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Unfortunately, 23 mo DD's nursing frequency and duration have dwindled lately. It's mainly because I am working full time. She mainly nurses at bedtime, wakes once, maybe twice for a quick nurse during the night, and then she nurses a bit in the wee hours of the morning before we get up. On the weekends if she is with me she will nurse down for her naps. Though sometimes she goes to Grandma's house and naps while she's there.

If I was still at home, I am sure she'd be nursing more, but alas this is how it is I guess. I stayed home for 18 months and I am so glad I did. Our nursing relationship was and is terrific and I have never had problems with supply or anything like that. I am not doing anything to encourage the weaning and I am happy for nursing to continue as long as possible. However, I guess because it is less often nowadays, I am really noticing a drop in the "feel good" hormones and am feeling really kind of blue and emotional.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone experienced this and how long it lasted. I know I am prone to feeling this way from time to time. Yet another reason why nursing was so great--I was on an even keel for almost two years.