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Wow, what a traumatic couple of days. Yesterday Sage & I went to a "Jack & Jill" playgroup. It's for bigger kids, since we're now out of the "Baby & Me" group (although, I could technically still go since there's a wee baby in my belly). Sage was pushing around this big plastic car that the kids ride in and these big kids (2 and 3 year olds) kept getting in. This didn't faze my girl a bit. She just kept pushing with the kids in there. I was hovering (being the ever-so-worried mom) but figured I'd let her keep it up because it was good exercise. When snack time was ready, the girl Sage had been pushing jumped out so fast that Sage fell down and bit her tongue again in the same spot!! More blood, poor baby. I handled this incident a little better and all was okay.

Later that evening, we were playing "I'm going to get you" and she fell again! Same thing, just less blood this time. I think she's either biting it over and over or it's just opening up again from the impact. I know little kids have got to fall, it's the school of hard knocks but I'm getting very tempted to just carry her around everywhere again.

As for eating, I'm eating for 3 so you can imagine my appetite! Actually, it's not that crazy. Right before bed I find myself needing something and many snacks in between meals, but not as hungry as I thought I'd be. I meet with the nutritionist today. I actually went in at 10 am and found out my appointment's at 2! Pregnancy brain on top of Mommy brain. I am not operating on full cylinders.

My last period was 2 weeks later than the one before it and my cycle was definitely not the same. I think it depends on how much you're nursing. It seemed if Sage nursed more, AF wouldn't show right away.
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hattoo, so sorry to hear about the recurring tongue injury Poor little Sage.

Fey - I suddenly dropped a bunch of weight the last couple weeks, too. I noticed today when I pulled my jeans up without unbuttoning them...maybe it's time to go try on all my pre-pregnancy jeans. Hmmm....

DH and I, my sister, and our friend Mark all went last night to go see Zappa Plays Zappa....it's Frank's son, Dweezil, playing with a band doing all Frank's music. It was hands down the BEST show I've ever seen. The guest stars were incredible (Terry Bozzio is a god behind the drums) and Steve Vai on guitar...they played for 3 hours and I could've listened for another 3. Just unbelievable. They will be back in October, and my dad will most likely be able to make it down for that one. Sam's dad and his girlfriend babysat Cullen - it went semi-OK. He's Mr. Clingon McVelcropants today, for sure.
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AF showed up today. First time in almost 2 years... can't complain too much.
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Emmy - you've got, hands down, the best taste in music. I remember your wedding songs from way back. Johnny Cash right? Just can't remember which tune. You'll appreciate that in Peace River (3 hours south of us) they just had the "North Country Fair". We didn't hear about it until too late but next year, we'll definitely be travelling to it.
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BTW, best show I've ever seen was Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They're all still so groovy. Not a note missed. I saw them twice the next year in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre but nothing could beat the first time.
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Yay! I love talking about music

MY two best shows ever are Nina Simone (the year before she died) and Tom Waits.

Both are such icons, and such performers, and getting to see them was truly a once in a lifetime pleasure!

Nina is my all time favorite female singer. If Titus was a girl she was going to be named Simone. :
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Simone was a fast runner up for dd, but she turned out to not be a Simone. maybe the next one.

Dh is off this week(what's left of it), and we are going to the nearby tourist hubs to do some serious outlet shopping and fun stuff with kiddos....woohoo, i love spending money...dont you??

btw, i got quite a bit of applause on the fight thread, meli and mamita. lol

Sharon Anne, good to see ya over on the other thread!
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I saw Frank Sinatra shortly before he died -- it was embarrassing and terrible.

Speaking of which, my dad read my blog (on my invitation) and pointed out something that he thinks is embarrassing. I am kind of mortified. I do write with the idea that other people are reading it (duh!) but of course no one else who reads it would think of criticizing me either. Feeling kind of :

I had signed off the fight thread but need to go check it out right now!
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OK, me again. Nicely put, Bama! I am sooooooo glad to have you friends on MDC. It can be such an unfriendly place

However, that other thread did prompt me to finally find the formula coupons that were sitting around ready to expire and send them to Birthright
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I'd imagine the next big fight, I mean discussion, will be about the fed gov't putting out ads about breastfeeding. I saw on the news a mom interviewed who said they made her feel bad because she wasn't able to breastfeed.

Anyways, I have a sitter lined up tonight so DH and I could go on a date. I was thinking a movie (The Breakup or Prairie Home Companion), but now work has beckoned and will probably run terribly late tonight. I think DH said that he will let the sitter watch C and he is going to take M and E to Cars. They will have fun at that. Maybe this weekend.

