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"Nine Hundred and Fifty Two...."
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c'mon grace, you can do it!
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*waits to see if grace will post another 8 times*
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wow, are we cheap or what???: : : : : : : : : :
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: : : for you grace
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somebody make some popcorn ...we 're gonna run out!: :
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all of this popcorn is making me hungry.
maybe i should test again........
joking, joking.
goodnight ladies.
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Emmy - I'm from Winnipeg, Manitoba (right in the middle of Canada - where Neil Young grew up) but we moved to Northern Alberta last October. Not much for concerts up here. The closest city is Edmonton, which is 8 hours south. They have a great folk festival there - this year's lineup: http://www.efmf.ab.ca/004.performers...fref=folkflash

I'll be missing out on the Winnipeg Folk Festival this year (first time in 7 years). Sage & I went last year to catch Emmylou Harris and a thunderstorm rolled in right before she came on. My inner folkie told me to ride it out but the new mom in me cut in to say, "What are you thinking? You're baby's 5 weeks old!!! Get out of here!!" So we left. I did manage to see Daniel Lanois though, who's always a favourite of mine. Ani DiFranco's played there a few times. She closed on the 25th anniversary and it was pretty wild. Their lineup is as follows:

I shouldn't have looked at that . I'm really going to miss the good music up here in nowheresville.
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that reminds me of when dd was just a few days old....we took her out in the middle of the freaking night in a rainstorm to see Dh's coworkers....we were stupid
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Fey & Emmy
Oh, how I wish the pg weight would drop off of me. I'm was the most hungry when we had just started bf. I'm sure by the time he was a couple months old that stopped. Pre-pg it turned out that I have to get off my butt and work out a lot + be VERY careful about what I eat (esp sugars/carbs) to lose weight. I had hoped that bf would help, but not so far. I suppose it's time to whip out the yoga dvd.

Amy & Davina
Wow, molars! I feel very behind. Now it's not just the crawling that DS hasn't really started yet, but the teething. At least he is making progress every day in the movement department. One of the ways that my glass is half full is that DS will be a baby longer than a typical kid.

Poor Sage. How is she taking all the tongue owies?

I felt very fortunate that I found a disgusting bit of skin, etc in DS' bellybutton myself before his surgery. The first thing I thought was what if the doc had found this? Now I check it every couple of days out of paranoia.

Formula cans & Coupons
Can someone post here a place to donate those? We've never used the freebies we got.
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it is way too early. ds woke up at 530 and i haven't been able to go back to sleep. ugh. dh is snoring away. i gave up. so now i'm drinking coffee. yeah. this sucks. PLUS....the heatwave begins. it's supposed to be 91 today and 96 tomorrow. atleast i'm not taking care of a newborn right now and ds and i can go and play in *his* pool
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Joey's teething too. Her top teeth, not the center ones, the ones NEXT to the center ones. What are they called? My sister-in-law is a dental tech, you'd think I'd know these things, huh?

Anyway, she's having a rough time, but she's doing okay. She started nursing more (which I suppose might explain my totally wonky cycle. I can't remember when she started nursing more in relation to my cycle, but I'm thinking that must be it, because we're at THREE BFNs now. ) She's whiny and clingy, but she's still all smiles out in public : My little social butterfly prima dona :

I dragged DH to my Holistic Moms meeting last night, because we had a guest speaking talking about vaxes, and I wanted to be able to pay attention. DH was supposed to be backup for playing with Joey. Didn't work out that way. Instead, I found that the speaker was just reiterating things I already knew, and I found myself bored, while Paul sat with rapt attention.

When we left, he said, "So if we don't vaccinate her at all, how does she go to school?"

So, it looks like we may not be vaccinating Joey at all Ever. Yay!
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Hattoo -- so what is the weather like way up north? And who are the aboriginals -- are they like Eskimos? Forgive my ignorance, please. :

Kathleen, you probably have a Freecycle in your area -- google it and see what you get (you post what you have to give away free, and people email you directly to come and pick it up. Convenient!). Or, you can just look around for a worthy local charity, a food bank, battered women's shelter, Birthright, whatever floats your boat.

My mom is coming this morning to watch the boys and I am off to get my hair done, woo hoo! I'm thinking to take before and after pictures with the digital .... somebody stop me
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hattoo - I know you said it was 8 hours south, but I do hope (if you're a hockey fan) that you're rooting for Edmonton!! I would so love to see a Canadian team win the cup...plus I can't stand Carolina, because they used to be Hartford, and we don't like Harford. I can't believe they have a chance to pull off a 3-1 deficit.
*fingers crossed*

Kathleen - teething - we only have 3 1/2 teeth here!!

Last night - we had one of those all night suck-a-thons. You know, I don't mind waking up several times to nurse, but when he's nursed me bone dry and CONTINUES TO SUCK and freaks out if I try to take him off, I can't sleep. I just want to jump out of my skin. Especially since that sort of frantic comfort nursing is usually accompanied by clawing/twisting/poking/twiddling on his other hand. So at 4:30 I had had enough - locked up the breast shop, dh walked, bounced, patted, rocked....didn't really work. at 5 I ended up letting him nurse again. But I don't know, I'm really considering night weaning because I can not begin to tell you how CRAZY it makes me feel when he's hoovering on me for 4 hours straight. I can't deal.
I really don't want to night wean though. Ugh. pth.
gotta go shower and get ready for work...the little monster is fast asleep now, of course. :
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teeth-ugh. the bottoms have a few more starting:

SA-i had a 39/40 day cycle the last time and we were so sure we were pg...i hate the ttc rollarcoaster.
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Yes... I haven't checked to see if she is cutting 4 molars at once, but I assume she is b/c that is how my kids do things it seems. She has 8 teeth already in... teethy kid. So, she is teething, cranky, clingy, nursy, gropey, and I'm on my freakin' period!!! Ugh... Talk about touched out.
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