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his lip looks awful.. i took pictures...how bad is that... i wanted some motherly sympathy...

Grace...so are you in jail??

anne, i cant believe you're pg..!
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(rescuing us from the bottom of the front page!!!)

OOOHHHH!!! Grace!!!! What when on with the swat team? Could you tell? I'm sure you were hanging out on the front porch while men in gear with guns are running around. Sounds like a very safe place to be!

bama: how are you getting more posts than me??? I maybe need to use less !!! and ???? and make multiple posts. Maybe mine will jump once I actually start keeping track of my cycle so I know what day I'm on. I'm still waiting for that person I PM to see if she will change my senior member.

Oooops!!! I'm suppose to be on the treadmill. I will have to get a few minutes on it before I go take my shower.
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I think my computer crashed and so that post was suppose to go out this morning.

Busy at work so I missed all of the excitement until now.

Poor Schuy!! I would have taken pics too.


Congratulations!!!!! That is ever so exciting! Glad you won!!!
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Wow, Emmy, that would be so great! I'm already imagining Cully and Danny runing around together .... I'm not surprised that your friends are in Lakewood, as that is where all the cool kids live

All June mamas are invited, naturally -- the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame awaits you! Mamita, are you up for a road trip?

Also wanted to list Danny's stats, as he too had his 12-month check-up today: 22.14 lbs., 31" long. Is he the longest baby here? I really like my ped .. he just goes down his list, says, "no immunizations...." and keeps going. And declares Danny "perfect."
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God, I hate shutterfly. It keeps going to my fs album, then my fs album went back to the lip pics. yuck.

is photo bucket free? any others out there to use?
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photobucket is free. Yahoo photos is free. Picturetrail.com is free.
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mclisa, i have no idea how i'm getting more posts than you! i just keep on a posting around baby care..
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when i clicked on them nothing was there.

i feel so bloated! ugh. i've felt like this for a few days but atleast now i have a reason to be poofy
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why oh why is the cyber photo world conspiring against me today????????????????????????????????????????????? ???

That is one thing i loved about being pregnant...it didnt matter if you were having a fat day...you were s upposed to be!
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i give up
i also deleted them from photobucket , dont want anyone accusing us of child abuse:

can you tell i'm grumpy ?
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bama is grumpy! oh no! i saw the pics, bad but not too bad. i won't call CPS on you for it. if you want, i can show you my bad pic of luis's bump. http://www.supportability.com/family-photos/2006-05-23%20to%2027%20Brian's%20birthday%20&%20Hanging%20 out/target42.html here it is. yikes! this was a few weeks ago, he fell down 2 steps outside onto the pavement and then fell again in the same spot onto the hardwood floor. it was rough.

anne- was it you that was planning a homebirth for the second baby?

eta: to see the pic, take the space out of the link. i don't know why i can't do that myself, but it won't let me.

eta2: ok here's a really cute picture, it's recent http://www.supportability.com/family...s%20at%20Home/
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bama, on sammy's birth club board, one of the mom's has a little girl who did something...I can't remember what...and got a black eye. An honest-to-goodness shiner. Her little girl is 4 or 5, and her son is 7 (Sam's age) and she dressed them up in boxing outfits, complete with huge boxing gloves, and took some hilarious, cute pictures.

Anyway...poor Schuy. Anything always looks so awful on their little tiny faces. Hugs to you.

Michelle- he is scrumptious :
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michelle, he is to die for!
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Just got back from Canmore and tried to read everything to catch up, but got too excited about filling in the quiz and then about Anne's great news, so I just skimmed. Congratulations Anne, that's fantastic. It's nice to not be the only one! How are you feeling and when are you due?? I imagine around February sometime!!!