I can't wait to hear who is the next pg one! Please someone wait for me!!
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Hattoo, I would TOTALLY go see CSN&Y. I've heard they can still rip it up. Are you in Toronto? I spent a lot of time there in my youth...I'm from upstate NY, a whopping 3 miles from the Ontario border. Cornwall, Ottawa, Hull QUE and Toronto were where I spent my formative years, in music clubs!
And you have a good memory...I walked down the aisle to Johnny Cash's version of "In My Life".

I'm so jealous of you, Grace, for seeing Tom Waits. I've never seen him, nor have I ever seen Nick Cave, another favorite. If you like Tom Waits, you should check out the band Cousteau. They are from France, I believe? Amazing. I was fortunate enough to see them live once here in Boston, I don't know that they'll ever come back over to tour.
Ok, time to go clean up while the baby's asleep....
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My embarassing doctor's visit!

I forgot to say that Claire had her doctor's visit yesterday. She has a 93%ile head, length was 50%ile, and her weight was 20%ile (18 1/2) pounds. She has fallen a bit in the weight so I'm suppose to work on her diet. That is so hard because she doesn't eat table food because of her allergies. I need to do some more reading in the allergy forum.

Anyways, the doctor (who is a good friend of mine) is examing her and was looking at Claire's belly. She looks at her belly button and it is filthy! Not just a bit of lint, but a build up of skin and scum! I can't remember exactly what she said, because i was so embarassed!!! I made some comment about the perils of getting tub baths because she sits and the water isn't very deep.

So yes, last night poor Claire got a bath up to her neck and her belly button probed with a q-tip.
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Michelle, don't feel bad....Cully's got a skangy little belly button, too. :
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frank zappa's kids have such cool names. moon unit and dweezil

melissa- yeah the thread inspired me to find the cans of formula i was sent and donate them. i think they're in a closet somewhere...
and now i am curious as to what your blog said. i found my two younger cousins' blogs on myspace and promptly sent them info about planned parenthood, because wow, they are up to things that i don't think their parents know about!

ok, someone else has to test again because the wait is killing me.

they had an interesting news article on breastfeeding recently in the NY times. http://www.nytimes.com/2006/06/13/he...ed=1&8dpc&_r=2 some good, but that woman portrayed in the article as their sample breastfeeder seemed a little intense. it is possible to breastfeed and work, or breastfeed and leave your kids for a date or for classes or for whatever.

mclisa- luis's belly b is filthy too. i try to clean it... ah, have you seen the new WHO charts for BF babies? it might ease your mind somewhat about the weight. i know you supplement (and i don't know how much) but she might end up higher on those charts. just a thought.

and yesterday i walked to my MDC playgroup (it was all up-hill, not going to try that again.) only one mama showed up. and on the way there, a construction worker said hi to the baby and then said "babysitting, right?" to me. oh man, it's sad. i shouldn't laugh.

we just signed up for this program which does classes for babies and other activities for parents (run through the school system) so we are going to a once a week bilingual playgroup.
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oh yeah..bellybuttons....we're supposed to be cleaning those.

i will admit i have yet to clean his....i havent noticed any scuzzies, so maybe i just havent been looking....

picked up his portraits today..so freaking cute. i will snap a pic of one and post it...
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Originally Posted by bamamom
Simone was a fast runner up for dd, but she turned out to not be a Simone. maybe the next one. !
Oliver would've been a Simone, too!

Emmy, that Zappa show sounds like a blast!

One of my favorite concerts was Ani Difranco in London

Oh, my I am so touched out! Oliver woke with a fever and we rode out the day on the couch. I think we watched Baby Einstein about 100 times. I'm usually very opposed to much tv, but this was one of the only things that made him content.

okay...gotta go get 'touched' some more. I hope I can get him to bed for at least a little bit before I go join him
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Interesting article, Michelle! I agree that the sample breastfeeder is rather extreme -- unfortunately the kind of nursing mother that makes people roll their eyes: "Breastfeeding a four-year-old!" Lots of great information though. I haven't seen the commercials but from what I've read of them I don't think they sound effective -- too much carrot and not enough stick. I think that bf-ing should be presented as the norm, which it is not really, but I don't think new mothers should be made to feel even more guilty either. My old doula said that mothers don't breastfeed due to not having enough information or support, and I concur.

That's my soap box! Should I start a new thread?

Re: dirty babies, Danny's ears get filthy, esp. behind his ears. You could really grow potatoes there!

Re: my blog, it's just all that business about my old roommate/friend Erik, the thing that I was considering deleting. I don't know -- maybe it is too confessional. I saw a friend tonight and she said, "I hope your mother never reads your blog!" Sheesh. Maybe I really am too old for this :
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Originally Posted by la mamita

ok, someone else has to test again because the wait is killing me.
me, too!
we just signed up for this program which does classes for babies and other activities for parents (run through the school system) so we are going to a once a week bilingual playgroup.
that sounds so cool!
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anne, that popcorn eating smiley is a cheap way to boost your counts!
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