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hi mamas... we had our second birthday party with the other babies from my prenatal class. here are pics if you want to look at a bunch of other babies you don't know:

about being (or not being) pg: i'm not testing for a couple days. I usually have an 11 day luteal phase and today is 10 dpo... so if I make it past 12 dpo with no af, then I'll consider testing. apart from a couple days of being dizzy and thirsty every once in a while I've been feeling pretty normal.
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well, in re: to Bottle Weaning...It hasnt even crossed my mind. honestly.

I am not about to take the bottle away from him, especially when he is gaining so well.

In daycare, I often had moms of babies between 6 and 9 months wanting to get them to a sippy cup....and I would always give this little lecture. " REally?? Please.....he is going to live to be eighty yrs old! And for 78 of those years he will be required to eat big people food and drink from a glass. LET him have his sucking needs met right now, and let him have his milk."

It usually worked. We arent into those weird age stipulations some people have, you know, like, you're weird if you're nursing a baby who is even an HOUR over one year: , and so we dont rush things. he'll show us when he can maintain nutrition with formula out of a sippy, but for now, its still about 70+ %% of his diet.

Dd is almost three and still has a paci(alot!) . She seems to need it. She freaks out and gets stressed, and I have decided that we wont try to get it away from her until she is po tty trained.

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RE bottle weaning. after introducing the Nuby cups ds refused the bottle. he never let me bottle nurse him either so i figured what the heck? the bottles have been packed up since a few weeks before his birthday. he still has his suckies but he only uses them at night or when i give him one because he's grinding
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I can't believe almost all of our babes are 1! We had Krioni's party last Tuesday it went really well! I still can't believe he is 1 though!!! I think someone somehow fast forwarded the last year!
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Originally Posted by dynamohumm6
Kathleen - your mistype of DH for DS is cracking me up. :
Originally Posted by bamamom
kathleen seems to have serious issues typing DH for DS...
remember the grocery store clerk her DH was having an affair with?

No, no typos! The clerk was a typo I caught before I submitted the post, you guys just read it wrong. This time I was serious about DH and "Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes" stuff.

Yeah, I gotta stop posting in my sleep.
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So, what's the tat of & where is it upon your person??? I'm always curious about others' tats. My suggestions on Isaak's fussiness pre-nap is headphones for you. He found a way so go with it. Smart babies should be rewarded. That's my 2 cents.

Ok, my tattoo is football related, so I'm jealous of the Drew Bledsoe meeting. Not that I'm a big fan of his, but it would have been someone to talk with. DH (yes, my HUSBAND ) just doesn't like football like I do and it would be so cool to have someone around to shoot the s*** with. The UPS guy at my old job was my football "buddy" -- haven't thought about him in 15 years. Very cool fire truck! Lucky Titus! I love the Flat Pack website. Very cute. We have toyed with the idea of getting a piece of land near the middle of nowhere and building on it so I'm sending the link to DH (yes, my HUSBAND).

I will break this typo habit. I will, I will, I will!

We have a weird downstairs too. We were just talking today about how there is no way so close off a room for him. We're thinking of doing the play yard thing next since he still isn't really crawling. Sigh. He is moving around in his own way. Today he had a big bonk while I was on the phone with the bank. His crying flustered the phone teller enough that she couldn't do her little "can I help you with anything else? have a nice day." script.

Bottles and weaning and stuff
DS (my SON -- hey, I think this is working) refuses pumped milk from a cup or a bottle or anything. He only took that for a day or 2 post-surgery. But he's quite happy to have water and juice out of a bottle or my cup. He still thinks that he's supposed to sit still and let me hold the bottle like he does with my cup, though. So I guess that we are trying to teach him how to use a bottle right when other people would be weaning him off of one. I for one am looking forward to him gaining some independence and control by learning how to tip the bottle up for more and tip it down to take a break. Right now he just bites the nipple with it still tipped up to stop the flow. Hmmm. That feels familiar! Just tonight he was having some juice and reached his hand up and put it over mine. Baby steps.
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Today we had a belated Father's Day for my step-dad. I forgot I had used my last step-dad card so had to stop at Hallmark on the way over. DS got some attention because he was "talking" A LOT. He also played "throw the book from the stroller." Hopefully that was accidental and not a trend.

We then went over and did the card and gift thing. That was an event. DS got his first doggie kiss and it pissed him off. About an hour later the dog was sniffing his hand and he was fine with it. As the dog moved towards another face lick, DS started "aaaaaahhhhh!" and the dog backed right off. Yay! That makes today the first time that he has officially stood up for himself.

Naturally, all of this threw off his nap/nursing schedule. Which is why I'm able to get online at this lovely early hour of 10pm. Hopefully he won't be up at 4am like he did on last week. That so sucked.

I'm off to get a nap before midnight meds. Cya!
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pg update: temps tanked, spotting, not pregnant!

this is good because i just got (the first round of) approval for my thesis and it would be most inconvenient to be giving birth in the middle of completing it.
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ooh selena what is your thesis going to be on?

last night on the way to my volunteer job, we got lost and a 35 minute trip took 1.5 hours. it was insane, luis was crying, i called my parents to get directions and that took like 20 minutes....then we arrived and they basically didn't need me! they'd scheduled 2 childcare workers (me and another girl) to watch 4 kids ages (13, 12, 7, 4)--so it was not a job that required two people. ah well.
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Wow pregnant or not, bottle feeding or not, nursing or not, bday or not Walking or not, Tattoos or not, bonus question to shave or not! HOLY CRAP cover a few topics! Thats quite a range and I pitty the fool who thinks this is a pg thread!

