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Poor baby! update!

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Luka just got his very first tooth. The bottom right middle tooth. I noticed this morning that he was very cranky with swollen gums (like he's had for the past several days) but this afternoon I looked again and his tooth had pooped through since morning!
He is obviously in a lot of pain. I feel so bad for him. Julian never minded getting teeth in. I almost resorted to baby tylenol but he fell asleep (and is sleeping in my lap as I type). Well, he'll be prepared for food on the 21st. It's
so crazy to me since Julian didn't get teeth until almost 8 mos.

Who else has teeth? Which ones?
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No teeth quite yet, but a pretty cranky baby lately! We're guessing Simon's definitely teething now if his moodiness is any indication. And he's been chewing big time, even on frozen things.

I'll let you know when one comes through!

Poor Luka - hope the pain passes soon and he feels better!
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Stuart's got the bottom two. They came in last weekend, and he had a rough time of it. We used Tylenol once, and it did help. The teeth literally popped up during a 4 hour span--I didn't think it would be so fast! But he whined and cried and was up every hour for about 7 days prior to them breaking through. It was pretty difficult for everyone involved. He won't chew on anything cold, either.

Has anyone been bitten yet? I got it good last night when he was tired and cranky and forgot what he was doing. I did the trick where you push him into the breast and it seemed to work. I took him off and had DH hold him for a bit. He wasn't pleased, but he didn't do it again.
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Titus had a tooth for about an hour and it went back down. That was a week ago and now his gums (left, lower front) are looking particularly white so I think it could be any day now.

He bites me all the time! I try the squishing to the breast thing but that never works.It seems like the only times he bites are when he's pulling his head back to look at somthing. I didn't know a nipple could stretch that far! :
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Wesley just got his first tooth yesterday! Front middle, bottom jaw, on the left side. No nursing bites yet but he still likes chewing my fingers.
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Whoa! 2 more teeth today!!!
Luka now has THREE bottom teeth. The two on the top look like they've got 2 days, max.
This is freakin' nuts!!! Julian didn't get his first tooth until almost 8 mos. and Luka's not even 6 mos. old! Of course, the crawling and pulling up should have warned me he wasn't like Julian....
and oh yeah, we've got biting. And screaming. Poor guy
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Poor Luka. Poor Mandy. 3 teeth all at once!!
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