Okay, I'm really nerdy about these things (also a touch narcissistic) and want to fill it in:

Accent: Canadian (I was "oot" and "aboot" today)
Book I Like: The Australian Trilogy (The Potato Factory, Tommo & Hawk, & Solomon's Song) by Bryce Courtenay
Chore I Hate: Cleaning the oven and scrubbing poo from baby clothes
Dog or Cat: dog (bad/sad luck with cats)
Essential Electronics: computer/internet
Favorite Flower: Columbine
Gold or Silver: Silver
Handbag I Carry Most Often: Big orange and yellow monster of a thing that could use a good cleaning
Insomnia: Very rare
Job Title: SAHM & Landscape Designer
Kids: Sage Elizabeth - 1 year and Unknown In The Oven - 8 weeks
Living Arrangements: 3 BR Townhouse (no rent, no utilities) with DH & DD
Most Admirable Trait: I pick up litter
Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: beating on my little brother
Overnight Hospital Stays: with Sage
Phobias: Snakes
Quote: "...friendship is the companion that walks beside love and is often the more enduring of the two" Bryce Courtenay
Religion: United - but not really sure if that means anything???
Siblings: 1 younger brother & 4 BIL's
Time I Wake Up: about 7 am
Unusual Talent/Skill: Can play chopsticks with my back to the piano and an apple balanced on my head
Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Canned mushrooms
Worst Habit: Splitting my toenails
X-Rays: I have, I just don't remember of what
Yummy Stuff I Cook: I make a mean pizza (homemade crust and all)
Zoo Animal I Like: Elephant
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Accent:Southern, dahling!
Book I Like: Too many to count! Scarlett, Mitford Series, etc
Chore I Hate:do i have to pick just one?? ok, the bathroom!
Dog or Cat: dog , but he doesnt live here.
Essential Electronics: computer/internet
Favorite Flower:Roses
Gold or Silver:Gold
Handbag I Carry Most Often: small compact straw purse/wallet in one. nice
Insomnia:ZZZZZZ, huh, what? Oh , I'm at the computer!Zzzzz
Job Title:sahm and slave to two tiny tirants!
Living Arrangements:Townhouse
Most Admirable Trait: I would give you the shirt off my back..if I had a bra on!
Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: hmmm, i was a pretty good kid. cussing when i was ten!~
Overnight Hospital Stays:as a teen , pneumonia twice
Phobias: spiders
Quote: " If your butt looks like 2 squirrels in a fifty pound sack of feed corn, SAY NO TO SPANDEX!!!!!!!!!!"
Religion: Christian
Siblings: 2
Time I Wake Up:as late as possible
Unusual Talent/Skill:cant think of anything right now!
Vegetable I Refuse to Eat:mushrooms
Worst Habit: biting my cuticles around my fingernails...
X-Rays:far too many to count!
Yummy Stuff I Cook: quiche, baked goods, anything! fluffy homeade buttermilk biscuits!
Zoo Animal I Like: monkeys!
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Been gone all day!

YAY ANNE!!!!!!!!
I am so happy you're on your way to #2!

Ok, last night's story, briefly:
kitty corner to our house there is a church with a food bank, and a man got very emotionally disturbed and started yelling while dh was out washing the car. The man said something about having a gun, and wanting to commit sucide, and there was concern that he might have had a hostage in there.
So, every police officer within 50 miles showed up, they positioned a SNIPER across the street from my yard, had the swat team with LARGE GUNS wandering about, closed all the roads, ran their comand station from our next door neighbors yard...
I watched the whole thing unfold from my front window! My goodness! We live in a quiet town. I watched him come out with his hands up, sit down on the road, and get knocked out with a stun bomb which I though for sure killed him. I started crying!

All was well though, he didn't even have a gun :

MCS-- Pming you!

Hi to all, I have to catch up with personals later. :
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If he came out with his hands up and sat down on the road, was the stun bomb really necessary? I swear, they just like to play with their toys.

Anyway, glad you're all safe, Grace.

Tomorrow is the big scary birthday party. And it's supposed to rain. And I've got forty something people coming. I can't possibly fit forty something people in my house.

I've got no clue what we're going to do.
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everyone will stand around and eat off their plates

i cant believe they stunned him...he came out! geez...

dd just peed in the potty, thank God. now if she would just start doing it all the time!
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