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i know..i keep remembering the feeling of that head slipping down while i was pushing for some reason... . weird , i know

sorry sara...no offense to you more venerable folks, Ma'am.

yes , I just called you ma'am!
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nakey time and body discovery-ds thinks his penis is a button and will push it in. he'll also grab it like a handle and yank so hard dh will cringe and look away. :
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Originally Posted by twouglyducks
Kath~ Sounds like it could be teething? My kids always do the wake up screaming or freaked out looking when they are hardcore teething.
Carseats... try reinstalling the seat a little more upright. It doesn't have to be 45degrees, that's just the max recline and good for new babes since their heads tend to flop forward. Now he can be more upright if it helps him.
Sorry, been gone for a bit -- birthday party is tomorrow!

I don't think it's teething. I feel nothing on his gums (I "brush" them with a washcloth every day). Also, I had nightmares all thru childhood, starting when I was a baby. Poor little Biscuit, he inherited my weird dreams. Sleepwalking here we come! :

Thanks for the info about the car seat. I have to admit that I like the current recline when he falls asleep, but I'll discuss with DH. I appreciate it.
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Haven't had any more episodes. As I said to Davina, I think it sounds like the same stuff that I had as a kid. I thought I had mentioned it here before so didn't want to be repetitive, but I know remembering my childhood stories is not your main activity of the day. I have been told that I didn't sleep thru the night until I was 8 years old. I would have bad dreams and would look like I had woken up, but be inconsolable. In the morning I wouldn't remember a thing. This started when I was a baby. I added sleepwalking probably around age 3, since that was when I got my big-girl bed. Anyway, what with the Down syndrome making for late/oddly ordered tooth eruption, I'm betting that he's just got some nightmares. If it starts happening regularly I will start asking questions about teeth, but this is a random kind of thing right now.

Kat's Mommy
Standing up in the car seat? Whoa. It's nothing like that. He just wants to see/touch the things near his toes. I would take the headrest mobile out of the car, but if I adjust my rear-view (at stop lights only -- I swear) I can see him in the mirror of the mobile and know if he's fallen asleep.

Loved the ball game pics. That sounds like it was such a wonderful day!

High Five
DS does that. He has a gimme five and a high five. DH worked on that a long time and DS loves to work with Dad. Right now they are working on catch. DH does this very slow motion throw and hand off so that DS just taking something from him looks like a catch. I have got to find that video camera!

Ok, so I've caught up thru page 11. I have to get back to birthday party prep. I'm making the applesauce cake (have angel food cake and berries for the grown-ups). Since it's well over 100 degrees here daily I've been waiting for it to cool off to bake. Soooo, I'm off to bake and watch SNL. See ya on page 12! :
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Ha Bama! you crazy nut..... i am totally over the m'am thing since A.) I teach so its the usual and B.) we're suthern, we call anyone remotely a minute older than us m'am and sir

and yes welcome amanda! i'm from Georgia and i spent a lot of time in Mississippi [specifically Poplarville, outside of Lumberton, which is outside of Hattiesburg.....} when i was doing medieval re-enactment.

and yes, i'm old.

oh and bama, do not feel bad about that chunk in the wall. we DH who fancies himself handy had to take out sections of the floor molding. it wasn't pretty.

anne: rhiannon doens't say anything other than the occaisional "mama". she speaks her own elfin language though and quite fluently.

hey question for youse guys.... right now DD is drinking the enfamil next step stuff for her bottle. i'm not a big cow's milk fan but.... i guess my question is should i keep her on the enfamil NS, go to some organic cow's milk, or maybe try goat's milk? she is only having maybe 2 milk bottles a day. she drinks water a lot and we eat lots of good organic veggies and fruits. hit me up mamas!!!! i am going to the grocery store today and would like to not have to ever buy formula again.
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Well, night #5 of nightweaning..... and Titus slept through the night!
If I had known how easy this was going to be I wouldn't have dreaded it for so long! I don't think I would have done it earlier, but he sure just seems like he was ready for me to help him with this now.

There has been a minimal amount of crying, which has totally surprised me! This is the boob addicted boy we're talking about here Two nights ago he woke up 3 times and needed my help being comforted back to sleep, and last night he just slept

I am SO freakin' happy!
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Originally Posted by anabellee
nakey time and body discovery-ds thinks his penis is a button and will push it in. he'll also grab it like a handle and yank so hard dh will cringe and look away. :
oh gosh that made me laugh so hard!!!!
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Originally Posted by bamamom
Do you know why they saiy if you pee in the pool it will turn red?? Because there is actually dye stuff you can buy from the pool store, and it is clear until it reacts with urine...then its either purple or red! yikes!! So , there is a stupid reason for that saying!
Nope, that's an urban legend! Mythbusters did a show on it last year, no such product exists.

Sara, I'm 29 too....I remember when *I* was the young mama on Sammy's due date club board on *ahem* another website that is sort of a "Center" for "Baby".
I was 22, everyone else was my age NOW, or older.

