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emmy-cully gets cuter and cuter each time i see pictures!

SA-we're looking for a new house for the exact reason you're afraid of. our neighbors who we really like are almost done building their new house and will be moving soon. the possible meth house at the end of the block doesn't help the situation either....stupid landlords not screening their renters better:

fey-the playgroup sounds awesome! i'm so jealous.

living in the middle of nowhere-yup! right here! there's NOTHING around here unless you drive and hour to Springfield or 2.5 hours to St.Louis
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woot! first on the page again : can you tell my child is napping:
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anne, dont you have something that needs...i don't know, frogging or something?
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Fey, OMG, spiders! How awful. I like that tattoo, though.

Emmy, adorable pictures!

Danny was doing this cute thing today where he'd fling himself up into a standing position with his hands over his head and stagger around for a step or two -- not walking, but close. So frickin' cute! My mom told me to get it on video and I'll do my best.

We had a crap day, after yesterday's fun. Went to the Botanical Gardens with friends where kids (my friend's kids!) were mean and exclusionary to Miles. It sucked -- I cried a little about it (AF came again today). Coincidentally or not, he was TERRIBLE all afternoon, wouldn't listen at all, was mean to Danny, etc. etc. until by 5:00 I literally wanted to just walk out of the house and lock the door behind me. And then I felt terrible when dh asked him about dessert, and Miles said, in a matter-of-fact voice, "I can't have any dessert because I was a bad boy."

I am meeting a fellow mom down the block for a drink tonight. It's not lost on me how often I mention drinks and beer ... : I think (I hope) it is only because it is my only remaining vice. Boy oh boy.
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ds loves frogs:
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isnt frogging something you do in knitting??:
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Oh, Melissa! Kids can be so mean, honestly. Did the parents not try to intervene?

We just went to my future daycare provider's house for a potluck with all of her family and clients. (Her and her husband are friends with my parents) And I met a mama who seems really nice and I taught her how to use CDs. She had them and didn't know how to fold them. Anyways, possible future friend.

Kathleen- Luis hates the carseat sometimes. (ok, most times) I don't want to make it a big thing, so I just put him into a sitting position (which he will fight) and buckle him up. Once he's buckled, he's done complaining.

fey- cool tattoo! I think about getting one, but I don't have any good enough ideas. I've thought about doing something with the goddess Athena who I've always identified with, but ehh, I've never seen anything artistic with her that I've liked.

And....I just got the possible OK from DP to change part of Luis's name. So I need to start thinking of what name would fit him better than Estéban.

bama what is BFE?

I feel like such a doofus. I had a bilingual Spanish class for babies to go to this morning, I thought. So I had to miss my first LLL meeting which was at the same time. I arrive at the class, no one is there. I get home, check my calender and it was yesterday. Doh! I missed the class and the LLL meeting.

Tomorrow I'm going to this Teen Parenting Center to see about being a mentor to a teen mama.
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Originally Posted by dynamohumm6
Oh, and tattoos - yeah, I'm addicted. One sleeve down, one more to go, then I cover my back.

Pictures to follow, I have to run my car to the garage now, though.
I will never get a tatoo. I'm totally afraid of pain (not needles) and I'm cheap. I'd love to see the pictures of the tatoos, if you feel like sharing.

Fey, you can send pictures of your brown recluses. Stay safe, girl. I saw a person after a bite and it wasn't pretty. Get them out of there.
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Originally Posted by bamamom
post #1800~~

Making up for the fact that I couldn't log on yesterday. I took all 3 to the swimming pool by myself. Then we ran around the front yard with the sprinker. Probably very impressive for the new neighbors next door.

Here I was whining to DH because the girls wouldn't let me have any downtime so that I could check into MDC and now I find out that it was down. What he doesn't know won't hurt him...
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Originally Posted by la mamita

Tomorrow I'm going to this Teen Parenting Center to see about being a mentor to a teen mama.
Aren't you worried about them asking you if you need a mentor???? (I'm just thinking of how young you look.)

(See I'm doing my best to get us moved to the next page)
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no tattoos here., although i wanted one when i was younger. no more...i am always trying to avoid food dye, and cant see puttingit in my body through a needle! ack!

Mamita.....BFE=Brother F***ing Egypt... it means out in the middle of nowhere...my college roomie taught me that phrase, and i never dropped it. I always say BFE though, and not the long version
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I love all the posts about getting to go have a beer with a friend. I was going to have a Mike's lemonade, but instead I'm sneaking some dark, dark chocolate from the health food store. Hey, it's organic, helps to save the rain forest, and it is DARK chocolate after all.

We started Claire's food journal today that we have to keep for the next 2-3 days. I'm hoping to hear back by Friday how her other allergy panel is. It's looking at grasses (for seasonal allergies) as well as treenuts. Then I will know if she can have coconut milk and the like. I read one depressing study that showed if kids were grass allergic between ages 1-2 they were significantly more likely to have childhood asthma. I'm still doing a lot of reading.

On the exciting newsfront: our baby birds have hatched and left the nest. They are busy about the backyard. The girls have loved seeing the little robins.

Ahhhh, another piece of chocolate melting on my tongue....
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i am a weenie

i cant handle that organic dark chocolate. its like giving jack daniels to a five yr old! i am a milk choc girl through and through

on a different note...i am concerned about my dd's teeth...she has a dark spot on the front of one of her teeth. i have really been working on it, brushing it, etc, and it seems to be gettting smaller, but cavities are NOT something iwant to deal with.
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wow there is a huge thing going down in front of my house with a swat team!
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What was that, Grace?

Mamita -- we gave up on restaurants long ago : We went out to a Mother's Day brunch once and I saw all these little kids sitting quietly in high chairs drawing, eating Cheerios etc. -- of course, I saw this as dh and I took turns walking Miles around the restaurant ....

As for the kids, I was the only witness to both instances. When kids get to be four or five years old, I've noticed that we parents tend to just sit around and gab while they go off and do whatever. Usually it's okay. Obviously not all the time.

The happy news is that after I left last night dh and Miles shared popsicles on the front steps (he got his dessert after all) and talked about his day.

We bought Miles ballet shoes yesterday, which was the high point of the day by far. He said he wanted privacy to try them out, so he and I went back into the shoe stacks and he did a crazy dance. Sooooooo cute. I love him so.
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PS Mclisa, three kids at the pool?? How do you do it? Two seems like too many to me!
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guess who won the pregnancy race???????

any guesses?


my temps have stayed up and with af being so weird i decided to use my last hpt this morning....BFP i thought for sure i'd just be wasting another test. so, ds is going to be a big brother!
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WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anne i am almost jumping up and down here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but luis is asleep in the mei tai, so i can't jump!) congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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: : : : anne- the champagne is not for you! don't touch that glass!
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anne...so glad foryou!

we just got back from ped visit...schuy is 20 lbs, and 29 inches....such a chunker~

she started to reach for his penis, and i held her hand and said ooh, dont retract him! She said, "oh no, i was just going to lift this up!" I said...oh, okay.

i love this sweet little doctor..
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