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need immediate response! bug bite with red ring?!

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my dd (5) was playing outside when I noticed some fresh blood on the back of her neck. I wiped it off and there was a small bite/scratch. I thought it was a mosquito bite and really thought nothing of it. Then about 1.5 hours later I checked it again and there is a red ring around the bite. I am now worried. she isn't complaining about it, says it doesn't itch or hurt. Should I be concerned? Help please!!!
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double post
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Is it a gnat bite? We get bitten by gnats all the time here. They generally bleed, then swell like crazy. They tend to be red, sometimes moreso around the edges with a bite mark in the middle. Of course, sometimes, mosquito bites do that on my Dc, too.

Edited to add: Tea tree oil works really well to control the itching. I use either a TTO cream (desert essence is my preferred brand) or the oil straight on the bite.
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Thanks for your reply gardenmommy!

Well it isn't swollen at all, just red where the bite? is and a little pink circle now around the mark. I always thought that a ring around a bite was a bad sign? Is it common the have that with a bite? I have no idea what it could have been...if it is still ringed tomorrow I might take her in just to put my mind at ease. I really was afraid it was a poisonous spider bite or something atrocious.
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Does she have any other symptoms? Stiff neck, fever, sluggishness?

Is she any better today?
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I was up a few times last night checking her, and she was fine. As soon as she was up I checked her back and the ring is gone. All that is left is a red mark, doesn't look like a bite though as there is no swelling at all. She has no symptoms to speak of so I don't know, I'm stumped. Another really kind of freaky thing that went along with this is that we were at my sister's when it happened and for some reason I looked at my niece's neck right after I saw my dd's, and she had some dried blood and the same mark in the SAME PLACE.

Quick alien abduction and time warp???

Thanks for the follow up.
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If there was a ring around the bite mark, you should get her tested for Lyme disease right away! Lyme disease is very serious and a massive infection can be avoided by a minor anti-biotic treatment right away. Did you take a picture? See the links below. There are a lot of pictures. My understanding is that the ring does not last for a long time. It is important to act quickly to avoid serious infection, and possibly years of anti-biotics.

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