I still get "wow, you look way too young to have a 7 year old" remarks, though. I always tell people "thanks, I've got an awesome plastic surgeon".
I hate that crap, though...I would never say to someone "wow, you look WAY to old to be his mother!!"
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kathleen...there is an extra little sucction cup miror you can buy to stick on yoru front windshile under your own mirror...we use it and i can keep it adjusted to see him at all times in his own mirror...that way i dont have to touch my rearview mirror.

we bought ours for a few bucks at walmart...

thanks emmy...i had a friend who had a pool and they told us they bought this stuff to put in the pool..etc. I thought it was for real!
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re: the Next Step formula...I would keep her on it. It is so much more nutritious than regular milk...our goal is always breastmilk or formula until two. Both of my kids were weaned from nursing at around 1 yr or less..not my choice, but theirs.

We did the Soy toddler formula until dd eventually developed an allergy to soy, and everything else, lol

ds is drinking it , and will drink it until he's atleast two.
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i am so f-ing mad! i cannot knit this damn wooly wonder! every time it turns out all crooked and wonky! i'm getting so pissed because ds has no diaper covers that fit and all his dipes (minus the sb from bama) require a cover! so we've had to use pampers and i so cannot afford to be buying those nasty things right now! plus, my pukey is on like no tomorrow and i cannot knit because it only worsens it. but, i've got all this wool! if i mail my wool to some one will they knit some covers for me? either that or i'm going to have to sell my stash of lovely kissaluvs to buy more AIO's:

i won't even get into how f-ed up my grafting stitch is....
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Didn't we just have this conversation about formula vs. cow's milk? Anyway, my vote is for the latter since (1) the Next Step makes Danny sick, (2) Dr. Sears says so, and (3) I asked my ped who is very hands-off and seemingly averse to giving advice (can you imagine?) who said there is no reason to use that kind of formula. As a former marketer, I think it is mostly a marketing thing -- two years of buying formula rather than one. But that's just me, and I *hate* spending money on formula too (though the organic cow's milk isn't exactly cheap!).
I am super crabby today -- Danny has suddenly grown very demanding, doing a lot of pointing (which means "I want that! NOW!") and screaming if he doesn't get what he wants. Now that he can point and sign "more" he's using those as catch-alls and gets really frustrated if I don't understand what it is that he wants so badly -- meals are getting to be a huge drag. "It's just a phase...."
Oh, and yay for Titus! That is great news! You deserve a good night's sleep, Grace.
I was thinking of the young mom thing the other day and random people asking Mamita how old she is -- imagine someone saying that to me! "Really, he's yours?!! How old are you anyway?" It's so rude.
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wow Meli, you need some happy pills!!

we use the formula cause its all he can drink. He literally has about five things he can tolerate right now...and formula is one of them. the others are banana baby food, baby oatmeal, baby applesauce, and one veggie flavor. that's it.
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thanks for the advice bama i was reading a bit in Dr. Sears Family Nutrition book where he speaks about some of the benefits of "next step" types of formulas so i feel a little better about them. and true dat, about organic milk being about the same price! might as well have a powder that won't go bad.
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I've been giving my son cow's milk lately. I used one can of that next step and he took to it well, so I started giving him cows milk AND formula, and now he is off formula completely.

Sometimes we also give him powdered whole milk and he still likes that just as well!! He has NEVER been a picky eater, and never had any problems with new foods, so I've had no problems switching to milk.
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ds still can only drink goat milk or organic soy milk.: he's got his 12mth wbv tomorrow and i'm going to see if they'll do a RAST allergy test on him. he's constantly rubbing his nose/face. i'm scared that it's related to our dogs/cats. he loves his animals so much but i think they may be making him wheezy:
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Wow, Bama, I didn't realize his diet was still so limited! That's tough -- hugs to you.

I'm still using formula when we're on the road because it travels so well. Also, I'm having trouble getting enough liquid in him while trying to use the bottle less often. Man, breastfeeding is so much easier!

Since I posted this morning I took a lovely nap, which did wonders, and then my dad arrived for a visit and took me out to lunch, just the two of us, it was GREAT. I have a weakness for Olive Garden that I rarely get to indulge and it was lovely to have a grown-up lunch for a change. Thanks, Dad!

For those of you whose cycles have returned, are they different? This was my second period and they are just knocking me out. I'm bleeding more and for longer, and am just exhausted and starving, almost like I'm pregnant again. It's so weird -- anyone else experiencing this? Think I'll start a new thread on it ....
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meli-yup. that's just what mine were like. i seriously thought i mc a few times. it was not cool.
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New thread::::


so no one has a heart attack!

And did you know...that if your grill accidentally heats to 600 Degrees, you can cook chicken in three minutes flat??
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Originally Posted by hattoo

Last night I got a wicked headache that lasted straight through until coffee this morning, so it begins. I had pretty bad headaches with Sage and thought I was going to miss out this time. Too bad
Pregnancy headache recipe:
1. empty your bladder
2. drink a glass of water
3. take 2 tylenol with a can of coke

(it's the caffeine and extra water than can help)

ps: never heard about the red dye in the pool
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