ultrasound sizing all lined up perfectly so we're due on Jan 15.
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I used an online calculator and based on my LMP my EDD is 1/15/06. According to the U/S they did my due date is 1/19/06. It's all about the same to me. My MIL is really caught up in the EDD, but I'm fine just telling people mid-January. I hate having to deal with the whole "oh, you're late" thing. No, thanks, I'm not "late"...the baby is doing just fine & it knows a lot better than I do when it needs to come out.

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I got pregnant my first month charting. But I'd been keeping track of cycle length since DS was born 3 years ago, and I know when conception happened (based on intercourse timing and ovulation). So, no doubt in my mind. It will be interesting to see if the ultrasound due date lines up with what I know to be the correct dates.
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I am still bf'ing and it only had one PP AF (April 9th) which put my due date at Jan. 15 according to the wheel, BUT I felt O after I was already 2 days late or at day 32 of my "cycle". So I knew I was due closer to Jan. 30-Feb. 1. Had an abdominal u/s last Fri. it showed due date at Feb. 1.
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I got mine through ovusoft but I wasn't sure how accurate it was since I wasn't charting very well. My midwife did an ultrasound and I was only off by a few days.
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With the math... add 7 days subtract 3 months it was 1/16. With the wheel I am 1/14. And with the ultrasound I had yesterday it was 1/15!

So I am not really worried about it because I went two weeks and a couple days early with my two previous pregnancies and hope to be the same this time!
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Interesting question! My dr was asking me about my my lmp, I told him when it was but that I know I O'd a couple days after day 14. He checked the wheel (which would give me an edd of 1/18 I think) and said "ok, so how does 1/21 sound" to which I said fantastic.
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