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spotting at 25 weeks

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I'm a little over 25 weeks and yesterday I noticed a red/brown spot on my undies. No cramping, no intercourse and its never happened before. I spoke with the Dr's office and they said to just call back if it happens again; when I asked the nurse why I was spotting she just said " I don't know"...not very reassuring. Anyone have any input??
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I hope things get better for you soon. I haven't had spotting this late in pregnancy, but am thinking your cervix may be irritated. Prop your feet up and take it easy.
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I think spotting right now is just a variation of normal. As long as it wasn't accompanied by cramping or contractions, I wouldn't be worried, personally. Though it woudl be alarming~ I'm pregnant, there should NOT be blood in my undies!

Hope it clears up for your peace of mind

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I hope everything is okay
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I had the same thing happen at 27 weeks - no explaination for it, either. Mine was accompanied by lots of BH, though I've been having those anyway. My MW checked me and all was fine, she even did a fetal fibronectin test - came back negative, so it was really just some unexplained bleeding. With my first pregnancy, I had a polyp on my cervix that caused bright red bleeding - I had it removed and that cause of bleeding cleared right up.

How are you doing today?
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Hi Ladies,

Thank you all for replying. I called the Dr's office again yesterday and they told me to go to L & D. They monitered me for awhile and everything seemed to look normal; no contractions, fetal heartbeat ok. They did an internal exam, and they think i have a small polyp that's growing again on my cervix. They think that might have just gotten irritated. They put me on pelvic rest until Monday just to make sure the spotting goes away..whew..what a relief ..
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That's great news, bliss! Hooray!
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Glad to hear the positive update!
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