Well I am NOT pregnant but I am sad for those who want to be and aren't! BUT remember that your first came when it wanted and not when you wanted so hang in there! As far as pee tests go I love first response! I have had such good luck with them. You can take them apart easy for further inspection!

Well Noley never took a bottle but hes still nursing. Hes lightened up a little and maybe nurses four times a day? This makes DH happy

Noley will be ONE! In two days! I am mixed about this!

Noni has been acknowledging his feet! So thats a plus I was getting concerned!

And just to join the group I have no tats and I shave everything because I just like too. I haven't experienced the whole ingrown hair thing that sounds terriable!

Well I have to go But I am sure glad I caught up and was able to share my TMI!
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tatts-i'm slowly growing a sleeve. i only get work done in GR when i have money and it hasn't been touched since before i got pg. all my tatts are black ink and i've drawn all of them.

i'm spotting and temps are *slowly* dropping. :

shaving vs. not. i used to shave. for many years actually with no problem then just recently the ingrown hair happened. i consider myself on a shaving hiatus until further notice. it was so huge and painful
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I haven't been able to get on MDC for some reason for a bit :

Dh got home this morning and so we went for a nice walk and are getting some chores done aorund the house, sending out ds's b'day invites, etc.

I looked up our frequent flyer miles and we have more than enough for a free ticket to Kuai! We are still planning on going at the end of September, but now that we have a free ticket and a free place to stay, I'm feeling better about spending the money.

I totally loved seeing the birthday pics from Elaina and Schuyler! (ack, did I spell that right?!?) Seeing all the grown up babies makes it seem more real that ds IS getting older.

Hair: I've done a little of everything at one time or another, now it's just a little tidied, I just can't stand the annoyance of growing back the pricklies.

MCS-- I'm right there with you on the surveys, I get nervous trying to fill them out for some reason! And for when you guys are here (the second weekend in July, right?) my dh will be working on the Saturday, but we'd still love to try and see you guys and play the hosts for you!
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is everyone ok?
our thread is dying!!!!!
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yep,mdc has been down for a few hrs...

no tattoos here either

and congrats grace, you spelled it right!
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well, let me get it over with-
i don't shave...anywhere. "if you don't like it, look away." that is my motto. i used to shave arms and legs and trim up a bit down there, but the truth is i just don't have the dicipline and now it has been so long, that when i do shave it feels so gross and weird afterwards. also, i'm not too hairy. i'll bet none of you will ever come to the beach with me ah?

so, why i can't fill out surveys and such?- they are so final. i need to give THE WHOLE STORY and even then, in a survey format, i feel so judged. plus, i would spend too much time thinking "which do i like, silver or gold....?"

grace- well, we could get togather on wensday the 28 in seattle in the afternoon or maybe on that saturday- the 8th. they are having the bridal/bachelor parties on wendsday all day, but i am just going for dinner (i guess eisa wont go for a salt scrub- too bad.) on saturday morning we will be driving up from oregon and getting a hotel room by the airport in seattle which i think is close-ish to north bend right? would any of that work? you can pm me too and i'll give you my cell number.
i am so excited for the whole vacation!

i wanted to sit down with nice long personals, but dinner is ready already. maybe later..
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hmmm. i finally have free time and nothing interesting is going on
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Bonnie -- you shave everything! Seems like razor stubble might be a major problem. Wow, you go girl.

Grace, Kuauai (sp?) -- oh my that sounds exotic. You folks on the West Coast get to go to some cool places.

No tatts here, and no big urge for one either. I've truly never seen one I loved so much I'd want it for myself. I do admire others though, like Emmy ...

But I did have a nose stud while I was pg

Danny is now waving good-bye, doing "so big!", and, cutest of all, doing high fives ... he laughs and laughs. My skinny boy is getting kind of roly-poly too.

He stayed home this afternoon while Miles and I did the video for that shower thing ... it actually went really well. I'm off to write about it on my blog, but really the most interesting thing was that he'd be laughing and carrying on in the tub, but then when the director said, "Cut!" he'd just turn it off completely. Bizarre! I have no idea how he figured that out. We had a good time.
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Meli, you'll have to tell us what kind of soap, and when the commercial will air. i love to see familiar people on tv!
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miles sounds like such a little actor!!

mcs i would definitely go to the beach with you! my mom doesn't shave anything either. it seems normal to me, but sometimes my friends would make comments (about other women who didn't shave) and then i'd always come out with "hey, my mom doesn't either". lots of blank looks.

i've decided to boycott all restaurants. luis gets too bored and it turns into a huge "distract the baby and hope the food comes quickly" affair. too stressful. i'm sure i'll renege soon enough though!
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the worst part of restaurants for us is when dd is through eating, and ds is thro ugh, and me and dh are trying to eat in peace and they run out of attention span.: then we are trying to tag team so we ca nfinish our food!
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