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I made my first breastmilk dinner!

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Yesterday morning I was trying to get dd to sleep a bit longer so I was nursing her after her intial waking. She and I both were about to fall back asleep and she bit me. If I had been paying attention it wouldn't have happened. Anyway, later on when we go tout of bed that side was still too sore to nurse so I pumped about 4 oz to relieve the engorgement. She doesn't take a bottle and just spills from a cup so I didn't give it to her later. I didn't want to waste it so I used it to thin the mushroom soup I was making. It turned out well. A little sweet though so I used more salt than usual. Dh was really cool with it and liked it too. I don't know why its taken me this long to be comfortable with consuming my own milk. Damn society for making me feel strange about it!
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Good for you!
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I was just discussing this with my partners friend. We were talking about BFing and I told him that my partner has never tasted my milk. He asked if Dp would try it if I put it in a cup. I said No way. He too said "That's so strange that he will drink a glass of cow's milk and not a glass of human milk.'' This coming from a single guy with no children, I was impressed!
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Originally posted by CK'sMama

Anyway, it is funny how some people (a lot of of people) would cringe at the thought of consuming their own milk, yet they are perfectly happy drinking from a cow!
I cringe at the idea of drinking my own milk. Blech, I also don't like sweet food though, and I tried my milk, it is sweeter than any junk food I've ever tried.

(I also cringe at cow milk though)
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same here - i cringe at the thought of drinking my own milk...i don't know why really....i have tasted it before...it is very sweet.

i just think its for my baby and not meant for me to drink but thats my personal opinion.
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it makes good

mac and cheese too...
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OK, well this has given me the whatever ist is that I needed - not courage exactly - to drink my own milk when I am away from my 2 year-old. We hope to take a weekend trip in a few months. Whis dd#1, I needed to express milk one weekend and I tasted it, but could not bring myself to drink it. So I threw it away. But what a waste. If it is good enough for her, it must be good enough for me. I have thought about it since and thought, I have to drink it next time!
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